Date:  August 14, 2013


Board Members

Present: Joe Nicoloff, David Decker, Jason Hicks, Michael Parker, Darren Onwiler, Alan Huelsman, and Gary Kluckman

            Quorum Present: Yes


Others Present

            Holishor Members Present 20

            Glenn Dalton and Angie Basham from Holishor Office



Meeting called to order at 7:30 PM

Pledge of Allegiance Recited


Board Meeting Minutes of June 26, 2013

 Jason Hicks motions to approve, David Decker seconds.

Action: Motion carries with minor changes


Bills & Salaries

Jason Hicks motions to approve, Dave Decker seconds.

Action: Motion carries.


Profit & Loss

Informational Only


Transfers of Property  

2 Transfers. Informational Only


ManagerÕs Report

Read by Glenn Dalton


Public Safety Report

Read by Glenn Dalton

40 total incidents and 30 citations written—5 animal, 2 vehicle, 10 property, 2 people, 6 alarms, 11 lake incidents and 4 other.


Building Committee Report -  The Building Committee cared for 19 items at the July 16th and August 6th meetings.  A permit for one sheds, one dock, a fence, three decks 2 pools, 1 permit modification and house permit were approved.  Six permits were closed and three 90 day extension were approved.  Gerry Theodor, Building Committee Chair


Treasury Report

Jason Hicks motions to approve, Dave Decker seconds.

Action: Motion carries.



Note from Joe and Peggy Roth 1030 Bermuda thanking the board for all their efforts and support of Holiday Shores, grateful for the BoardsÕ service.


Letter from Southwest electric explaining 7% increase effective September 1, 2013


Letter from Darren Onwiler pertaining to the excessive or exaggerated wake rule being too subjective.


Old Business

Covenant Amendment Form, Currently 440 signed, need 736 additional to pass covenants.


Golf Tournament

Joe Nicoloff the Board of Directors golf tournament was supposed to be on September 21st.  We had the golf course booked for the 14th September, and the Ballroom is also booked for a party on September 21st.

Rich Hertel (679) Belk Park is an excellent course.  Will be happy to check at Belk Park. Belk Park has a banquet hall as well.

Gary Kluckman the problem we are running into right now is the Holishor Ballroom is booked, and we are running out of time to get sponsors. Advises Rich to check it out and let us know.

Dave Decker the sooner the better, not sure we can pull it together in a months time.


Boat Dock Rule – will be rescheduled for the next meeting.


Speed limit rule

Joe Nicoloff all three committees have went through this rule and have submitted reports to the board, each one will give their reports.  Each committee was to address the following directives:



Is there an issue with excessive wake? And if so define it, speed, boat attitude, hull configuration, ballas, wake building devices, boat operation, turning etc.


Way the recreational aspects of exaggerated or hazards wake or wash to other recreational users and property owners.


Proximity to shore of recreational activities.


Measurement and enforcement.


Add-on wake building devices.  Should they be considered.


            Should our public docks at the clubhouse be closed due to liability.


            Request all involved review the handout and decision supports, the assessing the impact of wake, waves on inland waterways.



Public Safety Committee Report – Darren Onwiler.


Meeting began at 7:00PM

Attendance:  Darren Onwiler, Glenn Dalton, Matt Schaffer, David Decker, and Gary Kluckman

In response to Board of Directors President Joe NicoloffÕs request to respond to the proposed agenda:

#1 - Is there an Issue with excessive Wake and if so define it.  Speed, boat attitude, hull configuration, ballast, wake building devices, boat operation (turning), etc.

    Review the rule passed by the board on May 8th 2013.


All members present agreed there is an issue with excessive wake. Members also are in agreement that defining exactly what is an ŅExcessive or Exaggerated WakeÓ is not practical or feasible. It is this committeeÕs belief that a video, along with still photographs, be compiled which would demonstrate examples of what the public safety officers and lake manager are considering to pertain to the rule as it stands now. The video would be compiled with multiple boats, that should help visualize what is an acceptable wake and what is not, despite the activity. It would be proposed the demonstration include, but not limited to the following:

-Ski boat operating at normal operating speed for skiing and operating at slow ŅlearnerÕs speedÓ

-Fishing or Jon Boat operated at slow and normal speed 

-Deck Boat operated at a slow speed with load, and operated at normal speed

-Wakeboard boat operated at slow speed with ballast for wake surfing

-Wakeboard boat operated at normal speed for wake boarding with and without ballast

It is the hopes of this committee this would be beneficial for all involved to witness the attitude of the vessel, the style and location of the displacement of water, and the resulting wake during each of these types of operations.

