Date: March 12, 2014



Board Members

Present: Joe Nicoloff, Dave Decker, Jason Hicks, Gary Kluckman, Darren Onwiler, and Alan Huelsmann

Michael Parker is excused.

            Quorum Present: Yes


Others Present

            Holishor Members Present: 9

            Angie Webster, Kat Schuetz and Rob Frey from the Holishor Office.



Meeting called to order at 7:30 PM

Pledge of Allegiance Recited


Minutes of February 26, 2014

Jason Hicks motions to approve, Darren Onwiler seconds.

Action: Motion carried.


Bills & Salaries

Dave Decker motions to approve, Jason Hicks seconds.

Action: Motion carried.


Profit Loss Budget

Information Only.


Transfers of Property

Three transfers. Information Only.


ManagerÕs Report

Read by Angie Webster


Security Report

Read by Joe Nicoloff

12 incidents reported and 1 citations written. Animal incidents 4, Vehicle incidents 0, Property incidents 1, Incidents involving persons 1, Alarm responses 2, Incidents on the Lake 0, and Other incidents 4.

Discussion Joe Nicoloff Just a note that if you see a street light out, you can contact Public Safety and they will put it on their list to have replaced. Southwest Electric comes in about once a week.


Treasury Report

Jason Hicks The interest on the North Property Loan is still 4% and has not changed.

Discussion Dave Decker inquires that the principle payments for the loan based upon the special assessment; we made one in January and said we were going to allocate saved money up to the interest amount we expected to owe at the end of the year and if we had any money in excess of that, we would make an additional payment. Angie Webster explains that we are currently at $11,000. We are holding $10,000 for the interest payment at the end of the year and then at the end of this month we will be transferring when the rest of the payments come in. Jason Hicks asks where that money is being kept. Angie Webster answers that the money is sitting in the bank. Money will be held in our Operations account until payment is due.

Alan Huelsmann motions to approve.  Dave Decker seconds.

Action: Motion carried.


Committee Reports

Building Committee Report- Read by Joe Nicoloff. The Building Committee has met to discuss seawall construction. Otherwise, there were no other permanent activities to report.

Social Committee Report- Lakapalooza has been cancelled due to lack of a chairman. The request was put out for a chairman, and no one stepped forward.

Nominating Committee Report- The Nominating Committee received 4 yesÕ and is still waiting on more. The last day for filing is April 8, 2014.




Old Business

Covenant Amendment

Joe Nicoloff: The Covenant Amendment Approval status: As of March 7, we have 855 approved. Still need 327 to reach our goal. We have picked up 33 votes since last meeting.


Write Off

Discussion Joe Nicoloff explains that the Board needs to approve a write off of $12,633.32 for the acceptance of property in lieu of payment of the amount owed as approved in the Executive Session. We need an open Board vote to approve this write off for the record. Dave Decker explains that this acceptance of property is a direct result of the actions of the Board to go after people who are not paying their dues and assessments. We had an individual who was not paying their dues and assessments and hadnÕt for a significant amount of time. As part of the current Board actions to go after these people and start trying to collect the monies past due, as a result, this person turned in their property that they owned and are no longer members of the association. The reason it was approved in the Executive Session was because it is a legal situation.

Darren Onwiler motions to approve. Alan Huelsmann seconds.

Action: Motion Carried.


Budget 2015

Discussion Jason Hicks proposes a new budget for 2015. There was a Finance Committee meeting on Monday where we made some adjustments to the balanced budget which was discussed last meeting. Slight reductions have been made to Public Safety payroll to be more in line with our actual expenditures in 2013. In regards to roads, that budget has been reduced as well. This puts us about $5,500 more than 2014 budget but it also reduces it by $7,500. The idea for the reductions was not only to get the budget to balance, but to further fund the reserves. As discussed in the previous meeting minutes, this proposal also includes the boating sticker fees. That is a $15,000 line item. Currently, this is an estimated income line item because we donÕt have historic data on this. It would be supporting a new policy of charging $20 for gas powered watercraft for an annual sticker and $5 for non-gas powered watercraft. Joe Nicoloff asks if the boating sticker fee has to be approved before being put on the budget since we are changing the fee structure. Jason Hicks explains that it would be reflected in the overall budget that will be presented to the members. Darren Onwiler states that by approving this proposal, it does not mean that we are approving this fee. It just means that this is what the finance committee came up with in their proposal. Jerry Theodore (1346) inquires as to how a budget with an unfunded revenue source can be approved. Joe Nicoloff explains that this budget is not unfunded. It is based on the $5 and $20 annual boat sticker fees in 2015. This budget is based on the members approving it. Jason Hicks explains that this vote is just to get the budget approved for the packet for the annual meeting. If this budget is approved at the annual meeting, this will approve the boating sticker fees as well. Roger Rawson (1851) wants to know if this fee is just for the purpose of revenue as opposed to the fees going toward a special fund for some part of the budget for a specific item. The Board answers that it will go into the Operations account for revenue. Roger Rawson feels it is a segregated attempt to just tax the boaters. Dave Decker states that it can be justified because there are additional expenses that go along with boaters. Roger Rawson agrees but states that there are additional expenses that go along with other things such as beaches and parks. He would rather see an increase on the special assessment than to segregate boaters. Rich Hertel (679) feels that the Board should approve an additional $20.00 to dues for everyone because he agrees with Roger Rawson in this being a segregation on boaters. We have expenses that are not going to go down. Joe Roth (1030) Asks that if this budget does not pass, what happens then. Dave Decker explains that if this budget is voted down, it is up to the Board to make a different proposal. Joe Roth agrees with the Board and feels that boat sticker fees should be charged. Monte Thus (6) agrees with Roger Rawson and Rich Hertel and feels that the fees are being segregated to just the boaters. The Board explains that this is just an approval for the budget. This is the budget that will be presented to the membership at the Annual meeting. Jeanie Votruba (493) would like to note that the Board does have the right to change a budget and advises the Board to have a back-up budget to propose. Conversation ensues.

Dave Decker makes motion to approve budget to be submitted at the Annual Meeting. Darren Onwiler seconds.

Action: Motion carried.


DirectorÕs Compensation Cut

Discussion Jason Hicks explains that the intent behind the suggestion to cut the DirectorÕs compensation was to reduce the budget by $4400 because assessments increase and there are additional fees discussed. Joe Nicoloff states that the reason why this is in there is to offer incentive for future Board members because we were having issues getting members to run for the Board. Conversation ensues.

Jason Hicks makes motion to rescind the DirectorÕs compensation for volunteering to be on the Board in its entirety.

Action: Motion dies for lack of a second.


Open Floor


Roger Rawson (1851)- Inquires of the background of the new restaurateur. Roger asks if there was due diligence done on the new restaurateur.  The Board explains that they reviewed all notes resumes for multiple candidates from the Restaurant Committee and chose based on what they felt was the best choice. Conversation ensues.


Alan Huelsmann makes a motion to move to executive session, Jason Hicks seconds, motion carried.

Meeting adjourned at 8:57 p.m.


Meeting minutes submitted by Michael Parker.