Date:  September 11, 2013


Board Members

Present: Joe Nicoloff, David Decker, Jason Hicks, Michael Parker, Darren Onwiler, Alan Huelsman, and Gary Kluckman

            Quorum Present: Yes


Others Present

            Holishor Members Present 9

            Glenn Dalton and Shannon Mitchelar from Holishor Office



Meeting called to order at 7:30 PM

Pledge of Allegiance Recited


Board Meeting Minutes of August 14, 2013

 Jason Hicks motions to approve, David Decker seconds.

Action: Motion carries with changes, Dave Decker nay


Board Meeting Minutes of August 28, 2013

Jason Hicks Motions to approve, Dave Decker seconds

Action:  Motion carries.


Bills & Salaries

Jason Hicks motions to approve, Alan Huelsman seconds.

Action: Motion carries.


Profit & Loss

Informational Only


Transfers of Property  

 2 Transfers. Informational Only


ManagerÕs Report

Read by Glenn Dalton


Public Safety Report

Read by Glenn Dalton

40 total incidents and 10 citations written— 2 animal, 1 vehicle, 4 property, 4 people, 4 alarms, 9 lake incidents and 3 other.


Treasury Report

Dave Decker motions to approve, Alan Huelsman seconds.

Action: Motion carries.



David Berry Lot#1826 – request for DBA Letter from the Board.


Joe Nicoloff the problem with this is that we do not have the authority to issue that per our covenants.

Jason Hicks this is per our covenants and it reads:

 lots shall be used exclusively for residential purposes except those lots designated as business or commercial areas on the plats aforementioned.  No lots may be subdivided.

We cannot go against covenants. We recognized that there are a lot of home based business, however we cannot give approval of the Board. 

Action: none


Letter from Karen VanSandt (970) asking to for the sidewalk down to the boat docks be repaired and a hand rail be added. 

Action:  none


Variance request from James Bowlers 1103 asking for a shed variance. 

Building Committee  the Building Committee has classified this building as a garage, because of its size, garage 16 x 24 door opening and the county will require some sort of footing, and the fact there is a driveway from the street to the building.  Not necessary for a garage.

James Bowler (1103) It is the largest they can deliver.   Had to have 6 to 8 inches of rock under it, and county didnÕt have a problem as long as it was mounted at the four corners

 Dave Decker is there a reason that you donÕt want us to consider this a garage, just for permit purposes.  From a garage perceptive you wouldnÕt need a variance for this.

James Bowler (1103) It is a portable building, if I ever move it will be going with me.

Gerry Theodor (1346)  the issue the building committee and reason we called it a garage.  We used two criteria the size and the fact that there is a driveway from the street to the building.  If it was a garage would not need a variance.  However there is a big difference between a garage and a shed permit fee.

Conversation ensues

Jason Hicks makes a motion to approve variance for shed,  Gary Kluckman seconds.

Jason Hicks, Gary Kluckman, Mike Parker, Alan Huelsman, Darrin Onwiler votes yes

Dave Decker votes no

Action: motion carries.


Building Committee Report - The Building Committee cared for 11 items at the August 20th and September 3rd meetings.  A permit for 2 sheds, 1 dock, 1 fence, 1 deck, and one garage were approved and one variance forwarded to the board for approval.  4permits were closed

Gerry Theodor, Building Committee Chair


PresidentÕs letter

PresidentÕs Letter 15 August 2013 Assessment Non-Payment

The majority of our Annual Budget is derived from our annual assessment and to sustain our budget we all are dependent on payment by our membership.  Non-payment is an issue we have been addressing and please understand these changes are the personal obligation of the respective member.  The Association does have rights and remedies to collect these charges as may be available in law and equity.  In this case, in addition to the Notice Page and liens, we are now pursuing court action on members with past due balances.  


Non-payment is an issue that must be addressed to enhance our budget and keep the assessment level of the paying membership at an acceptable level.  This is our chosen life-style and we all clearly understood the ramifications of membership.  We expect our common areas to be maintained and every year at the Annual Meeting our budgets are developed to provide the detail of exactly what the costs are.  Those costs at some point, due to non-payment, must be passed on to the paying member to sustain that level. 


In the past, although the assessment is due 1 January, we permit payment by the 1/3 plan and the member still maintains their good standing.  We also have a payment plan option offered to members experiencing a hardship; however, in this case their use of our amenities is voided.  Our collection program is a series of 3 letters to delinquent members which clearly identify the actions we, as an Association, are going to take.  We clearly identify communication is needed and we will work with the member.  Members who elect not to participate will have liens placed on their property and will be prosecuted in court.


