Date: May 9, 2012



Board Members

Present: David Decker, Jason Hicks, Joe Nicoloff, Gary Kluckman.

Excused: Jim McCann, Don Austin, Scott Webber

††††††††††† Quorum Present: Yes


Others Present

††††††††††† Holishor Members Present 11

††††††††††† Glenn Dalton and Michelle Smith from Holishor Office.



Meeting called to order at 7:30 PM

Pledge of Allegiance Recited


Minutes of April 25, 2012

Gary Kluckman motions to approve, Jason Hicks seconds

Motion carries


Minutes of April 3, 2012

Jason Hicks motions to approve, Gary Kluckman seconds

Motion carries


Minutes of April 11, 2012

Gary Kluckman motions to approve, Jason Hicks seconds

Motion carries


Bills & Salaries submitted by Angie Basham

Joe Nicoloff motions to approve, Jason Hicks seconds

Motion carries


Profit Loss Budget submitted by Angie Basham

Informational only


Transfers of Property submitted by Angie Basham

David Decker states that there were two property transfers in the last two weeks.

Informational only


Managerís Report submitted by Glenn Dalton

Read by Glenn Dalton

Glenn Dalton states that they will be replacing two major culverts on Caribbean and Holiday Point Parkway and it shouldnít take more than one day for each. He apologizes for the limited inconvenience as the major avenues and conduits will be tied up for that day.


Security Report submitted by Matt Schaefer

Read by Glenn Dalton

Glenn Dalton states that there were 22 total incidents. Total citations issued were 13. The 22 incidents contained 5 Animal, 4 Property, 1 Car, 8 People, 3 Alarm and 1 other.

Joe Nicoloff asks why the guy on the dam did not receive a citation.

Glenn Dalton states he will find out.

Jason Hicks asks about the last person report, how guests are handled right now and how is the office handling guests and visitors right now.

Glenn Dalton states he doesnít really want to discuss this in a public forum and that he had a meeting with Security and they have a specific and lawful policy in place on this.

Joe Nicoloff asks about a member dispute with a juvenile report, shouldnít security call the Sheriff first?

Glenn Dalton states that they receive member disputes all the time and that they check first to see if the dispute is still ongoing and if it is they call Madison County.


Treasury Report submitted by David Decker

David Decker states that there are no significant changes. One more transfer to First National Bank and Bank of Edwardsville to make sure money is insured.

Joe Nicoloff motions to approve, Gary Kluckman seconds

Motion carries


Old Business

Covenant Voting submitted by Michelle Smith

David Decker states that we are currently at 1098 votes. Votes by ballot are 616 and votes by proxy are 482.

David Decker thanks all who have voted and states that the votes are increasing but the speed is slow.


Annual Meeting

David Decker states that the Annual Meeting is next Saturday, asks everyone to please attend, doors will be open at 9:00 am and that you must be paid in full and a member in good standing as of May 9th in order to attend.


Cable TV Agreement

Tabled until the next meeting


Open House

David Decker states that they received good feedback. They received contracts on 2 lots and a verbal offer on 1 that has since been rescinded. Realtors were very happy with this and have talked to us about doing this on a more regular basis. We will get into negotiations with them on how this might be accomplished, specifically with them providing most of the funding. There are still more lots for sale.

Jason Hicks thanks the committees and clubs that attended for their effort.


Associate Member Rule

Read by Joe Nicoloff

Associate Member(As authorized by the Bylaws of Holishor Association, Inc., ARTICLE III Ė MEMBERSHIP, Section 1 Ė Membership, Part C. Classes of Membership.):

  • Memberships that pay dues and have voting rights, which are in good standing, shall be authorized to sponsor Associate Members.

o   The Sponsoring Member shall register these individuals in the Holishor Association office.

o   No more than 4 individuals may be registered per Membership per calendar year.

o   Registrations expire each December 31st.

o   The Sponsoring Member can establish additional facility restrictions on the Associate Member.(i.e. cannot have guests, cannot use watercraft, etc.)