#2 - Weigh the recreational aspects of exaggerated or hazardous wakes or wash to other recreational users and property owners


All members agreed there was a risk to other recreational users, but not when the operation is conducted in a courteous manner, abiding by existing rules. The operator and how they conduct the activity is the issue, not the activity itself.

In regards to property owners, an Ņacceptable Ó wake size should have no excessive effect on property owners as long as the operator abides by the 75Õ rule. On lakefront property some upkeep and repair has to, and should be, expected.

#3 Proximity to shore of recreational activities?


If operating outside of the 75Õ markers, there should not be an issue.

4. Measurement and enforcement?


The violation would be witnessed and videotaped by the public safety officer or lake manager, A warning will be issued for the first offence. A citation issued on the second offence. The violator has the option to appeal the citation and present their case to the hearing comittee prior to any fines being assessed. The original video would be available for the subject during the review process.

5. Add on Wake building devices should they be considered


No, the equipment is not the issue,  it is operator and the end result of their operation.

6. Should our Public Docks at the Clubhouse be closed due to liability?


Consideration should be given to re-orienting the public docks. Placing the docks 90 degrees to the shore line would allow the front of the docks with the floats to act as a wave break prior to contact with the docked vessel.

7. Request all involved review the Handout ŅA Decision Support Tool for Assessing the Impact of Boat Wake Waves on Inland WaterwaysÓ


After review of the DST, it is found that most of the contained information does not apply to our community, because of the basis of the findings were considering the Sailing Line over deep water. Our lake does not have the same transition of this deep water into a shallow depth. Tables 2 & 3 were found valuable regarding the wave force of ski vs wake board boats being almost identical at 8 knots, and then wakeboard boats generating 4.7 times more force than ski boats when both are operated at their ŅnormalÓ operational speeds of 19 knots and 30 knots respectively.

Meeting concluded at 8:40PM, Nothing further.  7EF294C1

Joe Nicoloff asks for the translation from knots to mph

1 mph +1.15 knots


Lake Management Committee – Roger Groth



This report is submitted in response to the Board's request.  Our committee has attempted to address each point contained in the Board's request.

Research:  Our committee members did considerable research in examining these issues.  We contacted other lake communities and reviewed a number of information sources including the document provided by the board, "A Decision Tool for Assessing the Impact of Boat Wake Waves on Inland Waterways".  (Our on-line references are contained at the end of this report.)

General Comments:  There is little doubt that large wakes are taking their toll on Association Owned docks, swim dock and clubhouse seawalls as well as on individual members property.  The topping of seawalls continues to be add erosion to the lake and adds cost to home owners.  There is also a  serious concern with the boating industry's trend toward expanding wake boating recreational activities through the introduction of a growing number of boat options as well as a growing number of wake enhancing add on devices.  Our committee believes that the board must address these matters now rather than later.  The handling of this issue has a number of similarities with the prior issue of Personal Watercraft Size. 

Wake Size and Force of Impact:  According to our research, wake size is greatly impacted by boat speed and weight with the greatest wakes generated at transition speeds between no wake and on-plane operation.  Studies also show that the force generated by enhance wake equipped boats is many times that of normal runabouts and ski boats.  Lakes of our size have taken a variety of measures to eliminate the damage caused by the transition from calm water skiing and towing to the current trend of wake boarding and surfing.

Distance from Shoreline:  Studies also document that the impact of wakes is dissipated by maintaining the maximum distance from the shoreline.  150 to 300 feet standoff is common.  Due to the narrow size of our lake, at this time, we do not recommend increasing our current standoff distance of 75 feet.  We also looked at the four current "ski coves" and are recommending that these be changed to "ski in and out" coves only.  No power turns allowed  at a yet to be determined distance into each cove.  This change will require a rule change and additional buoy marking  and placement.

