Date: October 23, 2013



Board Members

Present:  David Decker, Joe Nicoloff, Jason Hicks, Gary Kluckman, Michael Parker, Alan Huelsman. and Darren Onwiler          

Quorum Present: Yes


Others Present

            Holishor Members Present:  10

            Glenn Dalton and Angie Basham of the Holishor Office



Meeting called to order at 7:30 PM

Pledge of Allegiance Recited


Board Meeting Minutes of October 9, 2013

Action: Dave Decker motions to approve, Michael Parker seconds, motion carried.


Transfers of Property  - no transfers



Letter from HSFD requesting a waiver of ballroom fees only for quarter raffle

Letter from HSFD requesting a waiver of ballroom fees only for chicken & beer dance

Letter from HSFD requesting a waiver of ballroom fees only for Madison County FiremanÕs Association

Action:.Dave Decker motions to approve, Jason Hicks seconds, motion carried


Letter from Rob & Kelly Ruehl, requesting a variance for a garage

Action:  Dave Decker makes a motion to approve variance, Darren Onwiler seconds, motion carried.


Old Business


Social Committee – Youth Committee Funds

Joe Nicoloff   last July, we as a board were informed that the Youth Committee was going to be dissolving and they still had money that could be paid out on a calendar sale.  So we had decided that the money would be held for 6 months with the Social Committee and once bills were cleared up, the balance would go to the social committee and be used within Holiday Shores.  Now the former chair of the Youth Committee is requesting those funds, be used outside of the shores.

Tracy Kuttin-Ferguson (1761) I am here tonight to present our thought on your decision.  We gave ourselves 6 months for the remaining calendars to be sold, see if a new chair would come forward, and if we would get any new membership.  We had a total $1490 left.  At that time Youth Committee Board agreed to disperse those funds.   All funds were going to be distributed outside Holiday Shores except for one.  We raised money both within the Shores and outside the Shores.  I sent a letter to Monica in an email letting her know where we wanted the funds to be dispersed, I also was under the assumption that everything was fine.  Have since been informed that the monies need to stay within Holiday Shores.  We thought there was an agreement between Social Committee President and the Youth Committee.  The kids worked really hard and worked a lot of hours and agreed/chose where the money would be dispersed.  Recently the Social Committee met, and decided that since the Youth Committee disbanded that those funds were no longer the Youth CommitteeÕs to disperse and would stay with the Social Committee.     The Youth Committee has in the past helped provide food and heat to people outside of the Shores before, 14 families.  Other groups within the Shores have also given funds to outside groups.  I understand your position, but asked that the original agreement be upheld.

Joe Nicoloff nobody has said anything bad about the Youth Committee.  It was brought to us 14 months ago, and thought it was resolved last January or February.

Dave Decker I see the memo making the recommendation for the funds to be dispersed, did you think that this was already done.

Tracy Ferguson no because earlier this year, Monica had contacted me and asked for me to resend information so checks could be cut.

Dave Decker is your recommendation at this point to disperse the funds as originally submitted?

Tracy Ferguson IÕm all about negotiations, I understand the boardÕs position.  I think we can sit down and rework. 

Jason Hicks the charter is pretty specific about it being a Holiday Shores Committee, or sub Committee under the Social Committee.  

Tracy Ferguson we were part of Social Committee, and what that is, is my shot at a Mission Statement, I turned that in at the beginning, and that was the only action that ever happened with that piece of paper. Nothing on this paper was ever addressed.

Joe Nicoloff When the informal discussion took place and the board made its recommendation, was that passed on to Monica?

Kerri McCann (378) I donÕt believe so, or that it was specifically discussed at a meeting or was ever in our minutes.  We did at one point make some suggestions in writing, the social committee felt the need to formalize some agreements, and how money was spent.  Having representation at the Social Committee meetings, and have the Youth Committee submit their minutes, I am not aware if that ever happened.    Recommended that there should be stipulations on how money was spent.  Social Committee has those stipulations, that no one member makes the decision on how money is spent.   

Jason Hicks out of the money is the total $1490 or is it $1250.

