Date:March 14, 2012



Board Members

††††††††††† Present: Scott Webber, Jim McCann, David Decker, Ray Garber

††††††††††††††††††††††† Joe Nicoloff, Gary Kluckman and Don Austin

††††††††††††††††††††††† Quorum Present: Yes

Others Present

††††††††††† Holishor Members Present 41

††††††††††† Glenn Dalton and Angie Basham from Holishor Office


Meeting called to order at 7:30 PM

Pledge of Allegiance Recited

Minutes of February 8, 2012

Action: Jim McCann Motions to approve, Jason Hicks seconds

David Decker makes one change on page 3.

Motion carries pending one change

Minutes of February 22, 2012

Action: ††Gary Kluckman motion to approve, Jim McCann seconds

Motion carries

Bills & Salaries

Action:Jim McCann motions to approve, Gary Kluckman seconds

Motion Carries


Profit Loss Budget

Action: none required informational only

Transfers of Property

Action: none required informational only


Managerís Report

Given by Glenn Dalton

Lake and fishery in great shape.Scheduled for IDNR electro-shock analysis this spring.Road patch and culverts projects starting.

Discussion†† Glenn Dalton reminds about the Code Red project which is a program with Madison County that will alert your phone of bad weather conditions.

Mitzi Baker (1653) Do we need to send out messages or information for people to update their phone numbers so that the code red works.

Glenn Dalton responds yes, for full coverage will need members to update information and cell phone information with us.

Security Report

Given by Glenn Dalton

Total incidents reported were 10.

Treasury Report

Given by David Decker

Action:Don Austin motions to approve, Gary Kluckman seconds

Motion Carries



Read by Joe Nicoloff

Action: Discuss in New Business


Letter from Monica OíBrien (329) and Joe Roth (1030) requesting the use of the lake for a boat parade.

Letter from Richard & Kelly McClain (314) requesting variance on boat.Boat measured 22í6Ē

Action:Jason Hicks motions to approve variance, Don Austin seconds

Variance only for this owner.

Motion Carries.


Letter from Kelly Barrett (416) requesting the use of the lake for a field trip for kayak training.

Kelly Barrett (416) Works at the Edwardsville YMCA, in charge of the Teen Camp.Missouri White Water Association donated Kayaks for the training, would be approximate 30-40 teens with staff members for the training for 2 to 3 hours.

Discussion:††Jason Hicks only concern is the covenant that restricts the use of the lake to members of Holishor Association.

Scott Webber the kids would be quests of member; however the issue is the Kayaks.Work with the office to see if we could get members to donate the use of their kayaks.

Jim McCann & David Decker kayaks have to belong to members.

David Decker. Have to have enough members present for number of guests.Biggest issue is them being in the boats on the water and what are rules allow and donít allow.

Conversation ensues.

Action: none


Letter from Mitzi Baker (1653) requesting a fence variance to install a chain link fence on a lake front lot.


Mitzi Baker (1653) ††Reason for variance is that Siberian husky dogs need a lot of exercise.†† Issues with chaining dogs are that their collars breaks and small dogs from the neighborhood often come into the yard.Checked into several fences, Chain link seems to be the best fit.

The fence will only be ľ of yard.

Jerry Theodor only reason building committee did not recommend was because of Lake Front lots not allowed to have chain link.

Don Austin requests time to look at the property

Conversation ensues.

Action:Tabled till next meeting.


Letter from James Lack (1055) requesting a fence variance for a privacy fence.


James Lack (1055) Authorities have been called, along with the Human Society on the amount of dogs in the neighbors house.

Scott Webber. Itís my understanding that there are 14 to 20 dogs here.

Jim McCann.Why isnít animal control doing anything about this?

Glenn Dalton the question that needs to be answered in this matter ďis reasonable number of petsĒ under our rules. She is licensed.

Scott Webber isnít a licensed shelter/rescue required to be on 5 acres or more? Itís my understanding that you do have to be on 5 acres or more.

Glenn Dalton will check on that.

James Lack (1056). Has been trying to work with neighbor, but has now started working with government.

Dave Decker Two options here go with the government.The association has a rule, reasonable number of pets.Dave recommendations are to see what happens with government, before board makes a rule, see what happens first.

Action:none at this time.Tabled till next meeting.


Old Business

Unattended Guest Ė

Scott Webber we have consulted our attorney, the rule itself is suspended till after the annual meeting because part of it is tied to a bylaw we have to revote after the annual meeting.Currently working on a re-write should have for next meeting.†† The existing member designee rule was against our covenants.

Rich Hertel (679) under current law member designee you can assign 10 people to come out and use your boat on the lake only because of kids getting older.

Scott Webber that rule was put in place, because the moment you child turns 18, they are considered by the State of Illinois as an adult, and no longer have any lake rights.