Comments of the New Speed Limit Rule:  We recommend that the language dealing with "exaggerated wakes" be addressed separately from any language dealing with speed.  Concerning the wake language, we believe the wording is adequate and can be appropriately enforced by staff personnel.  However, we recommend that boater education and awareness of the impact of wakes be increased.  We fully support the security staff's use of the video taping incidents for enforcement and awareness purposes.  We also recommend that the New Boater Course add a section on "Watching Your Wake" and that videos be used.  Lastly, we recommend that the Association Manager write his training and instruction guidance that he uses with his staff, in an administrative procedure (not an association rule).  There is no argument that there is subjectivity involved in determining what an "excessive wake" is; however, our committee is convinced that with appropriate training of security personnel, and boater education, the impact of excessive wakes can be reduced to an acceptable level.

Surfing:  Our committee recommends that all wake and/or teak surfing be banned.  This will require a rule be written and adopted.

Wake Enhancing Devices:  Our committee recommends that no wake enhancing devices be allowed to be used on our lake.  This will require a rule be written and adopted.

Association Owned Mooring Docks at the Clubhouse:  We do not believe the question as to associating liability is under the purview of our committee, rather it lies with the Board.  As to limiting the turbulence at these docks, the only solution that our committee sees is to put in place a jetty or breakwater of some sorts.

Seawall Height and Construction Standards:  The height and construction of seawalls for members is an issue on which the Lake Committee and Building Committee will be colaborating.  In all likely hood, we will be recommending the use of angled riprap walls  as opposed to vertical walls and an increase in height; however, implementation of these measures  cannot be mandated for existing walls and could only be implemented on a voluntary basis as walls are repaired  Obviously, the height of seawalls has a bearing on the erosion resulting from walls being topped.  However, placing the burden on the association and members to build higher and higher seawalls to protect against growing wake size is just not the answer for a lake of this size.

Clubhouse Seawall Repairs:  The wooden portion of the seawall that angles off outside  the western end of the swim area is failing due to wake action and beach surface water drainage.  During the 2015 lake draw down, we recommend that association staff reconstruct this portion of the seawall with rip rap and improved drainage.  At this same time, the entire seawall should be raised to a minimum of two feet above full pool level.  We are of  the belief that adequate reserve funds will be in place for these improvements in 2015.  This action will require board approval.  Prior to board action, we recommend that cost estimates be acquired by the manager.

Summary:  Our committee believes that the recently implemented rule is enforceable and will go a long way in lessening the negative impact of exaggerated wakes.  Additionally, ceasing to permit surfing and the use of wake enhancing devices is paramount.


Study on Wakes:

Lakeshore Protection in Indiana:

Lake St. Louis Rules and Regulations IV,B,19:

Oregon State Marine Board - Wake Boat Operation:

Watching Your Wake:


Joe Nicoloff you had said that lakes our size are taking measures to eliminate the damage, what typically are they doing.

Roger Groth most just donÕt allow it. Other larger lakes have created stand-off distances of 200+ feet and that isnÕt possible here.

Darren Onwiler what lakes have you checked with?

Roger Groth lakes in our ILAC Association, Lake St. Louis, MO.  Interesting when you talk to the management team out there, and ask them what data the relied on to come to their decision, that they didnÕt have any data other than standing there and watching and common sense.

Darren Onwiler did they have any seawall requirements that owners are required to put in a certain amount of rip rap or anything.

Roger Groth they have building standards for sure, and we will be looking into those further as this goes on.  We canÕt figure out a way that seawalls be heightened.  We can see it being done on a voluntary basis, but canÕt see a board dictating to 400+ homeowners that they have to add height to their seawalls.  We can Ōt see that the board dictating of what sea wall people install. Just the cost on Association Seawalls. 

Dave Decker you stated most lakes our size to not allow it. Thinks that ŅitÓ is defined as wake surfing and enhancing devices.


Boating  Committee – Rocky Lane

August 9, 2013

Response to Board Directors

Is there an Issue with excessive Wake and if so define it. Speed, boat attitude, hull configuration, ballast, wake building devices, boat operation (turning), etc.

Holiday Shores Lake by all standards is considered a small lake as defined later in this document. With approximately 215 acres designated for normal boating activities, wake activity must be controlled/monitored to ensure minimum property maintenance to main lake properties, boat docks and the safety aspect for recreational users (skiers, fisherman and cruising).

