Date: April 25, 2012



Board Members

††††††††††† Present: David Decker, Jason Hicks, Joe Nicoloff, Gary Kluckman Scott Webber††††††††††† Excused: Jim McCann, Don Austin.

††††††††††† Quorum Present: Yes


Others Present

††††††††††† Holishor Members Present 10

††††††††††† Glenn Dalton and Michelle Smith from Holishor Office.



Meeting called to order at 7:30 PM

Pledge of Allegiance Recited


Minutes from April 3, 2012

Minutes from April 11, 2012

Scott Webber:Due to Annual Meeting work we will not have the minutes until the next meeting.


Transfers of Property submitted by Angie Basham

All transfers approved. Informational only.


Treasury Report submitted by David Decker

David Decker discusses that most significant items are transfers of money into Cdars and IBCS accounts. This is all part of efforts to keep money insured.

Scott Weber motions to approve, Joe Nicoloff motions to approve, Gary Kluckman seconds.

Motion carried.


Old Business

Contractor Culvert Bids

Glenn Dalton reads off the culvert bids to repair Catalina and Holiday Point Parkway with larger culverts.

The board decides to go with Valley Contracting.

Joe Nicoloff motions and moves to approve Valley, David Decker seconds.

Motion carried.


Open House

Scott Webber states that the Open House is set for April 29. Everything is ready and the large ad will be in the Sunday paper. The lots for sale will be marked, there will be signs in the community directing people to the Clubhouse and maps, Bev George, Prudential, Remax, board members and most of the committees will be there.

No action taken.


Covenant Voting

Current count is 1090 votes given.

Scott Webber mentions we still need more votes and he appreciates all the volunteers for their help.

No action taken.


Associate Member Rule

It is discussed that the clock was started at the last meeting on all three versions of the Associate Member Rule.

Scott Webber rescinds his version.

Shelly Jansen Lot 1766 gives a synopsis of her email to the board on her ideas about the Associate Member Rule. She states that she went back on previous meetings and took in what people said and what everyoneís needs were. She states the proposed bylaw change needs to be done and that there would be two extra classes of membership. Those would be Resident (anyone residing with you) and Guest Member. They would be under the umbrella of your membership. You would limit only one Guest Member at a time. That Guest Member would wear a lanyard with a card that would be purchased by the member at cost. You would treat it like a key to your house or a key to Holiday Shores. Only one Guest Member at a time would cut down on traffic on the lake and would make people narrow down their choices.

Scott Webber asks how you would prove they were a Resident and Shelly Jansen answers with legal identification with address on it and for the people who own a lot but do not live here, the office would have that person on file.

Glenn Dalton states we have that information in a tablet that security carries with them.

Scott Webber asks how will we police this and Shelly Jansen answers the Guest Member will wear a lanyard with a card with a number such as the lot number. The member is responsible for all actions of the guest.

Scott Webber asks if the Resident member can bring as many guests as they want

Shelly Jansenyes.

Jason Hicks thanks Shelly Jansen for all her effort she put into this.

Shelley Jansen also states that if the Guest Member pass was lost or stolen, the number would be voided in the office and the card would have to be replaced. This would keep people from trying to come in and get more than one card.

Rich Hertel Lot 679 wants to know if he understands this correctly that his son from out of town would be able to get the pass and be able to operate his boat.

Scott Webber answers yes.

Rich Hertel wants to know if this would be for lake access only

Scott Webber answers it would be for full privileges.

Rich Hertel states his concern is a bunch of people out here and mentions that in the old days you had to be with a member in order to be out here.

Jason Hicks and Scott Weber explain the guest passes and member designee rule that used to be in place.

Rich Hertel asks if a wife and her two kids were out here, would they be covered under that pass. Shelly Jansen explains that the pass is an extension of the member.

Rich Hertel expresses his concern on total access to everything and that is his main concern. Shelly Jansen states that amenities is the word she used and that covers everything including beaches and out lots for non-boat owners and that the board can restrict that any way they want. David Decker explains that this would also include events and that his idea is basically what Shelly Jansen described. His main restrictions he identified were they couldnít vote, attend meetings, register a boat, be on the board or join committees.

Tabled until next meeting when all board members are present.



Cable TV Agreement

Scott Weber states that we will negotiate our contract with Madison Communications as soon as they renegotiate their contract with Madison County.

No action taken.


Annual Meeting

Scott Webber states that all packets are being sent out, everything looks good and he will have the expanded agenda in the next couple of weeks.

David Decker states anyone wishing to attend need to be members in good standing by May 9th.

No action taken.


New Business

Allied Waste Spring Cleanup

Scott Webber discusses the Spring Cleanup will be June 7th and reads Alliedís cleanup guidelines. They will be published in the May issue of the Holiday Times along with the information on who to contact about electronic recycling.

No action taken.


Zero Turn Mower

Glenn Dalton discusses prices and the need for the mower due to parts being scarce for the other mower due to age. He wants to be able to use the current mower for back up and mentions how due to all the rain, more mowing than usual is needed to keep up. We would like to use the reserve funds to purchase a new mower to keep up with the amount of cutting we are needing to do.

Ray Garber Lot 1822 asks did we allocate the interest for 2011 yet.

David Decker responds with that was done.

Tabled until next meeting.


Open Floor

Jeanie Votruba Lot 493 Thanks Shelly Jansen and states it is a good proposal. States that she has friends at gated communities and whenever she visits she must put a pass in her car and wear a bracelet for going to the pool or tennis courts. She must turn these in when she leaves so the next person can use them.

David Decker asks Jeanie if the member has to be with her when she is at the pool and Jeanie states not as long as she has her bracelet.

Rich Hertel Lot 679 asks when the contract is up with Allied?

Scott Webber responds by stating the contract is a new one and it will not be up until 2015.

Rich Hertel asks if Fort Russell or Moro Township subsidizes any of our bills. Do we have any subsidies that are paid by the city taxes? My brother in law is the Mayor of St. Peters, MO. and they are with Allied and half of the bill is paid by the city with part of their taxes. St. Louis County pays Ĺ their bill with the county taxes. I was just wondering if this has been looked into and if we are being left out? Sometimes when people see these things in the Holiday Times they go hmmm, thatís interesting.

Scott Webber states that it is just his personal opinion and not a fact, but he believes that no we donít and he would guess we are left out and he will check with Jim McCann.

James Cunningham Lot 552 states that he noticed the board approved the privacy fence at the last meeting and wants to know if there was a compelling reason for that, did they take into consideration that this would open the door for other people to try for variances and how could he apply for one. I wanted to know what the justification was so I could us that for my variance request.

David Decker responds by stating for him to fill out his application and get all his neighbors to approve it and that they know anytime you approve a variance it opens the door for people to ask for them.

Jason Hicks states that it was a split vote.

Scott Webber motions to adjourn to executive session, Jason Hicks moves, and Joe Nicoloff seconds.


Meeting Adjourns at 8:30 PM to executive session.


Meeting minutes submitted by Michelle Smith & Joe Nicoloff