Rich Hertel (679). They could come out and use boat goes skiing, but only had lake access.Guest on everything else.Under the new proposal on unattended guest the member can register 5 guests and they can use everything, and they each can have 10 people come out and they can use the entire facilities at Holiday Shores.†† How did letting the unattended guest use all the facilities what brought that on.

Dave Decker It was basically a combination of the guest pass that are currently issued and the member designee.It was an effort to combine those into one situation.Is your concern about the lake or the other facilities?

Rich Hertel (679). Everything lake and other facilities.

Scott Webber you have a member designee rule, well intended, against covenants.†† When you look at it you try and incorporate everything that is going on out here to try and satisfy as many members as possible.

Laura Scaturro (1716), When the amendment is done how will you publish for membership to see and respond too?

Scott Webber We are going to create a spot on the website, under rules, a proposed rule tab.

Dave Decker according to the rule, rule, the draft of the rule is created, the board motions and seconds on that rule, that then gets posted according to the rule in the office and the website has to be there for 4 (four) weeks then at that point the board has the option to start voting on it. Board can make changes anywhere along the line.After vote becomes a rule in 60 days. That is the basic procedure.

Keith Schultz (914) ††As far as the number of people for lake access, no matter what you do you only have one boat with maybe 5 people on at one time if you just give them lake access.Is more concerned with has saw two boats on the lake without lot numbers on it, and the cable is never up on the boat launch.

Jason Hicks according to existing rule each member can have three boats on the lake at one time.

Dave Decker when you see boats without lot numbers on it, hopefully you have securities number, and give them a call, leave a message with a quick boat description, where the boat is at just so they know.

Glen Dalton as far as the cable, every time we go by there we have to stop and put the cable back up, we all need to do our part.If you use the ramp, when you are done, put the cable back up.

Pam Maibaum (2088).Main concern with the boat one is safety.Asks the board to consider with the re-write to only give driving ability to the 5 unattended guests only.

Jason Hicks.Thanks everyone for showing up, well attended meeting and personally and as a board member appreciates it.Such a hot topic especially with the classes of membership rule.

Jim McCann. ††There have been a lot of comments, and that the board has looked out a complete re-write.There are things that need to be clarified and changed. One being adult children, currently adult children living in your house have to have a guest pass.

Steve Gomes (1792). Asks the board, under the new proposed rule, what type of impact is we going to see on the lake with the regards to the number of people?

Jim McCann the member designee rule has been in effect since 2005, and it really hasnít had any impact, this rule actually limits what was already under the member designee rule, reduces the number of people.

Jason Hicksagain each member is allowed three watercraft on the lake at one time.It could increase at any time, up to the members.A lot of people didnít know about the member designee, people are seeing this new rule, reading about, is it going to get used more, yes in my opinion.

Conversation ensues


Covenant Voting

Scott Webber asks who has voted for the covenants yet if you havenít voted please see me after the meeting.We are roughly at 931.A big thank you to Pam Maibaum, Laura Scaturro and Roger Rawson who put together committee who have put together volunteers, if you would like to volunteer see one of them.


Covenant voting Committee Charter

Purpose:To gather a group of Holiday Shores members for the purpose of motivating our members to vote on the Covenant proposal put forth by the Board of Directors.


The Committee is to be made up of Holishor Members only and only those in good standing with the association.

The Committee will be dis-banded when the Covenant vote is officially closed on a date set by the Board of Directors.

Action:Jim McCann motions to approve, Jason Hicks seconds

Motion Carried


Open House

Scott Webber a big thank you to Kenneathia Williams who is a graphic designer and has donated her time for our open house ad. Thanks Laura Scaturro writing article on open house.

Purpose of the event is to sell association lots, approved by the membership to pay off the North property, set up for April 29th 2012 from 1-4, currently ski club, tiki-bar bass club, Social committee, youth committee, garden club, fire department, building committee, real estate committee, lake management committee.Bev George, Prudential and TLC realtors are going to be helping, First National Bank, and Sanitary District.

Conversation ensues

Jeanine Votruba (493). Thinks it may be a good idea to have people to direct people to the clubhouse.

Scott Webber we will have signs directing people to the clubhouse, and realtors showing them around.

Pam Maibaum (2088) ††Signs need to be out the day that the ad comes out.Encourages the board to vote to give themselves the rights to put signs out for the lot sales.

Jason Hicks.Mentions that the boat in the ad has a variance and doesnít want to mislead potential buyer.

Gary Kluckman would want to see the lake.Suggest boat tours.

Scott Webber is going to work with the fishing club to see if they would be willing after their tournament that day.There will be other things that day almost like a trade show with the committees, eat at the restaurant.

