Date:  January 11, 2012



Board Members

            Present: Scott Webber, Gary Kluckman, David Decker, Jason Hicks,

                          Joe Nicoloff, Jim McCann, Don Austin.

            Quorum Present: Yes


Others Present

            Holishor Members Present 4

            Glenn Dalton and Michelle Smith from Holishor Office.



Meeting called to order at 7:30 PM

Pledge of Allegiance Recited


Minutes of December 14, 2011

Action: Scott Weber asks for a motion to approve.

Don Austin motions to approve, David Decker seconds. Motion Carries.


Bills & Salaries

Action: Scott Weber asks for a motion to approve.

Gary Kluckman motions to approve, Jim McCann seconds. Motion Carries.



Profit Loss Budget

David Decker: With some adjustments that were made throughout the year, we came in relatively even for the year. Cash carry over is about $12,000.00.

Action: To be discussed at Executive Session


Transfers of Property

Action: Scott Weber asks for a motion to approve.

Don Austin motions to approve, David Decker seconds. Motion Carries.


Managers’ Report

Read by: Glenn Dalton


Security Report

Read by: Glenn Dalton


Treasury Report for December 2011

Read by: David Decker

Scott: Jim and I had a conversation today and we’re hoping next month to come to the board with a plan to talk about selling some lots. That will be forthcoming for you guys to consider.

Action: Scott Weber asks for a motion to approve.

Don Austin motions to approve, Gary Kluckman seconds. Motion Carries.


Building Committee Report

Read by: Scott Webber


Old Business


Covenant Voting

Scott Weber: We are halfway to our goal as of this last printing. Next meeting hopefully we will be able to put forth what we would like to do and follow on to get some more votes. Glenn will be putting out another letter.


Budget 2012

David Decker: This is a balanced budget. This balanced budget utilizes the carryover from previous years.

Action: Scott Weber asks for a motion to approve.

Don Austin motions, Jason Hicks seconds. Motion Carries.


Member Designee Rule

Jason Hicks: The board of directors has the responsibility of identifying classes of membership. Right now they are just kind of scattered everywhere and unclear. What this does in part is it defines what the member is in the bylaws itself. So the idea with the proposal thing is to keep that definition in the bylaws but leave the other classes of member in a separate listing or categorization that’s under the rules and also to define what their all about and what they have permissions to do or what they can’t do.

The first one is Under membership there is a article 3 membership section 1 membership part D of that is motor craft liability insurance. That doesn’t need to be under the bylaws at all so that needs to be relocated to a different section of the bylaws which is rights, privileges, duties and obligations. That’s just a clerical sort of clean up thing that needs to be done with no change to the verbiage there. So that’s the first proposal.

The second one is also under bylaws article 3 membership section 1 membership part E is the non-member family. It states currently adult children or other family members residing with a member or members constitutes guests of the member and must abide by all rules and regulations of Holishor Association Inc., pertaining to guests or otherwise. That was instituted in May 20 of 2006. The proposal is to remove this section and as I mentioned before replace it with a section called classes of membership and it would be relocated under Holishor Association Inc. rules.

Scott Weber: To move a section of a bylaw under another section of a bylaw, does that need to be voted on?

Jim McCann: While you are not changing the wording you’re still changing the bylaw while changing its location and even though it seems crazy, I believe it needs to be voted on by the membership. Conversation ensues……


Classes of Membership (Proposed) Read by Jason Hicks


Member-defined in the ByLaws of Holishor Association, Inc.


Family of Member-Persons who permanently reside with a member regardless of the existence of a biological relationship. These persons are extended the same privileges of the member with the exception that they may not be members of the Board of Directors and they do not have voting rights. As an extension of the member’s privileges, these persons must abide by all Holishor Association, Inc. community instruments and are subject to any restrictions placed on their host member. Biological relatives not living with the member are not included in this class of membership.


David Decker: For clarification, anyone living in my house is covered under this section?


Jason Hicks: Yes. Conversation ensues…..

David Decker: I just find it hypocritical that we’re against member designees but then we’re going to open this up. To me it just seems like on one end, we have some folks who say we are not member designee, unattended guest, we don’t agree with that, but then on the other end we’re opening it up to basically cover what you could consider almost the same people or some subset of those individuals. Conversation ensues…


Roger Rawson Lot 1851:  How about that in the people who are not relatives how about that have a legal permanent address here? You know the people who aren’t family members of them but are living here but now this is there legal address? Conversation ensues….


