Date: January 22, 2014



Board Members

Present: Joe Nicoloff, Dave Decker, Jason Hicks, Michael Parker, Gary Kluckman, Darren Onwiler, and Alan Huelsmann

            Quorum Present: Yes


Others Present

            Holishor Members Present:  7

            Glenn Dalton and Kat Schuetz from Holishor Office



Meeting called to order at 7:30 PM

Pledge of Allegiance Recited


Minutes of January 8, 2014

Jason Hicks motions to approve, Michael Parker seconds.

Action: Motion carried.


Transfers of Property

Two transfers. Information Only.



Š       Letter from Janice and Wayne Eyre

Michael Parker reads the letter from Janice and Wayne Eyre. Janice and Wayne are requesting a ditch be dug out along the road to carry the rain water away from the lots along High Point from Point of View to Overlook. They are concerned that the water is pooling along the road creating a haven for mosquitos and an eyesore for the community. Janice and Wayne Eyre are not in attendance for this meeting.

Discussion: Glenn Dalton gives an overview on this situation. Glenn states that it is a problem that we have and is uniform in several areas of our community. He explains that there used to be ditching in this particular area and culverts in the driveways which are covered. A lot of the property owners have filled in the ditches. Glenn goes on to explain that when the ditches are filled in and on a normal drainage, you’re going to have areas where the water is going to pool which are the low areas. He states that it is a problem that we are looking at and it has been in our road plan for several years. By adding ditching in our road plan, it will really help the life of our road and our ability to sustain our roadway. However, the cost that is associated with it is another matter. Glen explains that if we take this cost on currently, it will reduce the amount of road we can establish. He states again that this is a problem within our community and one that we need to address. Jason Hicks asks if ditching is currently included in the road plan for the budgets that support the road plan. Glenn Dalton states that we do not have authority to currently to do ditching. Glenn Dalton also offers to add ditching in the road plan that we are currently establishing for this year. Jason Hicks requests to receive the price difference between the ditching and the regular road work. Glenn Dalton replies that we can certainly get that and then we can see how much it is going to detract from our ability to put a paved surface down.


Old Business

Joe Nicoloff: The Covenant Amendment Committee had a meeting and now has a new list of members who have not signed or agreed to the amendment. As of right now, we have received 784 approvals of the Covenant Amendment. We are doing a lot better and hoping that another push will help complete this process. We are hoping that this process will be completed and announced at the annual meeting. Joe states that if anyone has any time to offer for this, please contact Scott Webber, Don Austin, or Jim McCann.

Covenant Amendment Approval Update: 784 signed amendments need additional 398 to pass.


Joe Nicoloff on the restaurant update: We have finished all of the inventories on the previous restaurant. The Restaurant Committee is still in the process of determining a vendor.


Jason Hicks request that another motion be made for the proposed bi-law change for the sign rule if there’s still an interest to reset the clock.


(Please see the Holiday Shores website and Meeting minutes for January 8, 2014 for Proposed Bi-Law Change for the Sign Rule)


Jason Hicks makes motion to start the clock as of today’s date for the signs rule as proposed at the January 8, 2014 meeting.

Michael Parker seconds.

Action: Clock started


New Business

Joe Nicoloff the Social Committee has elected new officers as follows: Kathy Austin is Chairman, Nancy Yates is Vice Chairman, Kerri McCann is Secretary, and Kathy Wilhite is Treasurer. The Social Committee wants to submit the names of Kathy Austin and Kathy Wilhite for the check signing for the Social Committee checking account.

Michael Parker makes motion to approve.

Jason Hicks seconds.

Action: Motion carried.


Joe Nicoloff  brings to the board that our Public Safety Officers are in radio contact with the Fire Department and the Sheriff’s Department when they get called out. It has always been a policy that our Public Safety Officers have gone out to wrecks that occur at 159 and Moro Road and 140 and St. James and Prairietown Road because 80% of those wrecks involve members of Holiday Shores. A member has called and is concerned as to why our Public Safety Officers were going all the way out there. Joe explains that normally, we are the first responders and if we can provide some assistance, we should. Once the Sheriff or Ambulance/Fire Department get there, we back off because that is their jurisdiction. Joe requests the thoughts of the board. Jason Hicks asks if any representative from the Fire Department was willing to comment on this. Glenn Dalton and Joe Nicoloff reply that it was a member of the Fire Department that brought this to their attention. Joe states that the member of the Fire Department was invited to the meeting. In the opinion of Dave Decker, the Fire Department has no bearing on whether or not we send out our Public Safety Officers to help someone in need on those two intersections. Glenn Dalton clarifies that our focus is that we do respond to those, as we always have. Glenn Dalton states that we do have the Volunteer Fire Department who is low manned during the day as are some of the other Fire Departments. He explains that when we get those cases, we do respond and we give the responders updates as to what the situation is when they’re in route. A lot of cases, we end up being nothing more than traffic control until the Madison County Sheriff or State Patrol shows up. Basically, once our job is done we pull our people back. We are trying to help our membership with what we are trained and certified to do and not stand by as an audience to watch it happen. As Joe stated, the large percentage of these cases are our people and that’s why we do respond. Darren Onwiler states that in those types of situations, minutes can mean everything. If our Public Safety Officers were able to get there quickly, they’re trained First Responders and should provide whatever assistance they can until the other agencies respond. He understands the risk that our Public Safety Officers are incurring by sending them outside of “Holiday Shores” for that, however because of those locations there’s a high probability that it might be a member that is in need of assistance. Darren states that the reward far outweighs the risk that we would assume.

Conversation ensues.





Open Floor


Gary Kluckman (1679) - This year the Catfish Tournament is going to be on the night of August 15th which is a Friday. Sign up is going to be at 6:30 PM at the Marina. The hours are going to be from 7-11. Please put this in the Holiday Times.


Roger Rawson (1851) agrees that the Public Safety Officers should respond to accidents. Most communities do what they call mutual aid and since we are a community and we do have officers, they should be available and respond especially if they can be first on scene. Second, he asks if there has been any more discussion about putting more things on Facebook. Glenn Dalton states that we are using one Facebook for the emergencies but the Holiday Shores Website for all other information.


Jeanie Votruba (493) informs the board that she is now the Nominating Committee. There are three members that are up that are possibly going to run again. She is also looking for other members of Holiday Shores in good standing who would be interested in running for the board. She will have the forms ready and if you have anyone in mind that might be interested in being on the board, please let her know. Also, there is an election coming up in March. Early voting begins first part of March. We are in Moro Precinct 3. Please remember early voting is available.


Laura Scaturro (1716) requests an update on the number of properties up for sale in Holiday Shores and what avenues the Association has taken to get them sold. Joe Nicoloff explains that the properties are listed on the MLS and in the one year that the properties have been listed, we have not received one offer on any of those.

Conversation Ensues




Alan Huelsmann makes a motion to move to executive session, Jason Hicks seconds, motion carried.

Meeting adjourned at 8:00 p.m.



Meeting minutes submitted by Michael Parker.