Date: January 25, 2012



Board Members

††††††††††† Present: David Decker, Jason Hicks, Joe Nicoloff, Jim McCann, Don Austin.

††††††††††† Excused: Scott Weber

††††††††††† Absent: Gary Kluckman

††††††††††† Quorum Present: Yes


Others Present

††††††††††† Holishor Members Present 5

††††††††††† Glenn Dalton and Michelle Smith from Holishor Office.



Meeting called to order at 7:30 PM

Pledge of Allegiance Recited



Ski Club Letter: Read by Joe Nicoloff

The Ski Club wants to thank the Holiday Shores Board of Directors and the community for their support throughout the years. This past year (2011) was a very successful year for the club. We had a large increase in our club membership, and our dinner/auction was one of our best that we ever had both in attendance and profit. As in the past Holiday Shores Ski Club is requesting permissions for use of the lake and property for show practice, ski clinics, dress rehearsals and shows.

David Decker: The only question I had is we have had some discussions about dredging this year and plan to dredge up at the North end. Just curious how that may or may not impact the ski club and their utilization of the lake?

Glenn Dalton: Thatís been discussed with Monte.

David Decker: So is the information for us that itís not going to affect them and they can use that without any issue?

Monte Thus Lot 6: After talking to Glenn he informed that the dredge would be used this year. In the past we used up by the other beach by the dam. Itís not really a great site especially since the person on the very end there has moved in and their boat backs up out of their slip into where we would normally put our show dock. A couple other problems with that area up there is kids are climbing out on rocks so their getting all cut up, we have a lot more wave action and we donít have a good way to position our docks and stabilize them and they get all beat up.

David Decker: I just wanted to make sure that a conversation had been held and you guys were in agreement about what we were going to do up there and it wasnít going to impact us.

Monte Thus Lot 6: It is going to impact us. I would like to try to make it work down at that end instead of skiing north, making a loop, and coming down. We want to come off our dock. Weíll rearrange our dock and come out south towards the south end of the lake and I want to try that first before we try another site because we got beach up there that the kids can land on. Itís just a lot safer and weíre out of everyoneís way. But until I see where you position the dredge pipe I can tell you better if we can do it or not. Conversation ensues..

Jim McCann motions to approve, David Decker seconds. Motion carried.


John Pretti Letter: Read by Joe Nicoloff

John Pretti asks the board for a variance allowing him to continue to use his 2009 Mastercraft X-Star on Holiday Shores Lake.

Glenn Dalton: What we are going to do is if itís approved by the board this will become a permanent part of their file with that variance for that owner only.

Jim McCann: So weíre not going to have a form like we do with the building committee, thatís basically a variance for the building codes?

Glenn Dalton: No, we are going to have an actual correspondence and in this particular case this is a request for a variance and if itís approved you sign it this evening and it goes in his file as a permanent piece

David Decker: Do we agree with the length that is specified on here?

Glenn Dalton & Jim McCann: Yes

David Decker: How long has the boat been out here? Itís a year 2009 so since then I assume.

Glenn Dalton, Jim McCann & Jason Hicks: yes

David Decker: Our policy is that this variance is for this owner only?

Glenn Dalton: Thatís why weíre putting it in the permanent portion of his file and also indicates that he cannot sell it to another member of Holiday Shores and get it registered.

Jim McCann motions to approve, David Decker seconds. Motion carried.


Ballroom Painting: Read by Joe Nicoloff

On Tuesday January 10, 2012 a volunteer group of Holiday Shore members organized by Roger Groth and Don Austin met at the Club House to paint the Ballroom walls.†† Everyone involved provided their own painting equipment and Holiday Shore provided the paint.They arrived at the Club house at 8:30 AM.After deciding on the best way to go about getting the job done people divided into teams of Trimmers and Rollers.At 9:00 AM the team started working.The team took a Pizza lunch break at 12:30 and by 2:00 PM that afternoon, with all painting done and all equipment and mess cleaned up, the team disbanded and went home.I would like to thank the following people for all their time and efforts in making this a successful project and saving Holishor considerable money. Don & Kathy Austin, Glenn Dalton, Tom & Sally Devers, Jim & Judy Griffith, Roger & Bev Groth, Tom Hough, Joe Roth, Gerry & Barb Theodor, Deryl Wilhite.