There is an issue with excessive wakes on Holiday Shores Lake. Excessive wakes can cause personal injury, and damage to property and watercraft. Per the Illinois DNR, owners of watercraft are responsible for related costs

Watercraft that purposely delay plane and push/plow water at a speed of 8 knots can create as much as 11.5 times more wave energy than a ski boat operating at normal operating speed. (Refer to the DST section below for more information.)

Review the Speed Limit Rule passed by the board on May 8th 2013.

The new Speed Limit rule is good for the community and must not be changed or modified.

It is recommended to split the existing rule into two parts. One is the speed limit of 55. Keep that alone under Speed Limit. The remaining should go under a new category called Acceptable Wakes (or the like). This does not change the rule but merely makes it easier to find and understand.


Weigh the recreational aspects of exaggerated or hazardous wakes or wash to other recreational users and property owners

Excessive or exaggerated wakes are considered hazardous to other recreational users (pontoon boat and fishermen) , property and boat docks.

Excessive wakes creates a negative environment when recreational users and fishermen and those watercraft creating the wakes are present at the same time.

In these instances recreational users have difficulty navigating main lake waters since the waves normally hit the side unexpectedly and not Ņhead-onÓ. Fisherman can often be caught off guard when the wakes hit and can cause severe rocking and throw.

Proximity to shore of recreational activities?

Holiday Shores Lake is approximately 430 acres. Rough estimates indicate that 215 acres is set aside for no-wake activities and the remainder 215 acres can be used for power water sport activities.

Choke points on the lake range from 370Õ at the north end to 715Õ at the dam. Considering 150Õ markers, the average choke from the club house to the north end is 422Õ (inside markers 272Ō) and from the clubhouse to the dam 702Õ (inside markers 552Õ).

Additionally, approximately 1,100 watercraft (motorized and non-motorized) are registered for use on the lake.

Holiday Shores is considered a small lake for power water sport activities.

Measurement and enforcement?

The new Speed Limit rule is subjective, the process is fair and reasonable considering the two-three review process after a warning or ticket may be assessed. The procedures/processes (measurement, enforcement, video), however, should be fully documented and approved by the Board of Directors and Boating Committee

Add on Wake building devices should they be considered

It is recommended to the Board that immediately any and all wake building devices should not be activated or used on Holiday Shores Lake. (Wake building devices include: water ballast, wake blades, lead pipes, and other similar devices)

Should our Public Docks at the Clubhouse be closed due to liability?

Various options for a floating or permanent barrier to dissipate wakes along with a cost analysis should be conducted.

Review the Handout ŅA Decision Support Tool (DST) for Assessing the Impact of Boat Wake Waves on Inland WaterwaysÓ

The DST states that wake boats operating at a normal speed of 19 knots compared to ski boat operating at their normal speed of 30 knots create 4.75 times more wave energy. Boats that delay plane and push/plow water at a speed of 8 knots creates as much as 11.5 times more wave energy than a boat operating at normal operating speed.

The DST states that the wave train on large wakes on average take 300 meters (approximately 900+ feet) to dissipate.


Joe Nicoloff would like to thank the three committees for their time and effort doing this, as it is very helpful to the board on deciding what to do.

Dave Decker two of the three committees made a comment about segregating the two of them.  Any objections to doing that? Thinks that you split the two off from each other.  Comments that two of three also recommended not allowing the use of wake enhancing devices and no wake/teek surfing.

Joe Nicoloff two out of three also are ok with the current rule we have in place, however splitting into two separate rules.


New Business  

Gary Kluckman catfish tournament Friday night, 7 to 11. 6 man teams. August 13th.

Dave Decker fishing committee meeting in the ballroom August 21st, 7 p.m.


Open Floor

Roger Rawson (1851)  At the boating committee meeting, Glenn was there, and we all kind of agreed leave that alone, if you ban one you are going to get a whole bunch of calls about the other one. The excessive wake rules, takes care of a lot of these issues.  You have to have a big wake for wake surfing.   I have been out here for 14 years, and have been complaining about straight seawalls with no wave killing action in front of them for over 10 years.  You want to start creating rules against boats and boat owners, that have spent anywhere from $30k to $80k on their boats.  Homeowners who have a seawall only inches above normal pool, and then call and complain about wakes coming over their seawalls.  It doesnÕt make sense that you are not going to make a stronger building code to require these walls to be taller, and have wave killing materials in front of them.  You can mandate that as well. 

