Date:  May 08, 2013


Board Members

Present: Don Austin, David Decker, Joe Nicoloff, Jason Hicks, Gary Kluckman, and Michael Parker.

Excused absence:  Gerry Theodor

            Quorum Present: Yes


Others Present

            Holishor Members Present 6

            Jim Perotti and Angie Basham from Holishor Office




Meeting called to order at 7:30 PM

Pledge of Allegiance Recited


Board Meeting Minutes of April 24, 2013

Dave Decker motions to approve, Jason Hicks seconds.

Action: Motion carries


Bills & Salaries

Dave Decker motions to approve, Gary Kluckman seconds.

Action: Motion carries.


Profit & Loss

Informational Only


Transfers of Property  

1 Transfer. Informational Only


Manager’s Report

Read by Jim Perotti


Security Report

Read by Jim Perotti

22 total incidents and 35 citations written—4 animal, 1 vehicle, 2 property, 5 alarms, 7 lake incidents and 3 other.


Treasury Report

David Decker motions to approve, Michael Parker seconds.

Action: Motion carries.


Old Business

Covenant Amendment Form, Currently 226 signed, need 950 additional to pass covenants.


Buoy PlanThe new buoys are in place according to buoy plan with one modification with an added 75’ buoy added to help with site lines.






Boating Rules Legal Compliance




Legal Compliance

All watercraft operated on Holishor Association lakes  must adhere to and comply with state and federal laws as stated in the Illinois Boat Registration and Safety Act. 

Action:   Joe Nicoloff motions to approve as amended with one change to list as Holishor Association lakes.  Jason Hicks seconds

Motion Carried


Boating Rules speed limit –


Speed Limit

The maximum speed limit of any watercraft on Holiday Lake shall be 55 mph.


Speed Limit

The maximum speed of any watercraft operated on Holiday Lake shall be 55 mph or as defined in the Reckless or Careless Operation section of the Holiday Shores Boating Rules.  Operation of said watercraft shall be in a manner that does not create an exaggerated wake.  Intentionally “Plowing” or “pushing water” at speeds greater than no-wake, but less than those typically maintained while “on plane”, is not permitted.

Action:  Jason Hicks motions to approve, Joe Nicoloff seconds

Voting:  Jason Hicks, Mike Parker, Joe Nicoloff, Gary Kluckman vote yes

Dave Decker votes no.

Discussion: It has been referred to as a “judgment call” and feels that it is a very difficult issue and is going to be difficult to enforce this. 

Jason Hicks the meaning behind this is so that boating remains polite, there is a level of courteous. 

Joe Nicoloff in regards to enforcement, Public Safety will warn the violator of the rule and note the lot number and boat. If this happens again then a ticket will be issued.

Don Austin normally these rules would not go into effect until August, however since it is start of the boating season, as a board we can elect to have the rules go immediately into effect as of May 8, 2013.

Action:   Joe Nicoloff makes motion to accept and put these boating rules in to effect as of May 8, 2013.  Dave Decker seconds

Motion Carried


New Business  - None





Open Floor

Rich Hertel (679)  Thanks the board for making this vote tonight.  Thinks this is a big deal for a lot of members in Holiday Shores, thank you.

Joe Nicoloff thanks Don Austin for his time on the board and all he has done for the association.




Jason Hicks motions to adjourn to executive session, Gary Kluckman seconds.

Meeting Adjourns at 8:08 p.m.

Meeting minutes submitted by Joe Nicoloff.