Date: February 13, 2013



Board Members

Present: Don Austin, David Decker, Joe Nicoloff, Jason Hicks, Gary Kluckman, Michael Parker & Gerald Theodor.

            Quorum Present: Yes


Others Present

            Holishor Members Present 11

            Glenn Dalton and Michelle Magos from Holishor Office



Meeting called to order at 7:30 PM

Pledge of Allegiance Recited


Board Meeting Minutes of January 23, 2013

David Decker motions to approve, Gerald Theodor seconds.

Action: Motion carries.


Transfers of Property  

2 Transfers. Informational Only


Bills & Salaries

Jason Hicks motions to approve, Joe Nicoloff seconds.

Action: Motion carries.


Profit & Loss

Informational Only


Manager’s Report

Read by Glenn Dalton


Security Report

Read by Glenn Dalton

15 total incidents and 4 citations written—4 animal, 4 vehicle, 3 property, 1 persons, 1 sheriff assists and 2 alarms.


Building Committee Report

Read by Joe Nicoloff

7 items cared for at the January 15 & February 5, 2013-permit for fence, permit for storage shed approved, 2 permits were cancelled and 3 refunds for completed projects were approved.


Treasury Report

Gerald Theodor motions to approve, Joe Nicoloff seconds.

Action: Motion carries.


Old Business


Covenant Voting

Don Austin: States that the covenant change affirmation form will be in the March Holiday Times and on the website.


Special Assessment Ballot #4

Ballot #4 Special Assessment

$57.25 Special Assessment per year for five (5) consecutive years, beginning in 2014 for North Property Loan Repayment


Background:  The “North Property” is a tract of land that was used for the 319 silt retention project, completed in 2011.  At the time of purchase, funding was to come from the sale of Association-owned properties.  However, the unexpected economic downturn and poor real estate conditions have resulted in lower property valuations, fewer sales, and a stagnant repayment plan that is costing members of the Association in added interest each year.


This proposed special assessment supplements the existing agreement to use monies received from the sale of Association-owned lots, and guarantees full repayment of the loan by the end of the assessment period in 2018.  During this time, revenue from the sale of Association-owned properties will continue to be used for this same purpose, and will contribute to an early termination of this special assessment.


If you vote YES:  Funds generated will be restricted for this purpose only.  Revenue from the sale of Association-owned properties will also continue to go to this purpose.  Any revenue from sale of properties will reduce the amount of the special assessment in the final year(s), potentially allowing for an early termination of this agreement.


If you vote NO:  The existing agreement to pay for this loan using revenue from the sale of Association-owned properties will stand.


Tom Wille 921: I am against this and recommend selling lots at a cheaper price have realtors sell them and recommends splitting the North Property and selling the upper part.

Jason Hicks: States those options have been discussed by the board, they have gone through realtors before and they are going to continue to sell properties to help bring the debt down.

Pam Maibaum 2088: Wants to know the last time they were listed by realtors and feels if they are not listed for the general public that it isn’t fair to ask paying members to pay more. Feels the board has not taken appropriate action to try to relieve this debt and feels the board is pushing this to a ballot really fast. Is there an issue with listing it in the MLS versus just putting it in the Holiday Times? States they are only marketing to the 1800 people out here. Wants to know why they are only putting it out to 2000 people versus 100 thousand people and until she sees there is an effort she is not for it. Wants to propose the fee for selling a lot stricken that is in the rules. States that multiple lot owners buying these does not help much because the association makes their lot sale but the person does not pay dues and assessments on that lot if they are a multiple lot owner.

Joe Nicoloff: States it was listed for in the Holiday Times for many years, they had realtors come out last year and do appraisals for the lots and on the sale last spring they only sold 2 lots. It hasn’t gone back in the Holiday Times.

Jason Hicks: Answers they haven’t been listed with a realtor since last spring.

Joe Roth 1030: Wishes a lot of people were at the meeting so they would understand the covenant voting and how important it is to get is passed. From my understanding if we don’t get this passed, they legally could raise our assessment just what they need to do without our votes.

Jason Hicks motions to approve this ballot for the annual meeting for the members to vote. David Decker seconds.

Action: Motion carries.