David Decker: My issue isn’t whether we should do it or not, I just find it interesting that with this proposal we’re proposing to open up a class of membership that the people historically, we wouldn’t allow them to be a part of the membership, and yet we are. The whole thing that started this is we were wanting to reduce the number of people that have rights to use the facilities. That’s my point of it. Not that I’m against it, not that I’m for it. I just find it interesting. And no one else has had an opportunity to say whether they are for or against it. I was just pointing out the fact that this is broadening the scope of the people that are allowed to be in that grouping then there has been in the past. Conversation ensues….


Brian Sciranko Lot 356: I’m a divorced father and I have two minor children. One child is 14 and he has his watercraft certificates so he can use watercraft on this lake. My children can legally only have one official residence and that’s with their mother so when you talk about addresses, drivers licenses and things like that you have to consider minor children in that too and how that would affect them. Conversation ensues…….


Jason Hicks: I think in a situation like that, that is where the unattended guest would come in. Unfortunately as it’s proposed right now there is a fee associated with that so I mean, I know this isn’t perfect. This is here for discussion and everything. Conversation ensues…..


Guests-Members are permitted to host guests. All guests must abide by the Holishor Association, Inc. community instruments. The host member is responsible for the actions of their guest(s) and is furthermore liable for penalties and fines levied as a result of non-compliance. Property owners may not be the guest of another property owner to evade Association fees.


Attended Guests-Members are allowed to host guests in reasonable numbers and for a reasonable duration. Attended guests are allowed to use Association facilities with the contingency that their host member is present and in good standing.


Unattended Guests-Members in good standing are permitted to register up to five (5) unattended guests with the Association office for each fiscal year (1 Jan-31 Dec). Registered, unattended guests will receive a temporary identification card from the Association office and be allowed to use Association facilities without the host member present. These guests must produce this identification card upon request and comply with all Association Community instruments. A fee of $100 will be assessed for this privilege. (note that cost comparisons for a pool membership are as follows…$600/family, $2000 joining fee, $800/year, family resident $175, family non-res $310, single non-res $110 (daily pass $5), single non-res $130 (daily pass $10), single non-res $50, single non-res $193)


Holishor Personnel-Holishor Association, Inc. employees are allowed to use Association facilities during their term of employment, including authorized watercraft. They must abide by all rules, regulations, and watercraft registration requirements as provided in the community

instruments. Non-compliance may result in disciplinary action, including fines or termination.


Miscellaneous-A limited number of persons have authorization to use Association facilities based on legal proceedings. Such persons will abide by all Holishor Association, Inc. community instruments.


Scott Weber:  I’ve said it before, I don’t agree with the $100.00. I think it’s too excessive.  I’m more in the $10.00 per person range, but that’s just me.


Jason Hicks: The reason I came up with that number is because I did a little research based upon a pool membership and just different places around the country. Conversation ensues….


Gerry Theodore Lot 1346: Got a question for Jason and a couple of editorial comments On misc. your last item does that include members that are part of the agreement between the developer and when they purchased the land out here and also the one supreme court ruling that’s non part of Holiday Shores property that gets a membership also. That area includes those?


Jason Hicks: That’s what this section was actually identifying. Conversation ensues….


Jim McCann: I think the $100.00 fee is great. I agree that the amenities that our Association provides are a lot more significant than the ones that are listed here. Most of the ones that you can bring up and if you are talking about allowing a nonmember to come out and use our facilities than I think there should be a cost associated with it especially in these times when we spend so much time hammering out budgets, finances, and if it truly is a valuable thing to the members that utilize it then we’ll find out how valuable it really is.


Scott Weber: So is this $100.00 per person or for all five.


Jason Hicks: Per guest. Conversation ensues….


Brian Sciranko Lot 356: I guess Jason I’m looking for some clarification. How would this proposal affect minor children? Conversation ensues…


Jim McCann: Minor children are not an issue. Minor children have always been a non-issue. Conversation ensues……


Glenn Dalton: We’re very fortunate with the lifestyle that we’ve been permitted to have over the years out here compared to other restricted title communities. The restricted title community that I was in before, it was a gated community. There were no unattended guests. First of all, if the guest wasn’t there you didn’t get in the gate. Second thing was he wasn’t allowed to use your boat out on the lake without you being with him and that’s just the way the mop flops. Now we did have a thing called associate members. Now those were for your children who had grown up and left and yes, you paid a fee for the associate membership. We really didn’t have anything with minor children. Conversation ensues….


