Date: April 10, 2013


Board Members

Present: Don Austin, David Decker, Joe Nicoloff, Jason Hicks, Gary Kluckman, Michael Parker & Gerald Theodor.

            Quorum Present: Yes


Others Present

            Holishor Members Present 8

            Glenn Dalton and Angie Basham from Holishor Office

            Non-Member present – Contractor Tom Shelley for variance request for member



Meeting called to order at 7:30 PM

Pledge of Allegiance Recited


Board Meeting Minutes of March 27, 2013

Jason Hicks motions to approve, Michael Parker seconds.

Action: Motion carries


Bills & Salaries

Joe Nicoloff motions to approve, Jason Hicks seconds.

Action: Motion carries.


Profit & Loss

Informational Only


Transfers of Property  

3 Transfers. Informational Only


Manager’s Report

Read by Glenn Dalton


Security Report

Read by Glenn Dalton

16 total incidents and 4 citations written—3 animal, 2 vehicle, 3 property, 5 alarms and 3 other.


Treasury Report

David Decker motions to approve, Gerald Theodor seconds.

Action: Motion carries.


Building Committee Report

Read by Joe Nicoloff

10 items cared for at the March 19 & April 2, 2013-permits for 1 house addition, a pool, a shed, a fence, and a dock were approved, and 2 permits were cancelled. 2 variance requests were processed.






Correspondence –

Dock Variance request for 1992 Treasure Drive

Discussion:  Tom Shelley Mountain Builders representing owner.  Engineer recommendation a distance of 6 ft. from seawall, which would put the dock 4’ past the dock length rule.

Jason Hicks feels there is other options out there.  Conversation ensues

Action:  Variance not approved for lack of motion.


Dock Variance request for 7 Cedar Court.

Discussion:  Gerry Theodor need to determine where the cove is first.  Conversation ensues.

Action:  Gerry Theodor motions that the board considers that Anchor cove begins is a straight line from Southern most point of C5 and Northern point of C8, Michael Parker seconds, motion carried.

Gerry Theodor, there is actually a cut back between properties about 30 ft.

Action:  Gary Kluckman makes motion to accept variance request as submitted, Gerry Theodor seconds. 

Gary Kluckman, Michael Parker, Dave Decker, Jason Hicks, Gerry Theodor for yes,

Joe Nicoloff votes nay.

Motion Carried


Setback Variance request for 358, Action:  none pending new drawings

Culvert Variance request for 358, Action:  none pending new drawings


Old Business

Covenant Amendment Form, Currently 187 signed, need 989 additional to pass covenants


Boating Rules Legal Compliance




Legal Compliance

All watercraft operated on Holiday Lake must adhere to and comply with state and federal laws as stated in the Illinois Boat Registration and Safety Act. 

No changes from reading at last meeting.

Action:  tabled till the May 8th meeting can be voted on at that time.


Boating Rules speed limit –


Speed Limit

The maximum speed limit of any watercraft on Holiday Lake shall be 55 mph.


Speed Limit

The maximum speed of any watercraft operated on Holiday Lake shall be 55 mph or as defined in the Reckless or Careless Operation section of the Holiday Shores Boating Rules.  Operation of said watercraft shall be in a manner that does not create an exaggerated wake.  Intentionally “Plowing” or “pushing water” at speeds greater than no-wake, but less than those typically maintained while “on plane”, is not permitted.

Discussion – Gary Kluckman still does not agree with the 55 mph speed limit.  Joe Nicoloff agrees with Gary.

Gerry Theodor do any boaters ever go that fast. Conversation ensues  

Action:  can be voted on May 24th meeting.


Letter from Rich Hertel (679) – due to weather, Jason Hicks reads talking about rules from Lake St. Louis artificial weight, surfing, or wake surfing, max speed on Lake St. Louis is 40 mph, gave the restriction and penalties.  One interesting thing, water craft inspections.  The Lake St. Louis water patrol, may stop board and inspect for all specified equipment to insure compliance with rules.


Additional Dredge Pipe expenditureGlenn Dalton explains that we had two bids from ISCO and one from Pittsburgh pipe, when the numbers are reviewed, ISCO $5081.29 and Pittsburgh $5989.98. 

Action:  Gerry Theodor motions to purchase pipe for ISCO, Joe Nicoloff seconds. Motion carries.  Gary Kluckmann abstains from voting.


Deck UsageGlenn Dalton the Beacon Inn still needs to check details of their Liquor Licenses.

Don Austin it has been established that this is a donated deck and belongs to the membership, based on this flyer that the Beacon put out, and the word reserve is in there. 

Gerry Theodor  a few years ago the ski club at their raffle fund raiser, raffled off these cabanas on the beach, and there was a lot of problems with it and was not allowed in the future.  Views the deck the same way, donations were given to build this.

Jason Hicks – appreciates the spirit of the donation for the deck to be built, however it is on association property, and we are charged with controlling those assets.   Setting up rules is a great idea.

Glenn Dalton this ad is scheduled to run in next holiday times, so until decided, reserve your spot, needs to come out of there.

Don Austin if there is scheduled event it needs to be publicly displayed somehow and how about weddings, should there be a charge.

Dave Decker the first question that needs to be answered is do you want to allow people to reserve the deck?

Doesn’t feel weddings should be allowed on the deck at all.

Jason Hicks has seen weddings on the grassy area outside, did people reserve that area or pay a fee to have the wedding there. Doesn’t think that it was the intent of the donating members to make money off this deck.

Glenn Dalton they have to make the Association aware of the wedding, however we do not reserve or shut down that public area for the wedding.

Michael Parker all we did was improve that space, and should have the same rules as applied before.

Conversation ensues

Action:  The board agrees that the deck will not be available for reservation, will be a first come first serve basis.


Rational for Ballot 4

 Joe Nicoloff motions to approve the use of Glenn’s rational for the annual meeting ballot, Michael Parker seconds, motion carried


Don Austin announces as of May 17, 2013 he will be resigning from the Board of Directors.  So three spots are now available to fill.


New Business


Drawing for Board of Directors ballot order for ballot

  1. Darren Onwiler
  2. Michael Parker
  3. Troy Shelton
  4. Matt Ressler
  5. Marc Travis
  6. Alan Huelsmann


Open Floor


Joe Roth (1030) encourages everyone to attend Meet the Candidates Night, April 26 at 7 p.m.



Dave Decker moves to adjourn to executive session, Gerry Theodor seconds.

Meeting Adjourns at 9:30 p.m.

Meeting minutes submitted by Joe Nicoloff.