  • The Associate Member is not authorized to operate watercraft except those registered by the Sponsoring Member.If operating a watercraft, the Associate Member must be 18 years of age, or if 12 to 18, have an Illinois Safe Boaters Certificate.Any person operating a watercraft on Holiday Lake must be informed of and acknowledge understanding of the Boating Rules and Regulations prior to operation of any watercraft.
  • Associate Member must produce a valid Holishor ID card and photo ID upon request.
  • This class of membership does not retain any rights or privileges to:

o   Attend board meetings, annual meetings or special meetings

o   Vote on Holishor business

o   Apply for or serve as a member on the Board of Director

o   Register a watercraft with Holishor Association

o   Be a member of the ski club.

  • All privileges of the Associate Member will be suspended in the case their Sponsoring Member should cease to be a Member in good standing until such time those circumstances are remedied.Privileges may be suspended or revoked at any time, without notice by either the Sponsoring Member or by the Holishor Association, Inc.
  • The Associate Member must abide by the Holishor Association, Inc. Community Instruments.The Sponsoring Members are responsible for the actions of these Associate Members and their guests, and as such the Sponsoring Members are liable for any penalties and fines.
  • Other classes of Holishor Association members may not be an Associate Member.
  • An Associate Member is allowed to host no more that five (5) guests.If multiple Associate Members, of one member, are utilizing Holishor Association amenities at the same time, the maximum number of guests shall not exceed ten (10) in aggregate.

Shelly Jansen Lot 1766 questions why the board is going in the direction of having 4 associate members instead of having guests. Why go into having a membership instead of guest passes? Thinks people will have a problem with giving 4 people memberships out here for nothing, she doesnít like the limit of 4 because if 1 person visits once a year that will take up one spot, and thinks people will not like giving out extended memberships. Thinks the board is limiting it, but giving the associate member unlimited access without you.

David Decker states that if someone wants to utilize the lake, they canít be a guest. They must be classified as a member.

Monte Thus Lot 6 asks if he hears right that an associate member cannot be a part of the ski club, but that he could have 4 associate members with 5 or 10 guests of their own go out and use the lake. Does this mean that if he has a son or a daughter that turns 18, they will no longer be allowed to join the ski club? Why pick on the ski club and why the cutoff at age 18.

David Decker replies correct, according to the current rules, yes, but that they can come and ask the board for a variance, we are not singling out the ski club and this rule is already currently in place and the new rule would just reinforce what is already there. He also states that they have to be a member to be on the ski club and asks if the ski club would want associate members to join, overrun it and reduce the ability of dues paying members to utilize the ski club because that would be easily attainable.

Monte Thus Lot 6 answers that he agrees with that, and asks if we are going to have a variance like we do with everything else. States that we forgive people that donít pay their bills, and that this is in the Holiday Times as write offs and asks is there any action to get the money from them.

David Decker states that we donít forgive them. That is called bankruptcies. It is a federal situation where we donít have a choice. We donít just take and say youíre forgiven your dues because we like you. He also states that we absolutely take action against non-payers.

Jason Hicks asks that we stick to one topic for right now and we can always get back to the other after everyone gets a chance to speak. The main intent of this rule is to try to simplify it and combine reasonable numbers per membership who can use the amenities out here. If there is an adult child at home, this gives them the opportunity to make them an associate member. We are trying to give people the flexibility without flooding the lake, so to speak.

Monte Thus Lot 6 states I just donít understand telling someone who has been on the ski club since they were 10 that now that they are 18 they canít join the ski club. There is a problem with this. I understand what youíre trying to do, but on the other hand you are giving 4 people a chance to ski down this lake on a boat they donít own.

David Decker states that his recommendation is to come up with a solution. I suggest you write it up and submit it to the board.

Jason Hicks states that this new rule will allow that scenario to take place. The member will just have to create one of the associate memberships for that 18 year old.

Monte Thus Lot 6 states that they still canít join the ski club.

Jason Hicks states that it does put the emphasis back on the ski club to create a list of associate members to present to the board and say these are non-members who would like to be part of the ski club, this is our variance.

