Date: March 27, 2013



Board Members

Present: Don Austin, David Decker, Joe Nicoloff, Jason Hicks, Gary Kluckman, Michael Parker & Gerald Theodor.

††††††††††† Quorum Present: Yes


Others Present

††††††††††† Holishor Members Present 8

††††††††††† Glenn Dalton and Michelle Magos from Holishor Office



Meeting called to order at 7:30 PM

Pledge of Allegiance Recited


Board Meeting Minutes of March 10, 2013

Jason Hicks motions to approve, Michael Parker seconds.

Action: Motion carries.


Transfers of Property

2 Transfers.

Action: Informational Only



Read by Joe Nicoloff

(I will let you put in what you want in this conversation because the board was discussing the problem while looking at pictures and someone is not going to understand what is typed without seeing the picture.)

Jim Bowler 1103: I think it will relieve the pressure. Iíve tried to fix the problem a long time ago. I had the whole back yard dug up. I put 200 foot laterals all the way down the back of yard covered with rock, backhoed, the whole nine yards. I paid for that myself. It just didnít solve the problem. I had 2, 4 inch tiles, I donít know if I needed 8 inch or 10 inch or what but it didnít take care of the problem. When it rains my backyard is flooded out for weeks on end. I canít cut the grass, I canít do anything. Itís like a swamp back there. Iím thinking we could relieve the pressure by putting in another culvert west down the road a little bit further it would kind of equalize the pressure. I donít know if that would work. Come up with any kind of solution to solve the problem. I donít think itís fair that my backyard is basically a lake after it rains for weeks at a time where I canít do anything with it. I canít cut my grass with it. Thatís how bad it is. I donít know what we can do or if there is a solution to it but I think itís an erosion control problem as far as the way it drains through, it just goes through my backyard. If we have a big rain I will have 2-3 foot of water in my backyard for weeks at a time. It does not settle in the ground because itís just saturated all the time. Iíve been dealing with this since 1997 when we had the house built out here. I havenít said anything until now, because the dues are kind of going up Iíve been thinking hey, maybe we can get some help from the board, something to help me out here a little bit. Itís been going on for a long time. It just aggravates me. I canít do anything with it. Itís nothing but a mess back there. Unless we get a drought for months at a time, then itís dry. Other than that it is just saturated mud basically. Thereís just one culvert and it all goes through my yard. Iíve got a walk out basement. I donít get water in my basement.

Action: Jim and Glenn are to get together and see what can be done. ???


Old Business


Covenant Amendment Approval

Don Austin: As of today we have 156 approvals for the covenants, we need a total of 1176 to pass so we are still short 1020 but we are on the move.

Don Austin and David Decker state there are forms available at the meeting for members if they have not signed one yet.

Action: Informational Only


Boating Rule

Don Austin: We will vote on it May 8th.

Jason Hicks: There is no existing rule for this one.

Insert Proposal

Action: None at this time.


Wake Surfing

Insert Existing and Proposal

David Decker: My personal opinion is we need a line that says you canít wake surf, period. If weíre trying to outlaw wake surfing we need to outlaw wake surfing.

Joe Nicoloff: It seems like with this, the way you got it, this would eliminate wake surfing because you couldnít wake surf.

Jason Hicks: You couldnít force an exaggerated wake based on boat operation for the express intent of wake surfing.You can still wake surf but it would have to be real little with a standard wake or you just donít let go of the rope and do your best.

Don Austin: There is a distinction between wake boarding and wake surfing.

Jason Hicks: Explains the difference.

Joe Nicoloff: Asks Glenn about this rule and Public Safety enforcement.

Glenn Dalton: From our perspective this does not prohibit wake boarding, it does prohibit wake surfing.

Discussion ensuesÖ..

Jason Hicks: Iím expecting this to get beat up quite a bit.

Glenn Dalton: The one other thing that is not addressed with this rule is when we get into high water periods or low water periods and the one we were extremely concerned with last year was the low water period and the erosion to the base of the seawalls. Then of course when we get into the high water periods in a lot of cases if we continue to allow the wakes, the high, big wakes that would be a consideration as well.

Joe Nicoloff motions to start the clock on this rule, Jason Hicks seconds.

Action: Motion passes.

Rich Hertel 679: Jason could you repeat that one phrase you just said about going slow to create a how did you say that?

Jason Hicks: An exaggerated wake.

Rich Hertel 679: One way to ensure that surfing doesnít happen is to eliminate any use of installed options that are on a boat that create these excessive wakes. That would eliminate the wake surfing right away. That would eliminate the excessive wakes that we are talking about and etc. That would be one way probably to prohibit 90% of that type of action out here. Now granted plowing through water at slow speeds for any boat can cause an exaggerated wake but what really brings an exaggerated wake up is when they drop a weight or put ballasts or do all this other stuff to it. (Canít hear rest of what he said because of whispering in background by board members.)