The Board of Directors is charged with the fiscal responsibility of the Association and we do understand this is a change from past practice; however, we also understand, after much due diligence, it must be taken to enhance the fiscal well- being of our Association.



Joe Nicoloff


Joe Nicoloff – I wanted to read that into the minutes tonight.  We as a Board are really going to be very aggressive on collecting any past due.  We have cases right now in court, we have a foreclosure going on, we have small claims.   If you know if of anyone that is in arrears, have them contact the office to work something out.

Gerry Theodor (1346) First off I would like to thank you for that letter, and the decision to do what  you are going to do.  What I really like about the letter, you told everyone out here that is delinquent that you will eventually be coming after their payments, and also lets the people who pay their bill, that you are aware of the situation and you are taking action.


Old Business

Covenant Amendment Form, Currently 450 signed, need 726 additional to pass covenants.


Lakes & Dams Committee Report

Placement of Buoys

This report is submitted in response to the Board PresidentÕs request that our committee review members requests for the placement of buoys.


On September 4, members of our committee accompanied by association staff, were on the lake to review these requests.  We used a range finder to make several measurements.


Request for Lot 1354 (on Biscay) We recommend that two 75 foot shoreline buoys be installed, one in the vicinity of lot 1354 on the eastern side of this property and one across San Juan Cove on the opposite shoreline.  Installing two buoys will give boat operators and improved line of sight of safe operation in this area.


Request from lot 1827 (on Port Lane):  We do not recommend the placement of an additional shore line buoy in this area.  As we lined up from the nearest shoreline buoy to the south of this property and proceeded on a course northbound in line with the next buoy, we passed approximately 82 feet from this property.  Adequate sightlines exits in this area; consequently, we do not recommend the addition of a shore line buoy in this portion of the lake.


Requests from lots 343/344 in Jib Cove:  We made a number of measurements in Jib and Tunnel Coves as well as in another  Ōski coveĶ to help us with our recommendations.  It is our understanding that the board will be receiving an additional request for shoreline buoys in these coves; therefore, we will withhold our recommendations until this next request is forwarded to us.


As a result of taking many measurements, we recommend the installation of another buoy in Anchor Cove (the ski cove on the extreme southwest portion of the lake) in the vicinity of Lot 51C to match a shoreline buoy currently installed on the opposite shoreline of this cove.


Joe Nicoloff asks if Glenn is planning on taking the 75ft buoys out or are they staying in all winter.

Glenn Dalton they will remain all year.

Joe Nicoloff thinking of putting this on hold, see what comes from lake committee on Jib and Tunnel Coves and doing it all at one time.

Dave Decker we need to have a map with current, and with proposed new ones.

Action: tabled


Fish Stocking 

Joe Nicoloff in our budge we have $6500 for fish restocking, in which the board does need to approve for that to be done.

Jason Hicks at the finance committee meeting we were deliberating whether we have the funds for this or not and we took in to consideration the results of the annual fishing meeting.  The fish quality that are coming out of the lake, that was included.  The Finance Committee is recommending continuing with the fish stocking as planned.

Joe Nicoloff the one thing that we might want to note, is that budgets are getting tighter and tighter every year for us.

Mike Wesley (1862) we basically followed stocking from years past.  IDNR rep wasnÕt here.  

Dave Decker  should also mention that the Tiki Bar Bass Club has put in $2000 for stocking in addition.

Dave Decker makes a motion to spend $6500 as submitted from the fishing committee.

Darrin Onwiler seconds

Action:  Motion Carried.


Speed limit rule

Joe Nicoloff we have received the recommendations from the three committees our Bylaws, Rules Committee has come up with proposals and I have forwarded those to the three committees to look over.  We want to keep those Committees involved and get their feedback.


New Business  - none


Open Floor

Rich Hertel (679) Glenn you mentioned that the lake is down 6 inches, I have some very good marks on my dock and we are showing 13 inches. I could barely get my boat off my lift. 

Glenn Dalton the top of the morning glory is what we go by.  We have always had problems with individual marks.  That is why we have put the four benchmarks within the community.

Joe Nicoloff the normal is at 505, that is what everyone needs to go by and the top of the morning glory.


Alan Huelsman makes motions to adjourn, Dave Decker seconds.

Meeting Adjourns at 8:24 P.M.

Meeting minutes submitted by Michael Parker.