Monte Thus Lot 6 states he has no problem presenting that to the board, he just needs to know what they need. Are we in a transition period where you have to get rid of the old rule?

David Decker states according to the current rules today, if they are 18 they canít be a member of the ski club. Monte Thus Lot 6 Asks what you need from the ski club is a request, a variance for anybody 18 years or older?

Pam Maibaum Lot 2088 Asks if this only affects ski club or other clubs and committees or no one can participate in the community anymore, once their 18 their done unless they buy a lot?

David Decker states that according to the current rules the only one that is identified is the ski club so they were incorporated into this rule.

Pam Maibaum Lot 2088 asks how one would go about changing such a thing.

David Decker states if you have a better proposal write it up and submit it to the board and we will review it.

Pam Maibaum Asks is that in the Holishor documents about the ski club and we keep wanting to create a new membership because of the 18 year old thing. Canít we change the definition of a member to anyone who is living in your home? If they donít want to give their kids the keys to the boat they donít have to, they are the parents. Seems easier to just do that then to include them in a whole new class of membership.

David Decker states that as Jason Hicks stated before, it is just simpler to give you a list of people that you can do and designate as you want. That is the approach that we are currently taking.

Jason Hicks states this includes adult residents. The associate member as its proposed, you can put adult residents on that list.

Pam Maibaum Lot 2088 asks if we are only talking about ski club. No other clubs are involved. Just ski club when you turn 18 you canít participate anymore and our best course of action would be to come to the board with a variance for however many kids that is?

David Decker States this has been done over the last couple of years.

Pam Maibaum Lot 2088 asks if that opens up the club for someone another year down the road who says I know you gave a variance for this and I want to be in the club and they wonít let me.

David Decker states when you request a variance and itís granted it always opens up the door for someone else to use it as an argument for their variance.

Ray Garber 1822 asks where did you come up with the age 18, is that something you just decided as a cutoff yourselves I donít think there is anything in the bylaws that says something about age. Four memberships might seem like a lot but with adult kids taking up some of those I think it might be a better solution than people might at first think of.

Jason Hicks states that right now in the bylaws once they are a legal adult they are no longer considered a member, they are considered a guest. Yes. Itís in the ballot.

David Decker states itís on the current bylaw which is proposed to be changed at the annual meeting.

Shelly Jansen Lot 1766 states it seems like every proposal that the board comes up with seems to come back to having a set number for things and a set number for guests and people get hooked up on the numbers. How many people you can have, how many guests you can have. Going back to the proposal that I wrote up for you guys you guys asked me questions on it, nobody seemed to find anything wrong with it, what was the problem with having a guest pass?The way you have it wrote up says you can create a class of membership, to say you canít create a class of memberships for guests, I donít believe that. What the problem?

David Decker states my personal opinion, you cannot call a membership a guest. The two are not the same thing so I canít create a class of membership and call it a guest. You have to call it something, the term the board has leaned toward using is associate.

Shelly Jansen Lot 1766 states that she feels the board is getting stuck on numbers of people. Bottom line people want to share this with their family and friends. The proposal that I drew up is way simpler than this for everyone involved. I have four kids, three kids that are soon to be 18, and 3 of my positions are going to be taken up.

David Decker states either that or give them one lanyard according to your proposal.

Shelly Jansen Lot 1766 states her proposal also said that the kids that live at home are residents and feels anyone that lives in your house should have the rights that you have.

David Decker states this is the proposal we believe in at this point.

Shelly Jansen Lot 1766 states this is the proposal that you guys keep going back to, what you guys started out with. Youíre just changing the numbers a little bit. People have balked and you keep coming back to the same proposal.

David Decker replies thank you very much, I appreciate it, youíre done.

Shelly Jansen Lot 1766 replies Iím done?

David Decker responds yeah youíre done.

Shelly Jansen Lot 1766 No I am not done.

Roger Groth Lot 1027 states that he would suggest the board really try and focus on the idea of children living in the home and using the facilities and would look into another definition of adult other than 18 because that was really complicating things. I would try and suggest you present to the membership the issues of family members and non-family members, when you treat that group of people exactly the same way you treat strangers I think the membership starts to balk at that, I donít think one rule or one bylaw change will get it for you and I admire you for tackling this.