Tony Harris (1222)  Thanks the Public Safety Committee, gave a very detailed report.   I was somewhat confused by the other two.  Lakes and Dams Report, other lakes that they had looked at and then said they had only looked at one lake, Lake St. Louis.  Seems we are picking and choosing what we like and donÕt like out of the report.    You have got to have enough seawall to withstand the waves that are coming across the lake and if you donÕt want to make a rule that says you have to have it a certain way, maybe have guidelines that you have to have a seawall constructed of certain materials that will handle this type of wake, if not then any damage you receive is up to you.  Do Illinois Boating rules address seawalls or give any standards. Boating Committee report 215 acres available for water sports and have 215 for other things.  For fishermen to use those coves for fishing without the effects of waves.

Joe Nicoloff Looked at ILAC lakes, but actually met with Lake St. Louis.  Illinois Boating Rules supersede anything that we have, and Illinois boating rules states that you are responsible for your wake.  I am not aware if the Illinois boating rules address seawall standards.  DoesnÕt want to get in to the discussion of fisherman only being allowed to use parts of the lake.

Jason Hicks  thinks what everyone is trying to do is find compromise and find common ground, and allow for all these water sports.

Darren Onwiler  Common ground is what we all are looking for.  Seawall construction in an ideal world the seawalls all around this lake could be designed to dissipate waves immediately, The place that I bought my boat from own a farm with a ski lake very small lake.  Can go up and down that lake throwing waves for wake boarding and by the time you go to the other in (500 yards or so) the waves are gone.

Roger Groth (1027)  You didnÕt really ask us to get into Seawall construction, but you have to really understand where we are with seawalls on this lake. You basically have no way to force a person to repair a seawall or the rules to do it.  There is no quick fix to this.   To think you are going to make seawalls the solution to the boating activity on this lake.  We have talked about wanting to use more rip rap you would have to allow a barge on the lake, many of us cannot get rip rap down to our waterfront.  

Rich Hertel (679) currently on this lake we have 69 rip rap sea walls and 110 fixed seawalls 2/3 of the seawalls on the main lake are fixed walls. Agrees with Roger that is not the solution.  If each of those owners spent $500 you are looking at a ½ of a million dollars.  This is a small lake for the activities that we do out here.  In the 90Õs everybody pushed for fixed seawalls, including the Board, beautiful properties with beautiful seawalls.

Joe Roth (1030) if understanding correctly the problem is after the wake hits the wall and comes back?  I can tell you it is also before it hits the seawall as well. If you would have been out with me and my little boat this morning you would have seen (makes rocking motion) and that was before it hit the wall.  Something is cause the problem before it hits the seawalls.   

Darren Onwiler that is part of the issue that we are dealing with.

Mark Dooley (1825) water issues on Port Lane spoke with Glenn, no money available for repairs, something needs to be done, roads out here are terrible.  I am getting the brunt of the water, erosion under my driveway, and it is basically because the roads were not put in properly and neighbors put rock out in the street.  Would like to see the elimination of owners putting rock at the end of their driveways.

Joe Nicoloff The roads were put in properly, the water used to go down to the lake. Over the years, owners have filled that in and built their properties up and there is no channel there now.  We are trying to figure out how to correct this situation.

Dave Decker the current building rule is that drive way has to be to the road, no rock.

Gerry Theodor  all new construction must have hard surface to the road, rule changed about 6 years ago.

Jason Hicks Port Lane is something we are still working on, we have had an engineer come out and evaluate the situation.  We have been in touch with the Attorney on this, and we are still working on it.

Kevin Baugh (479)  Lived out here for over 30 years, been a member of the ski club the entire time.  I have taught countless people how to ski.   Today I was teaching a young girl 8 years old to ski, and to teach her, I need to go about 11 mph, asks the board if he was breaking a rule?

Joe Nicoloff its not the Boards decision it would be Public SafetyÕs, we didnÕt view what was going on today.

Dave Decker there is no way we as a board can identify whether or not you were producing an excessive wake, without seeing what you were doing.

Kevin Baugh (479) What we have done has created an us against them mentality out here.  Now we have people calling me everytime we go out, and if I go to teach someone how to ski, what I think you are telling me is that I canÕt do that anymore. I am trying to see if I can do what I have been doing for thirty years now.

