Date: November 14, 2012



Board Members

Present: Don Austin, Joe Nicoloff, Jason Hicks, Gary Kluckman and Michael Parker

Excused Absences: David Decker

††††††††††† Quorum Present: Yes


Others Present

††††††††††† Holishor Members Present 11

††††††††††† Glenn Dalton and Michelle Smith from Holishor Office



Meeting called to order at 7:30 PM

Pledge of Allegiance Recited


Don Austin: Announces resignation as of November 12, 2012 of Jim McCann, wishes him all the best and thanks him for his services.


Minutes of October 10, 2012

Jason Hicks motions, Michael Parker seconds.

Action: Motion carried.


Minutes of October 24, 2012

Jason Hicks motions, Gary Kluckman seconds.

Action: Motion carried.


Bills & Salaries

Joe Nicoloff motions, Jason Hicks seconds.

Action: Motion carried.


Profit Loss Budget

Informational Only


Transfers of Property

4 Transfers. Informational Only


Managerís Report

Read by Glenn Dalton

Joe Roth 1030: Asks if they are getting this trailer, could they not use it, if they had this problem next year. Could they use the trailer they are thinking about buying?

Glenn Dalton: Currently he wanted to use a flat bed and a diesel in order to take it down there. With our new trailer, yes, we will have the capability to make that run ourselves in the future.


Security Report

Read by Glenn Dalton

Total incidents reported were 18 and citations 7. Animal 2, Vehicle 2, Property 5, Alarm 3, Lake 3 and other 3.

Don Austin: Iíve heard complaints of speeders and people not stopping at the stop signs. If you have a complaint, call Glenn first and then call the County so we can get them stationed. Glenn works with these guys and even gives them places to set that are hidden so we can catch these speeders. There are some people who are really exceeding the speed limits.


Treasury Report

Joe Nicoloff motions, Michael Parker seconds.

Action: Motion carried.


Building Committee Report for October 16 and November 6

Read by Joe Nicoloff

8 items: Permit for deck was approved, 6 Refunds for completed projects were approved and 1 variance for a shed was forwarded to the board.


Old Business


Reserve Study

Jason Hicks: Whenever it comes to the reserve budget there are several items that are included. Typically it takes some time based upon our community instruments on how we can spend that money and there is some red tape that has to be involved. What needs to be done towards the end of every year is a motion to authorize purchases.

I make a motion to automatically authorize a purchase of fully funded reserve items for the following year as those items are needed.

Don Austin: They are already dated on when it can be spent.

Don Austin motions, Joe Nicoloff seconds.

Action: Motion carried.


Fishing Committee Update

Dan Weisner 1583: We had the annual Fishing Committee meeting last month where we determined how we were going to allocate our money on species of fish which I believe the board is already well aware due to the closing early of the hatchery. In the main lake was Smallmouth 941, Largemouth 930, Redear 4355 and hybrid 763. That was mainly due to the recommendation of Fred Cronin the Illinois biologist who comes out and electroshocks the lake, which he did back in May. We show steady improvements, everything we are doing seems to be right according to plan and I think we are still one of the top fisheries in the state of Illinois. Due to some confusion, we have went and gone ahead and locked in the date of the 3rd Wednesday of August every year will be for the annual fishing meeting. It will be on the website and the calendar. That way everybody knows when and where it is. SuTwan got 325 Largemouth and Redear 350. We also have a thousand dollars we left for structure due to Fredís connection andwe are going to be able to buy that wholesale direct. Once we figure out what style we are going with, we will present that to the board and come up with a plan where we are going to put that in the lake.

Don Austin: When do you think that will happen? You will test the water before you do that? When I take my boat out to some other lake I will flush the motor out before I put it back in our lake so I donít bring something in from another lake that we donít know about.

Dan Weisner 1583: Fred said that this time of year is a little bit busy but he is working on it and as soon as he has all the information he is going to send it off to Glenn and myself. He is also going to meet with a biologist that works for the state, as far as vegetation, and weíre tossing around the idea of putting some vegetation in the lake for cover and it will also help with the clarity of the water. Thereís ways to control that now and this particular guys area of expertise. We are looking at some vegetation in the brood pond where we could just transplant it, contain it and monitor it and see how it goes. Yes, we are bringing in the expert. We are not transferring anything without someone who knows what they are doing.

Jason Hicks: Mentions he would like a schedule of that so the board could come along.

Joe Nicoloff: Lakes and Dams should be involved with that too.


Covenant Voting

Don Austin: We closed the voting October 31, 2012 and we scheduled a count. We hired Joe Scheffel and his accounting firm to be the counters so that no one here on the board or in the office had any contact with the votes just so it was a completely honest and biased count. November 7, 2012 they counted the ballots and the proxies. We needed to have a total of 1198 votes. What we got was 1047 yes votes which included 397 of the proxies. Interestingly enough, we only had 44 no votes out of all of that, just 44. What we are talking about here is we are 151 votes shy of passing the covenants. So we have one of two options here. One is we can start all over on January 1, 2013 with a cutoff of August. The other one which we have gone out to our legal people with just to check to see if this is a viable solution. Because of the minimal number of no votes, which was only 44 out of that number, and the fact that we received a lot of proxies back that we had to discard because they expired, and there was more than151 of those. So what I have asked legal to do is, and itís based on our covenants, it says we need 2/3 of a majority and in a written vote, Iíve gone out to see if we can use those original 1047 and go out and enlist the people whose proxies expired to see if we can bring the count up to what we need. I donít know what we are going to do at this point. Those are the two suggestions we have. We will keep you posted.