Jeanie Votruba Lot 493 states I think with what we had before, the rule with guest passes, it worked out for a lot of years and I donít know why it needs to change now.


Slow Moving Vehicle Rule

Read by Jason Hicks

(Existing Rule)





(Proposed Rule)


Slow-Moving Vehicles


For the purposes of Holishor Association, Slow-Moving Vehicles (SMVs) are defined as self-propelled, gas or electronically powered, four-wheeled motor vehicles that are federally unlawful for use on highways.These include low-speed vehicles (LSVs), golf carts, and all-terrain vehicles (ATVs).


SMVs must be registered with the Association annually.The member must pass a safety inspection and show current proof of off-premise liability insurance to receive their annual registration decal and a ďslow moving vehicleĒ sign.The cost for registration is $40.


To operate an SMV on Holishor streets, the vehicle must display a valid Holishor Association decal, the member ownerís lot number, and a ďslow moving vehicleĒ sign.Lot numbers shall be at least three (3) inches in height and a contrasting color to the vehicle.Placement of these items shall be on the rear of the vehicle in a manner that is clearly visible with or without passengers and equipment.


Illinois State laws pertaining to ďnon-highway vehiclesĒ must be followed, as well as all other Illinois State traffic laws.SMVs may not impede the regular flow of traffic.These vehicles may operate only on streets with a posted speed limit of 35 mph or less, the driver must have a valid state-issued driverís license, and the vehicle must be equipped with functional brakes, steering, a rear-view mirror, headlights, taillights, brake lights, turn signals, reflectors on the front and back, and a ďslow moving vehicleĒ sign in the rear.Seat belt restraints are recommended, but not required.


Federal and state laws prohibit usage of non-highway vehicles on streets with a posted speed limit of greater than 35 mph.Therefore, operation of SMVs on Holiday Dam Road, St. James Road, and Prairietown Road is NOT permitted.


Reckless driving is when a person drives without consideration of/for the safety of people or property, whether intentional or unintentional.This includes, but is not limited to, causing the vehicle to become airborne, ďspinning/sliding outĒ, or racing.The reckless operation of motor vehicles is strictly prohibited and may result in fines, revocation of SMV registrations, and/or the suspension of the memberís right to use Association facilities.




Jason Hicks states that this follows Illinois State Law pretty much to the letter except for the inspection and the lot number decal. You can register and plate a LSV (Low Speed Vehicle).

Gary Kluckman states his question is with turn signals. Motorcycles donít have to have turn signals. If you have an ATV you are not going to have turn signals.

David Decker states that he is very interested in having a slow moving vehicle rule out here and from talking to other people out here, a lot of people have interest in it.

Gerry Theodor Lot 1346 asks does it take approval from the state to do this. So they canít run them on St. James? The approach youíre taking is we wonít have to involve any governmental body it will just be on our roads even though there will be some inconvenience when you canít go on St. James.

David Decker states our roads out here are private. No there are some state laws which are already in place in regards with whatís allowed and whatís not and as Jason Hicks said, we tried to align this with those rules Thatís correct. Basically what youíre allowing is a convenience in the other areas.

Jason Hicks states that is out of our hands either way.

Pam Maibaum Lot 2088 states I absolutely love the idea. Your saying it follows the state law, does this follow all the lighting that is required on the slow moving vehicles and asks is this a state law for public roads or does Illinois have a state law for private roads.

Jason Hicks states this follows the Illinois law for public roads.

David Decker states we have the capability of tweaking that because our roads are private but what was written up basically follows the public law.

Pam Maibaum Lot 2088 states it seems a little excessive, all the things that would be required Might be easier to say for use only in daylight hours if you donít have the proper lighting. Thatís a big expense to go through. Why the 40 dollar fee? The state charges 20 you said for a slow moving vehicle, why would we charge 40 on a private road?