Joe Roth Lot 1030: Where would that leave my grandchildren?


Scott Weber: They’re guests. Conversation ensues….


Joe Roth Lot 1030: I don’t have a problem with the $100.00 to be honest with you because I guess we’re going to have to sometime say this is valuable out here. Conversation ensues….


David Decker: I feel the $100.00 is too high. If you have someone who is only going to come out here a couple times a year or they are only coming once, to pay $100.00 that day to go out on the lake with your boat without you to me seems excessive. Conversation ensues…..


Roger Rawson Lot 1851: I don’t really like the $100.00 deal. I think it is excessive. You’ve got kids who are 18, 19 years old, full time school, but now you’re going to charge them $100.00? Conversation ensues… of $25.00 fee.


Roger Rawson Lot 1851: You need to put maximum of 5 per year period. There’s nothing that says I can’t take one off and put one on. You need to specify only 5, not revoke 1 and add another. Conversation ensues……


Gerry Theodore Lot 1346: This thing can be interpreted both ways. If you want it to be 5 and 5 only and no revolving door you have to put in there you can’t replace anyone that leaves until the next fiscal year. Conversation ensues….


Glenn Dalton: One of the things I think we have to determine is how much is our facilities worth to us because we have an extremely limited resource and if he is an unattended guest and he is one of my five and I paid my $25.00 per year, he can use my boat, he can fish, he can water ski, he can use the beach and he can do everything for $25.00 a year. I would just ask, what is our amenity package worth to us as members because really it is very limited and we are trying to protect that for the membership. Thank you. Conversation ensues….


Gerry Theodore Lot 1346: Why not go $25.00 a quarter?  Conversation ensues…


Jason Hicks: Renters, they have a membership and are treated with membership rights the same as family of member. They are not allowed to vote, they cannot hold a board position. Conversation ensues…..


Jason Hicks: Holishor Personnel


Action: Scott Weber asks for a motion to approve $25.00 per person for registration and a violation will be a Level A offense. Will meet at next meeting for a vote.


New Business


Guest Identification (Existing) Read by Jason Hicks

Guests of members in good standing, using the Association facilities, must be accompanied by the Association member unless they have in their possession a guest pass. Guest passes can be obtained through the Association office. Only two guest cards per month will be allowed for each member. Members are responsible for the actions of their guests. The number of guests at any one time, when accompanied by the member, shall be limited to thirty (30) unless special permission is obtained from the Association. This is not intended to curtail the privileges of the member but rather to prevent any one person from commercializing his property. This will not apply to overnight or houseguests, and will only to the use of Association facilities. Property owners may not be the guest of another property owner to evade Association fees.


Guest Identification (Proposed) Read by Jason Hicks

Attended guests must be accompanied by their host member. No additional identification is required. Unattended guests must be registered with the Association office, whereupon they will be issued an identification card. Upon request they will present this card. Unattended guests who are operating motorized watercraft must also have in their possession verification of passing the State of Illinois Boating Safety Class or a photo ID indicating that they are at least 18 years of age.

Action: Scott Weber asks for a motion to start the clock on approval. Jason Hicks motions to approve, Jim McCann  seconds. Motion carried

Final vote to be taken at the March 14th, 2012 meeting.


Membership Identification (Existing) Read by Jason Hicks

Annual membership cards will be issued to each Association member/spouse after the current (and any delinquent) dues and assessments have been paid in full. It is a family card and members of your immediate family are entitled to all privileges. This card is not transferable. No person will be allowed to use the lake or other community facilities unless they are paid up members or guests of a paid up member.


Membership Identification (Proposed) Read by Jason Hicks

Association facilities are for the use of members and approved classes of members as indicated in these Community Instruments. Holiday Shores Security personnel shall retain the right to verify proof of residency and membership status of any person(s) using Association facilities.


Action: Scott Weber asks for a motion to start the clock on approval. Jason Hicks motions to approve, Joe Nicoloff seconds. Motion carried.

Final vote to be taken at the March 14th, 2012 meeting.


Appointment of Nominating Committee

Appoint Joe & Peggy Roth

Action: Scott Weber asks for a motion to approve. Jason Hicks motions to approve, Joe Nicoloff seconds. Motion carried. 


Motions to adjourn: Scott Weber


Meeting Adjourns at 10:30 PM to executive session.


Meeting minutes submitted by Joe Nicoloff