Buoy Plan

Joe Nicoloff motions, Jason Hicks seconds.

Action: Motion carried.


Ballroom Carpet Update

Don Austin: They will be installing the new carpet tomorrow.


Slow Moving Vehicle Rule

Ray Garber 1822: It seems like when it comes to ATVís, Madison County doesnít want anything to do with them, insurance people say insurance goes up and the legal people say it causes problems. My opinion would be to try to consider it with the ATVís if you consider it at all.

Action: Tabled until December 12, 2012 meeting.


Bylaw Change Quarterly Review of Budget

Action: Tabled right now until next meeting


Budget 2013

Jason Hicks: The Finance Committee met on Monday and we made some changes. Itís not finalized yet because we havenít updated the numbers yet.

Informational Only


Golf Tournament Donation

Don Austin: States $1400.00 was made at the Golf Tournament.

$500.00 to Social Committee

Jason Hicks motions, Michael Parker seconds.

Action: Motion carried.

Glenn Dalton: Would like to use the money for metal balusters. Thanks Gerry Theodor and the Building Committee for all their assistance. States he hopes for the deck to be done around Thanksgiving and blocks will be placed sometime in the spring.

Discussion ensuesÖ..

$900.00 to Deck Fund

Michael Parker motions, Joe Nicoloff seconds.

Action: Motion carried.


Don Austin: Our Nominating Committee which was Joe and Peggy Roth, as of the last meeting, has resigned. We did have two people who volunteered, Pam Maibaum and Jeanie Votruba, to be our new Nominating Committee.

Jason Hicks motions, Joe Nicoloff seconds.


New Business


HSSD Letter

Read by Joe Nicoloff

Glenn Dalton: I think a lot of people understand that we are two total different entities, Holiday Shores Association and Holiday Shores Sanitary District. The Sanitary District has a contract and deed restrictions which we work with when they purchased the company. There was a contract that was established between Holiday Shores and the previous owner which carried over to our current Sanitary District where they receive all their water at zero cost. We do a lot of things, specifically monetary things like the Morning Glory, we did an upgrade on that and kept that up to date, we are also looking into doing an upgrade on the Morning Glory gate to limit the leakage on that, the 319 project, and the Association spent a lot of money on that and purchased property to ensure we maintained a quality lake and we are doing all our work above our watershed to ensure that our lake is protected. We felt that it would be nice if the Sanitary District would consider helping us out a little bit like that. We provide a water source for zero cost to the Sanitary District and we was just trying to get a little bit of something back for the amount of money we spend as an Association.

Ray Garber 1822: It seems like we have some right to get some reimbursement for the cost of our water. States that they do not seem to want to help with the cost of things that help the water or the quality of the water.


Coyne Shed Variance Request

Michael Coyne 699: Asks to keep the shed for a short period of time due to renters needing storage space. States that it might be anywhere from 1-3 years. Willing to sign and notarize a statement saying once they move out, the shed will be gone.

Don Austin: The Building Committee does not recommend this.

Gerry Theodore 1346: The main objection that the committee has is the time frame. Itís not that we donít think he would not do it.

Gary Kluckman motions to approve.

Action: Motion dies to lack of a second.


Wilhite Sign Request

Deryl Wilhite 1214: States that he has a light show that is synchronized to music that plays on a radio station and wants to be able to put up signs to let people in Holiday Shores know the channel for the music and to try to reduce any possible traffic congestion. Agrees if it becomes an impediment to safety or a nuisance to the neighborhood, he will take the whole show down.

Don Austin: He really doesnít need our approval and if it becomes an annoyance we have the right to take them down.


Open Floor

Brian Sciranko 356: The lake is open as of today? Notices website and marquee says two different things on the status of the lake. We have upheld citations based on what the Times, marquee or website says. There is inconsistencies.

Glenn Dalton: Yes it is. Iím sorry about that. The status changed on Sunday. We knew about Monday and just havenít had the time to update the marquees. The website we did yesterday afternoon. I should have taken it off the marquee at this part of the year.

Joe Roth 1030: I just wanted to agree with that. The other day some guy come zooming up the lake and that red light was going on, but the sign said lake is open.

Pam Maibaum 2088: On the slow moving vehicle rule, as it stands, if we did nothing, what does if someone takes their kid to the bus stop on a golf cart? Are they illegal? Are they fine? Are they at their own risk?

Jason Hicks: Right now it depends on what type of vehicle it is. Golf carts, illegal. If we donít do anything as of today, yes it would be illegal.

Joe Nicoloff moves to adjourn to executive session, Jason Hicks seconds.

Meeting Adjourns at 9:30 p.m.

Meeting minutes submitted by Joe Nicoloff.†††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††