Jason Hicks Kevin it is not a perfect rule, I would like to address this, I think it is a valid point and has been brought up by other skiers.  The idea of the rule was to avoid excessive wake, primarily due to sports like wake surfing.  Instead of saying we are going to ban wake surfing, the problem is the boat being weighted down and purposely plowing water to surf on.  That is how I wrote the rule and that was the prespective behind the rule.  WasnÕt intended for someone teaching a young skier how to ski.

Kevin Baugh (479) I was one of the first people out here to wake surf, and agree that it needs to be banned.  A weighted boat with 1000 lbs and leaning to one side makes a wake that makes boats launch.  I have no problem with you writing a rule that bans wake surfing, however have to disagree with Roger, the other activities are different.  I can guarantee that people are going to call in while I am going 11 mph pulling a young skier, while teaching them how to ski.

Jason Hicks Feels there is a learning curve for everyone involved.

Glenn Dalton Has there ever been an excess wake rule within Holiday Shores, yes there has, however has it come to a height of awareness in the last 5 years, the answer is yes. There is a rule that has been written, and basically we have went out to the committees and the committees have addressed it.  Public Safety enforces this rule, the only way we can come up with it is video, IDNR doesnÕt use video, they are just subjective IDNR just says you are making too much wake, and just gives you a citation for that.  We came up with video taping whether that be wrong or right, but that gives everyone the ability to go to the hearing committee, and have a review, and then if the member is still not happy they can then appeal to the Board.  The enforcement is from Public Safety Officers, we are in training just like everyone else on this issue.  It is not just one type of boat, it can be any boat, and the attitude of that boat and driver and how much water is being pushed.  I would have to see the attitude of your boat and how much rooster tail you have.  Some boats are not designed to do certain things at certain speeds, and if you are pushing an excessive wake at that speed you shouldnÕt be doing it.

Kevin Baugh (479) so you are telling me that I canÕt teach kids to ski.

Glenn Dalton I would have to see your boat and put the tape together we are still learning.

Angie Basham reminds everyone to go to the microphone and state name and lot number, one person speaking at a time.  No complaints about comments not being in the minutes if you donÕt go to the microphone.

Glenn Dalton we are trying to come up with a tape that covers all the issues that we are discussing.

Darren Onwiler public safety committee specifically recommended a ski boat operating at normal speed and a slow learner speed

Laura Scaturro (1716) Is this video that you are putting together, something that all residents will get a chance to see?

Joe Nicoloff  Once we get this video done, hope to have it on website, for people to look at.

Mark Dooley (1825)  I was outside all morning today, and I saw KevinÕs boat and two other boats and in my opinion their wakes were excessive.  In my opinion, the lake is not wide enough for the waves to even dissipate. Sometimes the waves are so bad I canÕt even get my pontoon into my dock.

Judy Kelly (1824) Is offended by some of the people here that feel they are Public Safety going out on the boat trying to tell him what is right or wrong, that is harassment.  We donÕt want our neighbors coming over to our boats because they donÕt like our boats.  Own two lake front lots that are worth about $300,000 each and a $50,000 wake board boat that you allowed, we moved here because of it.  We made sure we knew the regulations beforehand.  People are treating us like we are doing something wrong ever since this rule was created, never a problem before. Created a lot of unfriendliness on the lake.  We have two seawalls to maintain.  This rule has had a very negative effect on our boating experience, scared to have people over.  

Glenn Dalton the standard has been out there for some time with my Public Safety Officers.  They are trained.  We have only written 4 warnings.

Rich Hertel (679) I came by your boat today, and if I offended you in any way, I apologize.  I was out in the cove and you guys came by me earlier and it was pretty obvious that something was going on there.  I went down the lake, and the boat was stopped, very friendly, said be careful you may be violating the rule. I may have crossed the line, but that was not the intent. 

Kevin Baugh (479) He was not rude, but didnÕt appreciate it because of the target on our backs.

Monte Thus (6) there is a lot of ways to adjust a boat to throw more wake.  There was no ballas in the boat, pulling a young child, have to go slower. Asking for the board to look at this rule closely before make a final decision. 


Alan Huelsmann makes motions to adjourn, Darren Onwiler seconds.

Meeting Adjourns at 9:20 P.M.

Meeting minutes submitted by Michael Parker.