David Decker: One of the things the board has been trying to do is pass these revised covenants and that is to protect the membership from the board. I sit on the board; I’m not going to sit on this board forever. Currently according to state law the board has the right to raise assessments to any amount they want. A lot of people use this term 10%, 15%, $100, in fact, according to state law we could raise your dues and assessments a $1000 and the only thing the Association membership could do is to call a meeting and yell at us. That is why, we as a board, are urging the membership to pass the covenants because that gives that power back to the membership and allows them to control that destiny. It’s very important that you get that message out to people. 


Rule for Memorials

Action: Dies due to lack of a motion.


New Roof

Glenn Dalton: Last fall when we were having a roof repair there was a lot of hail damage that was identified. We have a brand new roof that is installed on the clubhouse that will be complete tomorrow and we are going to pay our deductible to receive our new roof. The deductible was $1000.


Dredge Trailer

Glenn Dalton: Every year with our dredge we would hire a crane to come out at $800 and we would set it in the bank of the marina area and that’s where we would store it every winter. In the springtime we would use $800 and set it back in the water and we would start our dredge operation. We not only have a requirement to take the dredge to different areas but also our backhoe and our bobcat. Explains if someone cannot come out to fix those, they have to take them to them so they needed a multipurpose trailer. We can use the trailer to bring all equipment and materials to culvert repairs. Explains how they took the dredge out today, power washed it helping in preventative care, and now plan to put it back in the water and start dredging again right away. Every time we take that dredge in and out of the water, that is a $800 savings.


Administrative Procedure Ballot #5

Don Austin: Explains how Lake Holiday was sued over a Security Department issue and Lake Holiday took the suit to the Illinois Supreme Court and won. We are updating our procedure to align with the structure of our Association.








Department of Security personnel, employed by Holishor Association, Inc. (hereinafter Association), shall have the authority to issue citations for actions taken in violation of the Rules and Regulations established and approved by the Membership.




Association Manager, Building Inspector or a Public Safety Staff member, employed by Holishor Association, Inc. (hereinafter Association), shall have the authority to issue citations for actions taken in violation of the Rules and Regulations established and approved by Holishor Association Inc.


Joe Nicoloff: Explains it is basically just clarification on who in the Holishor Association can write citations.

Discussion ensues……

Action: Will be voted on at the February 27, 2013 meeting.


Reserve Study

Jason Hicks: We had to make significant changes to try to make this work and I think the Finance Committee and the office has done just a fantastic job on this. I would like to publically thank all those participants there. The reserves are a schedule of replacing assets within the Association so we don’t get blindsided in the future.

Don Austin: We’re looking at the entire organization as to what we have to maintain. Since we can’t take loans out for anything of this type, we have money set aside to purchase it when it wears out. Basically it’s a maintenance type of budget.

Jason Hicks motions to approve, Joe Nicoloff seconds.

Action: Motion carries.

David Decker: Thanks Jason Hicks for all his work on the Reserve Study.

Don Austin: Thanks Jason Hicks also.

Jason Hicks: There is an annual audit that takes place in the Association and that began this week. Glenn and his team have been working with them all day yesterday and today and they have done just a super job. They have been doing this for probably thirty years. It used to take a couple of weeks to go through this audit process and now they are on site for two days. This is the best that they have seen the Association since they have been doing it.


New Business


Mower Bids

Glenn Dalton: Explains that we do the mowing in house and no longer contract out. These are bids to replace the 2001 Gravely mower whose parts are difficult to find and it is no longer being manufactured.

Discussion ensues…..

David Decker motions to approve the purchase of the Ferris mower for $ 7997.70 with funds to come from the reserves, Gerry Theodor seconds.

Action: Motion carries.


Nominating Committee

Pam Maibaum: States there were 5 nominees, but 1 dropped out so they now have 4 nominees.


2014 Budget Ballot #1

Joe Nicoloff motions to approve, David Decker seconds.

Discussion ensues.  This budget is the same as last year with no increases in assessments.

Action: Motion carries.


Open Floor

Jeanie Votruba 493: The Madison County election is coming up in April 10th. States she has given the office the list of places and times and it will be in the March Holiday Times.

Laura Scatturo 1716: Is the building inspector always the chair of the Building Committee? Who is the building inspector?

Gerald Theodor: No. In fact the building inspector is not the chair of the Building Committee. States Jim Perotti is the building inspector.


David Decker moves to adjourn to executive session, Gerald Theodor seconds.

Meeting Adjourns at 9 p.m.

Meeting minutes submitted by Joe Nicoloff.