Jason Hicks states that was with the intent of everyone picking up their slow moving vehicle sign and for the cost of the stickers and the inspection. Those triangular slow moving signs are about 20 bucks from what I understand.

Pam Maibaum Lot 2088 asks are they really necessary?

Jason Hicks states those are necessary.

Joe Nicoloff states it is more for safety.

Gary Kluckman states they are going to have to figure out where to get them inspected.

David Decker states that there are still things that will have to be worked out on this.

Tabled until the next meeting


Building committee report submitted by Gerry Theodor

Read by Joe Nicoloff

Building Committee reports there were 14 items at the April 17th and May 1st meeting. A permit for 2 fences, a porch, 3 storage sheds, a gazebo, a garage, and a house were approved. There were 5 refunds and 4 completed projects were approved.


New Business

Entrance Sign

David Decker states that the Social Committee has volunteered to purchase a new entrance sign and wants approval from the board on the design of the sign.

Jason Hicks motions to approve, Gary Kluckman seconds

Motion carries

Ray Garber 1822 asks how large the sign is.

Joe Nicoloff states 4ft. by 8ft.

Joe Roth 1030 states I think that brick sign out front looks just fine the way it is and you have that other sign right out in front of it. Couldnít we use that money for something better like get this deck done? Thatís just my opinion. Is this a done deal?

David Decker states that the Social Committee is the one that is funding it and he would recommend having a conversation with them. This is just a proposal to the board. If we say yes here, they still have to make the decision to pay for it.


Senior Services Program

Mike Colyott Lot 40 explains that he would like permission to start a committee of professionals to help the elderly that live out here alone.

David Decker suggests Mike Colyott needs to create a charter, pick a chairman and he thinks itís a great idea.

Jason Hicks states without a charter, he doesnít need any permission right now and thanks Mike Colyott for his electronic recycling program.

Joe Nicoloff states that they are giving him permission, without a vote, to go out and create this charter.


Dredge Repair

Read by Glenn Dalton

Glenn Dalton explains that they had planned to dredge but the dredge needs repaired and is asking for permission from the board for funds to repair the dredge. The cost for the repair is a little over 9000.00 dollars.

David Decker states things included in this repair is the gear case and the cost to put the dredge in and out of the water for the year.

Jason Hicks motions to set aside 6969.00 dollars from the reserves in addition to the required taxes and freight expenses†† as an emergency expenditure for any parts needed for the repair. Gary Kluckman seconds.

Roger Groth 1027 states he would suggest a slight range that the board approve. We donít have a finite estimate of what actually needs to be repaired on that box. When they open it up and look at it, it could be 6000.00 dollars, it could be 8000.00 dollars.

Glenn Dalton states that is the best estimate they have.

David Decker asks Glenn Dalton if this was estimated as a worst case scenario.

Glenn Dalton states yes.

Jason Hicks states he could amend it to no more than 6969.00 plus freight and taxes. Gary Kluckman seconds the amendment.

Joe Nicoloff asks once they get into the box, will that be all they would need to fix any parts.

Glenn Dalton states from our understanding yes.

Motion carries.


Open Floor:

Jeanie Votruba Lot 493 states that we lost a very important part of our association last week, Marie, mother of Michelle and Danielle who run the Beacon Inn and I think it would be appropriate for the board to extend their sympathy to Michelle and Danielle and the families.

Jason Hicks states that the board extends their sincerest condolences and wish them the very best. She was a well known, well received, very much liked person. She will be sorely missed.

David Decker states both as a person running the board meeting tonight and as an individual, absolutely.

Monte Thus Lot 6 states that he apologizes if he hit a nerve earlier and that he doesnít want the ski club held responsible for something he didnít understand, not as the head of the ski club.

David Decker states no board member has a grudge against the ski club and appreciates and supports them. I want to protect the ski club from potential issues.

Joe Roth Lot 1030 asks how old the box is that is in the dredge.

Glenn Dalton replies in 2000 it was new.

Joe Nicoloff motions to adjourn, Gary Kluckman seconds.


Meeting Adjourns at 9:00 PM


Meeting minutes submitted by Joe Nicoloff