Kerri McCann it is neither, the total I have is $1806.66. 

Jason Hicks The reason I ask as in the article in 2010, they are usually very specific.  Were any of the fund raisers, that the Youth Committee raised money for that were not addressed. 

Kerri McCann some of the events yes, for example Polar Bear plunge was for a person with cancer.  There were times that the Social Committee afforded the Youth Committee the opportunity to make money such as the beach party, where social committee paid for the food, but Youth Committee got to keep the profits from the food sales.

Tracy Ferguson I would like to address what was just said.  We did do some on our own and some in conjunction with the Social Committee.  I believe the very first Beach Party that we did, they did shoulder the food expense.  Next Beach Party we covered the food expense, Lake-a-palooza we covered the cost and 100% of the food profit, we had everything donated of that profit, we gave them $200 of the $500 back to Social Committee.

Joe Nicoloff this conversation could go on for a long time.  Would like to propose that the Social Committee has a lot of functions within the community, such as Breakfast with Santa, etc. would you be willing to put your money towards those and have those sponsored by the Youth Committee. 

Tracy Ferguson I would be willing to negotiate what both Committees would like.  There were some things  where the funds were for certain items, purchased a gate sign, and a projector.   The rest of the money was for operational costs, but to allow us to do these events, or another group needed something.

Dave Decker sounds like you are willing to have a conversation, both groups, to discuss how the funds will be distributed, and I would be willing to help with that conversation.

Kerri McCann My question is  when the members are no longer part of a group, and the organization dissolves.   Since the youth committee did disband, would they still have a say in how the money is spent?

Dave Decker from my understanding the Youth Committee as a group submitted a request for the funds to be distributed as a group, and that was voted on by their committee.  Both Committee representatives hopefully can come to agreement and take that back to their committees.  If no agreement can be met between Social and Youth Committees, then the board can decide.  Agrees to help mediate if needed.


Covenant Amendment Approval

Joe Nicoloff we have 466 signed amendments, still need 710 amendments. The Committee has divided Holiday Shores into sections and are going door to door.


Finance Committee Update

Jason Hicks Finance Committee last met on October 14, 2013. We have been keeping a close eye on the budget and P&L to make sure that we have enough money for the year.    The income is coming along well.  We are having some challenges with some over expenditures, going to be a really tight year.  Quarterly review is done.  Some new ideas as far as way to generate income for future budgets.

Joe Nicoloff would like to see the ideas put out there.

Jason Hicks some of the ideas that have been put out there are Holiday Times Subscription fees, boat sticker fees, increase mowing fees, fish stocking additional funds from Tiki Bar Bass Club, proposing multiple budgets for some  of the non-essentials.  Trying to come up with some fresh ideas.

Joe Nicoloff the office and maintenance staff have been working off a 2007 maintenance budget, and things have gotten so tight.   Something is going to have to give.  We have discussions about doing away with extras.

We have to fund reserves, we have to keep fixing the roads, holiday times, boat sticker fees are elements of several discussions going on.


Prohibited Activities Rule – is on the website and can be voted on in November.


Speed Limit Rule -  havenÕt heard any more discussion on this, nothing new at this time.



New Business


Reno Court Entrance Repairs

Glenn Dalton one of the things that comes up every year, especially with the type of roads.  Wha twe have here as indicated in the pictures, is when we get into our entrances, such as Overlook and Reno Court we have a problem there because we do not have weight restricted roads. When they, the trash trucks and school buses,  come in and make those really sharp turns they really break up the road.  This is recent damage with Reno Court in the last two or three months.  We have a limited budget this year and the cost for the repair to this section is $6200 and that doesnÕt include the pipe.  I spoke with Moro township, they have agreed to give us the corrugated pipe even though it is ours.  $513 for the pipe.  The bid is for the same type of work we did over on Overlook, we would like to do it this year, if budget allows.

If budget doesnÕt allow we would like to do it early Spring 2014 at latest.


Open Floor


Alan Huelsman motions to adjourn to executive session, Jason Hicks seconds.

Meeting Adjourns at 9:00 p.m.

Meeting minutes submitted by Michael Parker