Kris Williams 7: I understand the issue of it. I donít wake surf but I understand the issue of it. Personally I kind of like that wording that you said Jason because it sounds like when you guys talk about wake surfing your trying to outlaw wake surfing but what youíre really trying to do is outlaw the excessive wakes. We see, living down where I do on the point, we see a lot of people that plow. I personally like the fact that you donít mention the things about surfing. Youíre just saying an excessive wake because we do see a lot of people just plowing through that come up over our seawall all the time whether or not they do have someone surfing on the back.

Don Austin: This has been presented tonight. Chewed up and discussed a little bit. We actually vote on it the 22nd of May. The earliest we can vote on it.

Discussion ensuesÖ.

Action: None at this time.


Dredge Plans

Glenn Dalton: We are getting ready to put our dredge back in the water. Some of you may know that a week and a half ago we broke a major hydraulic line on our cutter head. Thank God we had that trailer because that saved us 1700.00 by having that trailer because in order to effect this repair we had to pull the dredge out of the water, replace the hose and then we were ready to put it back in service. We run eco-friendly hydraulic fluid in our dredge totally and one of the things we found was it was difficult to find but we went to our normal source and we got it ordered. The only problem we ran into was it was lost in shipping. Weíve been waiting for our eco-friendly and we finally got it and we got our dredge filled back up and weíre scheduled tomorrow to put the dredge back in the water and continue operations. As far as what our plans are we are going to continue to dredge up until mid-April to the first part of May and we are going to coordinate that with the ski club. What we really need and one of the things that will be coming up at the next board meeting is in order for us to complete San Juan cove we need an additional 700 feet of pipe. We have went out for bids on that and we got 2 bids back already and we can complete our dredge operation with our current system with a pump that is already part of the dredge system so there are no auxiliary pumps that are required. We donít have to try to put it over land which has been discussed in the past. We can do it with our current system. The only thing we need is an additional 700 feet of pipe. We donít see us doing that this spring. We do see us doing it when we start back up in September to continue our dredge operation for the remainder of the year.

Don Austin: You replaced all the hoses instead of the just the one we blew?

Glenn Dalton: We did replace both sides Don. I think thatís every hose on the dredge replaced.

Action: Informational Only


New Business


Road & Storm water Drainage 2013 Plan

Glenn Dalton: States the prices indicated here are based upon our bid prices from last year.

Discussion ensuesÖ.

(Another discussion where unless someone is looking at your packet, they wouldnít understand the conversation so I didnít know what to put.)

Glenn Dalton: We are still trying to do this during the July/August time frame. With the heat we feel we get a much better binding with the pug mill and of course any chip and seal.

Joe Nicoloff motions to approve the storm water projects, Gerald Theodor seconds.

Action: Motion passes.


Deck Use So much said I didnít know how to chop it down..

Don Austin: As you know the membership donated a whole lot of money and we built a brand new deck out here just off of the Beacon Inn. To satisfy questions that have risen on this deck I asked Glenn to put this on the agenda tonight so we could discuss the purpose of it, where weíre going with it, whose responsible for it, etc. First question-Will the deck be regarded as open like the beach or will it be an extenstion of the Beacon? Glenn responded to me and said this amenity was fund raised by the community and is a common area for all members to enjoy. Itís not a part of their current contract and to provide the Beacon with exclusively would not be in our best interest. What he is basically saying is itís to be treated like the beaches. First come, first served, your allowed to use it. Second question-If it is not an extention of the Beacon do you expect food to be served by the Beacon like they do on the concrete patio? Answer was, it would be nice and convenient for service to be provided. Itís not quite an answer I was looking for but true.

Michelle Gagnon 955: I was just going to say, first come, first served but what happens? Is there going to be any kind of scheduling like if you wanted to schedule an event or someoneís wanting to schedule an event is there going to be books or something that we could put it down? What happens if your going to schedule an event and all the sudden there is a barbecue out there?

Don Austin: That is one of the reasons for all these questions. If itís handled like the beach itís first come, first served as far as scheduling is concerned. The next question is-If it is open like the beach will individuals be allowed to provide their own food and drinks or will food and drink have to be provided by the Beacon? Answer was it would be open like the beach for food and drink. If a problem exists with their liquor license and alcohol service the member would be required to go to Beacon for his purchase and bring it back to the deck. Question was-If it is to be open to all who is responsible for providing tables and chairs for the events? We currently do not have funding however, if the Beacon wants to provide service and provide the tables and chairs it would benefit both of us. Question-Whose responsibility will it be to clean it? Both of us if they want to provide service. Will smoking be allowed? The answer was yes. So with all these questions and the answers weíve received I think we need to establish whether itís going to be open or whether it is an extension of the Beacon and if it is an extension of the Beacon, provides tables and chairs, who doesnít provide them, will they be required to serve out there.

David Decker: Asks the proprieters of the Beacon what their thoughts or desires are. States the only outside facility that gets scheduled is the ball diamond.

Michelle Gagnon 955: What happens if we wanted to do a wine tasting or something out here and we plan this event and then we go to do it and then somebody decides toÖÖ. ?

David Decker: What is your desire?

Michelle Gagnon 955: We really donít know what we are going to do until we hear what your desire is. We wanted to find out exactly what we were allowed to do, who was responsible for what and then heard what you guys said and then we were going to make decisions.

