Date: August 28, 2013



Board Members

Present:  Joe Nicoloff, David Decker,  Jason Hicks, Gary Kluckman, Darren Onwiler, Alan Huelsmann

Excused Absence:  Michael Parker

            Quorum Present: Yes


Others Present

            Holishor Members Present 13

            Glenn Dalton and Angie Basham from Holishor Office



Meeting called to order at 7:30 PM

Pledge of Allegiance Recited


Board Meeting Minutes of August 14, 2013

These were not ready for this meeting, will be on the agenda for the September 11th meeting


Transfers of Property  

0 Transfers.

Action: Informational Only


Fishing Committee Report – Glenn Dalton

Glenn Dalton we have a budget of $6500 per year for fish restocking.

Largemouth Bass - $2500 = 1563 fish @$1.60 each 6” to 8” in length

Hybrid Striper - $1000 =526 fish @1.90 each 6” to 8” in length

Smallmouth Bass - $500= 270 fish @1.85 each 5” to 8” in length

Red Ear Sunfish = $2500 = 6250 fish @.40 each 2” to 4” in length


Small mouth bass stocking will be supplemented by a donation of $2000 by the Tiki Bar Bass Club.  So in addition to the above 1081 additional Small mouth will be stocked.  It was also discussed that if the fish hatchery is short on red ear the remaining money was to be split evenly between stocking additional largemouth and small mouth to make up the difference.



Read by Joe Nicoloff

Letter from Tim & Ellen Thompson, 344 Wanda, requesting a no wake (75) ft. blue and white buoy

Letter from Raymond & Norma Shaffer, 343 Wanda Drive, requesting a no wake (75) ft. blue and white buoy

Letter from Ron & Pat Long, 1354 Biscay, requesting a 75ft buoy

Joe Nicoloff -  cost would be $110 per buoy

Joe Nicoloff in the spring we approved the buoy plan where the no wake buoy back in Jib Cove was moved out, then we had member of that cove came and stated that they were for moving it back, it was moved back.  It was the boards understanding that everyone in the cove was for that?  We had no idea that there were other people that were not contacted or were not part of that discussion.

Tim Thompson (344)  we are at the very beginning of that cove, it was moved 270 feet deeper, in spring moved up by Raymond’s (343) property, then moved deeper.  Every weekend boats coming into that cove at high rate of speed, 40/50 mph.  Feels it is extremely dangerous. Would like it move about 200 ft. towards the mouth of cove. 

Darren Onwiler  just to clarify, you would like it moved out an additional 200 ft., from the original position?

Joe Nicoloff if we put a buoy on each side that would leave a 30 to 50ft area in between.

Raymond Schaffer (343)  When people are pulling into the cove the are sticking to the right side, they are cutting across the corner, about 25ft from Tim’s seawall and coming very close to my dock.

If our boat is sitting down in the water, and not of the lift, it beats it up pretty bad.  That is potential property damage, or they will throw wake over the seawall up to 6ft, causing potential problem.  Was happy to see it moved up this spring.

Tim Thompson (344) thought with it being moved that it would have helped with the problem and it did slow down traffic. 

Darren Onwiler Glenn how about just putting a 75ft buoy on their side.

Glenn Dalton Lakes and damns are currently  looking at is one way in and out, make no turn in the cove. Putting in the 75ft markers not a problem for us, feels that we need one on each side.  If we put just one in it will just push them to the other side and that would be way too close.

Jason Hicks would like to see some better measurements on that cove, remembers some discussion earlier this year, and it was moved against the suggestion of the Lakes and Dams Committee, against the standard that the board set for the buoy plan.  What is the one way cove.

Glenn Dalton  that was brought up during the analysis of the speed limit rule and the excessive wakes was brought up back in Jib Cove and the cove by the Dam, by Lakes and Dams Committee.

Jerry Theodor (1346) Lake and Dams presentation at the last meeting it is in that recommendation.  What was recommended was you could power/ski, ski out but no turn.

Tony Harris (1222)  how do you have a cove where you go in and come out but not turn around, asks for further explanation.

Jason Hicks it just means that you don’t turn around at full speed you slow down for the turn, reposition and ski out. 

Raymond Shaffer (343) PWC do it sometimes 50/60 times a day.

Jason Hicks definitely call and report.

Glenn Dalton we will definitely keep a closer eye and patrol that more.

Action: referred to Lakes and Dams


Letter from David Berry 1826 Port Lane, requesting a letter to allow for a DBA, internet company only out of his home.

Action:  tabled till next meeting, Mr. Berry to attend.


Old Business

Covenant Amendment Approval

Joe Nicoloff: As of today we have 455 approvals for the covenants, we need a total of 1176 to pass so we are still short 731 but we are on the move.


Boat Dock Rule

Old Rule

A limited number of boat docks may be built on Association owned out lots with the approval of the Building Committee.


New Proposed Rule

A Limited number of boat docks may be built on Association owned out lots with the approval of the Building Committee.  Cover boat Docks, boat cover structures or  boat lifts of any type will not be allowed on docks built on Association owned out lots or in the water on Association owned out lots.


Changes to Proposed Rule (now reads)

A Limited number of boat docks may be built on Association owned out lots with the approval of the Building Committee.  Cover watercraft docks, watercraft cover structures or  watercraft lifts of any type will not be allowed on docks built on Association owned out lots or in the water on Association owned out lots.


Jason Hicks what is the difference between of cover boat docks, and a boat cover structures?

Jerry Theodor (1346) Cover boat dock is construction with a built cover over it, and a boat cover structure is those temporary frame with a cover.  Only boat docks allowed, and we only allow three types of those.

Darren Onwiler should we change boat to watercraft so it includes pwc and other types of watercrafts.

Action:  Dave Decker makes a motion to approve as amended, Alan Huelsman seconds.

Motions Carries with changes, Jason Hicks abstains from voting.



Speed Limit Rule

Joe Nicoloff we got three committee reports last meeting.  It appears that two of the committees recommended to keep the rule as is except to separate speed limit and wake rule.

Jason Hicks the covenant bylaw committee is working on an amended version, based on the recommendations of those committees, however not ready for submission.

Action:  Tabled till next meeting.


New Business - none



Open Floor

Jerry Theodor (1346) regarding the buoy plan.  I am on the Lakes and Dams Committee and we put a lot of work into that buoy plan.  A lot of measuring and spent a lot of time out there.  I want to recommend to you that Glenn does a lot of issues to look at before they ever get to the board, and I am wondering if some of this type stuff should be handled that way as well. 

Joe Nicoloff the one thing is when there is a letter addressed to the Board of Directors it is incumbent of us to read that letter at our next meeting and then send it to the appropriate committee.

Dave Decker just to clarify the request is to add 75 ft. marker buoys and not to move the no wake buoy at this time.


Alan Huelsman moves to adjourn to executive session, Jason Hicks seconds.

Meeting Adjourns at 8:12 p.m.

Meeting minutes submitted by Michael Parker.