Laura Scaturro (1716) ††Other people who are trying to sell their property will be able to have open houses and put up signs.


Jim McCann motions to push forward with the event, and the expenditure of not more than $3000 approve, Dave Decker seconds

Motion Carried


Annual Meeting

Dave Decker proposed budget there is no proposed increase of dues & Assessments, significant changes, closings due to slow house sales, Holiday Times reduction $10,000, no engineering fees and increase in your dredging, recertification due on the silt pit.†† On a whole the budget is the same.The most significant issue, with the dredge plan is at the north end and starting the mouth San Juan Harbor.Next year to the back of San Juan, when we get there, will require some additional costs for a pump, pipe or geo bags.


Don Austin motions to propose the 2013 budget to the membership at the Annual meeting.Joe Nicoloff seconds

Motion Carried


Dave Decker thanks Glenn and the staff for getting the budget really appreciates those efforts.

Scott Webber two outstanding attachment 001 shore line intervention and fines and penalties.His understanding was that we donít want to make changes to attachment 001 shore line intervention.

Jason Hicks the discussion after the last meeting is that we want to really look into this one, as it ties into a lot of other stuff.Some are contingent on how the classes of membership goes.

Conversation ensues


New Business

Political Action Committee Charter

Purpose:To foster a relationship between Holishor Association and surrounding Cities, Counties, State and Federal representatives and other government entities to benefit Holishor and the association needs.


The Committee is to be lead by the Board President and/or other Board Members in addition, the Board may choose to add Holishor Members, however they must be Holishor Members in good standing with the Association.

Action:Jason Hicks motions to enact a charter for the Political action committee based upon the description given, Jim McCann Seconds

Motion Carried.

Update from the Political Action Committee currently two bills that are out there current rewrite that Jim participated in heavily in which is 3572 which is an amendment to the Common Interest Community Association Act which is before the Senate right now awaiting a vote, Senator Haine was the sponsor.4560 is a house bill, which is an amendment to Common Interest Community Association Act.

Jim McCann also an amendment to the Condominium Property Act pages 5 Ė 25 do not apply to us.

Scott Webber section 4 & 5 which if passed would make the buyer of the home to pay past dues and assessments for the past 12 months.We can collect past dues and assessments from buyer of foreclosed homes.The final one is 3202 which is the association manager licensing we got the amounts reduced. $50 fee and $1.00 per lot not to exceed $1000.


Letter from Monica OíBrien (329) and Joe Roth (1030) requesting the use of the lake for a boat parade.

Scott Webber last year we did a classic boat show which was very well received and appears that you guys would like to repeat it this year.

Joe Roth (1030)the social committee we are going to do this in conjunction with their volleyball, beach party and the boat show.Will be to hot for car show.Boat show on land, then boat parade on the water with security leading the boat parade.

Dave Decker just some general info, how many boats, how many Holishor boats.Any issues during the event

Joe Roth (1030) 30 on water only 3 Holishor members boats, no issues at all. Lasting on the water 1 hour, might be a little longer this year.

Jason Hicks how long did it last.

Jim McCann I know this was well received last year, but since that time we have learned that actually violates a covenant donít know how the board would be able to rationalize those boats on the water.

Jason Hicks donít think we want to muddy the waters.Something the board could come up with a bylaw revision to allow for exceptions.

Dave Decker if we donít allow this then the test runs for boat purchases no allowed. Allowing Clark Boat and Motor to run a boat out here, no longer allowed.

Gary Kluckman What would be the difference on this from the kayaks.If we let this one happen then need to let the kayak as well.

.Conversation Ensues

Action: none bring to next meeting.

Open Floor

Joe Roth (1030) Peggy and I are both on the nominating committee, we have two open seats coming up and as of right now I have no one that has stepped forward to run for the board of directors, that is kind of sad.One person has requested a packet. Asking the people in attendance tonight if you have a desire to really be part of the community, part of the solution and not part of the problem to really consider running for the board of directors.I hate for the board pull and beg people to be on the board.We need different voices on the board.Contact Peggy or Joe for a packet. (Call Holishor office for number)

Mitzi Baker (1653) boat show is using the lake for a show, not personal use.At the north end of the property you have those gravelly things, has read about those in Lake management, and thought to herself, thinks our lake manager really knows what he is doing.

Jeanine Votruba (493) reminds all Fort Russell Township Annual meeting is Tuesday April 10, 2012 at 7:30 at the new township building all Fort Russell Township meeting.

Scott Webber comments and all your tax dollars go to Fort Russell Township not one nickel comes back for your roads and you are Ĺ their budget, same thing for Moro, except that you are 2/3 of their budget.If anyone is going might want to bring that up to them.


Jim McCann motions to adjourn, Don Austin seconds

Meeting Adjourns at 9:58 p.m.