David Decker: Whatever we do your ok with?

Michelle Gagnon 955: Yeah, we donít want to get into the season and then all these rules are established. We donít want to go in there blindsided. We want to know what the rules are and restrictions, what you guys had in mind and take it from there.

David Decker: We donít want to blindside you either.

Danielle Mattingly 955: I guess we kind of envisioned this was going to be an extension of the Beacon and on Friday and Saturday nights we had planned on maybe some music down there, being able to serve wine and beer and kind of make it for the community a nice atmosphere. We were planning different events like a wine tasting or the sip and shop, events for the community to make it nice. But then things came up, like people were saying, itís a community deck, which it is, and that if they want to have a party there then we donít have a right to it because itís a community deck. So weíre trying to make all these plans and arrangements, thatís not going to work out. Itís the communities deck, we do understand that but we thought that we were going to have part of it. We want to know what you guys want us to do.

Michelle Gagnon 955: It seems like itís going to be a community deck with a first come, first served.

David Decker: Itís only fair that we set down what those guidelines are ahead of time so everybody knows what those are.

Michelle Gagnon 955: Thatís what we wanted. We wanted to know what the guidelines were and then we would decide from there.

Danielle Mattingly 955: The Beacon doesnít want to be responsible if people are allowed to bring their own alcohol. Weíre not responsible for that if something happens to someone drinking on that deck. Thatís our liquor license and we donít feel like we should be responsible because we donít have control of it.

David Decker: I agree.

Danielle Mattingly 955: Itís our liquor license. Whatever you guys allow us, weíre with the program.

Jason Hicks: Is there any problem with treating this like any other pavilion where it is first come, first served and that includes the Beacon? What about if you used the patio and it spilled over onto the deck? I donít want to put a monkey wrench in your plans.

Michelle Gagnon 955: States they have to set up certain events with vendors and will not be able to do that unless there is some sort of scheduling. This is all new and itís all new territory. We donít know how this is going to go, you guys donít know how this is going to go. We might get into it and there might be new problems arise, like somebody might be up there with a barbecue pit. We donít know whatís going to happen.

Gerald Theodor: As one board member I would like for this thing to not only be beneficial for the association but for you folks too but anything we have here that belongs to the association is paid for by dues and assessments of everybody and in addition to that additional dollars were collected as donations for this and in my mind I can see no way that we can ever not allow our members to use that at any time. You can have a function going but if thereís space and somebody lugs their cooler up there with beer and sits down your just stuck with them by my view. I also understand that there might be some legal things involved here with the dram shop insurance and all those types of things and I think that was what Glenn was referring to was maybe the people will have to walk up to the bar or into your patio area to buy a bucket of beer and take it back with them so that your not serving it or something. Thatís a legal issue that I donít know much about.

Don Austin: Do you have a package license?

Danielle Mattingly 955: That I donít know. I think we got wine and drink.

Don Austin: Number one, if your going to be responsible for it, in other words if we stipulate if they can buy from you and taking it out there, if think you have to have a package license. You canít open it for them otherwise you will be serving it and they would be your responsibility and your liquor license.

Michelle Gagnon 955: Lets just say they came in and they wanted a bottle of wine, they wanted to sit by the lake and have a glass of wineÖ..

Don Austin: And thatís fine, but if you donít have a package license you couldnít really do that.

Michelle Gagnon 955: Thatís what we are trying to figure out. Itís a beautiful deck, everybody is excited about it, they did a great job and itís a great amenity to the community. Weíre fine with everything, we just wanted to know what was going on.

Discussion ensuesÖÖ

Don Austin:Suggests the Beacon find out what their legalities are and what their license allows them to do. We as a board need to sit down and see if we can draft something that is mutually agreeable to everyone.

Action: None taken at this time.


Glenn Dalton continues discussion on the storm water drainage part of the 2013 plan.

Action: All board members with exception of David Decker agree to the plan. Motion passes.

Board continues into discussion on the road work part of the 2013 plan.

Gerry Theodor motions to approve authorization to get bids?? Or to accept 2013 plan as submitted???, Joe Nicoloff seconds.

Action: Motion passes.


Don Austin: To date we presently have 6 candidates for the Board of Directors. We thank Jeanie and Pam for their diligence and work. The acceptance for candidates will close on April 6th and we will have a Meet The Candidates Night here on April 26th. If anyone is still wanting to be approved, sign up.

David Decker: This past Saturday was the Easter Egg Hunt hosted by the Social Committee. Had a very good turnout. Once again the snow held off by a day which allowed all the kids to find all the eggs. Social Committee did a really good job with it and we appreciate their efforts. One of the things I want to put on record is that the person whose been running it has identified that they are not going to. They are moving forward. So if anybody has any interest in continuing that tradition, please talk to the Social Committee and volunteer.

Jason Hicks: I understand the Social Committee could use some support and some more volunteers.

David Decker: Always. Stresses that they really need volunteers.


Gerry Theodor moves to adjourn to executive session, Joe Nicoloff seconds.

Meeting Adjourns at 8:49 p.m.

Meeting minutes submitted by Joe Nicoloff.††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††