Jim McCann: I think we should recognize these people and thank these people at the annual meeting. There was a time when almost everything out here that we had was done by volunteers and the last time the clubhouse was painted it did cost the association a significant amount of money. I think itís great that you were able to put together a group of volunteers and Iíd like to thank all of them myself and it would be great if we could get things like this to be contagious and move forward.


Old Business

Covenant Voting

Jason Hicks: Currently our covenant vote count is 817. Votes by membership is 478. Votes by proxy is 339.

Jim McCann: We still need a lot of votes everybody. A lot of votes.


New Business

Classes of Membership, Member Designee, Guest Id & Member Id

Jim McCann: Before we get too deep into this, this has been the subject of a lot of discussion with the board, weíre missing two members tonight and I think it would not be in the best interest of the Association to vote on something when two members are missing. We do need to run this by our attorney and make sure this change is correct with our bylaws.

Don Austin: Unless I am missing something we discussed 2 different types of guest and fee associated with each of these.

Jason Hicks : I have many question on who would be classed under this rules. How far do we go with this do we include children, brothers, sisters etc.

Don Austin: We did not get into that yet.

Joe Nicoloff: In my conversation with members and comments from members at the meeting they have been very specific on their kids or grandkids. There is no reason to keep opening up this lake to more and more people.This is a private lake and that is what is getting lost in these discussions.

Jason Hicks: The definition of a family has changed

Joe Nicoloff: There is nothing to say we cannot be very specific on who we include.

Jason Hick: Our proposal for only $25 dollars is very low for the use of our lake.

Joe Nicoloff: It does not make much sense to me to allow people that are not members to come out her and use the lake all year for $25.

Don Austin: The rationale is for this and the $25 is not enough. We charge $675 a year to be a member of this association and use all the facilities. If we did not think it was important and the member does not pay the fee we revoke their privileges to use the facilities. Why would I want to give someone the rights to use this lake for $25? If I was a member I would refuse to pay and come down and pay the $25 it would be a lot cheaper. So that number needs to be higher.

Jim McCann: First off you cannot do that because you cannot be guest of another member. I am paying my $675 but that is on top of my dues.

Conversation Ensues:

David Decker: The intent of the old rule was not to limit it to one person going out with the member designee it was basically to allow that member designee to utilize the boat and take people with them.

Gerry Theodor: Right, because to me if youíre not going to let, whatever youíre going to call it in the future, for talking purposes letís just still say member designee, if youíre going to leave a member designee as an option in there, if you donít allow them to take non-members out then donít even have it. Just put something in there for the children of members and eliminate anybody who doesnít fall into that category is the way I look at it

Jason Hicks : I think we need to be a little bit careful here because itís easy to get really caught into using watercraft on the lake as opposed to all of the association facilities. So right now this class of membership proposed is all inclusive of all the facilities we have. Right now as itís written, and I think I explained this at the last meeting, that if under your examples if you got a individual that is not a member and they have an unattended guest pass, every member that is with them will have to get an unattended guest pass and if thereís more than five than your better off just having a member go out there with them or a family member or a resident. Conversation ensuesÖ.

Jim McCann: The only restrictions on a renter is that they cannot vote and they cannot be a member of the board there are no other restrictions on a rental

David Decker: Do we allow them to have member designees today?

Jim McCann, Jason Hicks: Yes. Conversation ensuesÖ

Harry Halverson 1829: I agree we pay a lot and we could see how busy the lake is on the weekends and if we are more restrictive will that not help the volume of traffic. We should take a little more stock in this being a private lake.

Action: To be discussed at the next meeting.


New Business

Tree Chipper

Glenn Dalton: One of the things that weíve been discussing for a number of years is in a lot of cases, particularly when you get into this time of the year with ice and wind and such, there are a lot of tree limbs that come down. Theyíve always been a nuisance in the community and the only way that people have to get rid of them is they can rent a chipper or they can hire somebody to haul it off or they can burn it and in most cases what our residents have been doing with those tree trimmings is theyíve been burning them. Weíve discussed for a number of years we do have a chipper and if people would bring those limbs and that type of stuff up to the edge of the road we can come by and we can pick that up and chip it right in the back of our truck and discard that for a small fee. That fee is, what we came up with is, 65.00 is per hour and Iíll read what I have given to the board. The method of limb removal would be to divide Holiday Shores into 4 areas. We would chip limbs in one area before we move to another area. Hazardous or unsafe locations would have priority. Chips would be placed in a dumpster until filled and then it would be picked up and emptied at a dump site. Limbs would be no larger in diameter than 6: Crew is available upon coordination with Holiday Shores office. Chipper usage is a two person operation for safety reasons.The chipper rental as far as of right now is at 65.00. Cost is 19.00 per hour, two employees are 36.00 an hour, that equals 55.00 an hour charge, transportation and fuel is an additional 10.00 which brings the rate up to 65.00 an hour and it would be done with prior coordination with the office and we would work it in with our maintenance schedule. Itís a service we wanted to provide to the community. Conversation ensues..

Dave Decker motions to approve, Don Austin seconds. Motion carried.



Dredge Plan

Glenn Dalton: We are going to start dredging this year in the latter part of March and we will carry that through. The starting area we have is going to be up in the North end and the reason why we are going to start up in the North end is we want to get that area cleaned up. If any of you have been around the North side of the lake and looked at what is happening now after we got the 319 grant in place Iíve never seen the water clearer. I have been all the way up on the North property and the upper basin, the North basin we put all the way in the upper North end of the property, is about half full. The water on the upper riffle is about a foot up from the top and this was last Friday and then you come down to the next riffle, itís about a foot from the top and then when you come down to the third and fourth riffle its again, we are about a foot from the top. What thatís allowing us to do is, all that silt, that water is being slowed down and allowing that silt to settle out. So if you look at Joulterís creek, you will come across the bridge, itís going to be clearer than youíve ever seen it in this time of year. Itís not totally clear but itís really clear compared to what it was. Now that comes under our road and out into our basin and from that basin its clearer than what Iíve ever seen it this time of year. But the big distinguishing factor there is, where you go through the throat from the very southern basin into the lake you donít see that long stream of dirty water thatís going all the way out into the lake. Itís not there and thatís because of those impacts. So our intent is to get that North end cleaned up and we think thatís going to take us a couple of months at least. Wehave to get out and take our silt readings to make sure. From that point we are going to San Juan Harbor and we are going to clean the outer extremities of San Juan. We see San Juan as a two year project. This year our goal is to do the North end the outer extremities of San Juan and then we are going to look into going into the back end of San Juan Harbor. Now there are a lot of things right now that are limiting factors that we are trying to qualify. One is how are we going to do the back end? Are we going to buy new pipe and just extend it from our current pipe and take it down to the silt pit Are we going to go overland and do it that way, or are we going to use geo bags? In the next couple of weeks we have a gentleman by the name of Tim Grove that we have worked with in the past and he has got into the business of not only selling geo bags but also getting state certification to use geo bags and he is going to be meeting with our Lakes and Dams Committee and we will of course bring that information to the board and from that we will assess. As far as the back end of San Juan Harbor right now we donít know. We donít know how we are going to do that and geo bags maybe a consideration and it would be one of the first times we have ever used geo bags in the community so thereís a little bit of homework to be done here before we complete that. But for this year our plan is the North end and the entrance to San Juan Harbor.

Jason Hicks: Thatís in line with the Lakes Management Committees recommendations isnít it?

Glenn Dalton: Yes. Conversation ensuesÖ.


Open Floor:

Jeanne Vortruba 493: I have 2 grown children that do not live with me.If my daughter comes to visit what do I need to do to allow her to use the boat?

Jason Hicks:Under the proposal you can have up to 5 people to use the facilities for $25 each.

Jeanne Vortruba 493: I do not agree at all with that.If we have guest we go with them. Our association is a Private association.

Gerry Theodor: I wanted to make sure this in understand. Our facilities should only be for members in good standing to use the facilities.


Meeting Adjourns at 10:30 PM to executive session.


Meeting minutes submitted by Joe Nicoloff