Date: March 26, 2014



Board Members

Present: Joe Nicoloff, Jason Hicks, Dave Decker, Michael Parker, Darren Onwiler, and Alan Huelsmann

Excused Absence: Gary Kluckman Excused

            Quorum Present: Yes


Others Present

            Holishor Members Present: 16

            Glenn Dalton, Kat Schuetz and Rob Frey from the Holishor Office, Chuck Clark from the Holiday Point Bar

            & Grill.



Meeting called to order at 7:30 PM

Pledge of Allegiance Recited


Minutes of February 12, 2014

 Michael Parker motions to approve, Jason Hicks seconds.

Action: Motion carried.


Transfers of Property

None. Information Only.



Request for Variance for Driveway/Culvert- 862 New Port Bay

Dave Decker motions to approve variance, Darren Onwiler seconds.

Action: Motion carried.


Old Business

Covenant Amendment Approval Status

Discussion Joe Nicoloff reads the Covenant Amendment Status. As of 03/21/14, 864 votes approved which means we are 318 votes away from passing our Covenant Amendments.


Seawall Recommendations

Michael Parker reads report from the Lake Management Committee.

This committee’s interest in seawall height has to do with our interest in controlling the amount of erosion coming from lakeside properties. It is commonly recognized that when seawalls are topped, they quickly erode from behind the wall. It is our belief that any height standard needs to be implemented on a voluntary basis. In our opinion, it would be a significant financial burden to place upon homeowners. When seawall replacement and/or repairs are necessary, homeowners could consider whether or not they could implement the recommendation.

Height Recommendation: The recommended height for seawalls is 2 feet above the “no wake” level of 9 inches above full pool. Stated in feet above sea level, the recommended height would be 507’9”. To give you a point of reference, the current seawalls at the clubhouse area are 506’6”.

Seawall Construction Recommendation: The Building Committee and Lake Management Committee are in agreement on the following recommendations. To minimize the “rebound action of waves” it is recommended that all seawalls be constructed of rip rap and soil cloth and/or baskets and be built on a slant. The size of rip rap should be no smaller than R-4. The quality of cloth should be the same as the cloth that the Association purchases. The degree of slant cannot be stipulated as topography will dictate. There are just too many variables regarding water depth, land height, etc.

Considerations: To assist homeowners in moving toward rip rap construction, we recommend that barge delivery of rip rap be permitted as long as the equipment used on the water has bio safe hydraulic fluid. The use of a barge delivery system would provide homeowners with excellent cost benefits and overcome many homeowners’ inability to get large quantities of rip rap through their yards. The use of a barge could be limited to certain months of the year, such as March through mid-May and mid-September-October and during lake lowering periods. The use of a barge should be controlled through a permit process wherein the contractor would explain in detail how and when the barge would be deployed.

Discussion Joe Nicoloff: Considering 2015 is a draw down year, the barge is one thing we do need to resolve to help our homeowners out. If we are going to recommend rip rap walls, they are going to have to have a way to get the rip rap down to their walls. Darren Onwiler believes that the barge delivery of rip rap is a good idea as long as the recommendation requirements are met in regards to the bio safe hydraulic fluid being used and that there’s a clear plan of action with any contract company that would be deploying the barge. It gives our members a cost effective way to repair or replace their seawalls. This would be a recommendation, not a requirement. Conversation Ensues.



Chuck Clark introduces himself as the new restaurant operator.


No Wake Lights

Glenn Dalton and Rob Frey request for No Wake lights to be placed at each end of the lake to be in sync with the light on the clubhouse. When there is a no wake situation that is caused by high water or low water, the red lights at each end of the lake will indicate that. The lights will be placed on an astronomical timer. We have the timers, the lights, and the poles and with the permission of the Board, we can install these. The light that will be placed on the North end will be below and Ostrey nest to see if we can get an Ostrey to nest here at Holiday Shores. The light that will be placed on the south end will be stationed onto the morning glory. These lights are solar powered. The lights will have a shield from the roads so they only shine towards the lake. All three lights will come on at the same time and go off at the same time. Conversation ensues.

Darren Onwiler makes motion to approve the placement of the lights. Alan Huelsmann seconds.

Action: Motion carried.


Holiday Lights

Discussion Joe Nicoloff Clock started 01/22/2014 and is on the website. Jason Hicks states that he understands the intent behind the changes. A concern of mine is the effect the weather will have on this rule. If the weather is bad, we do not expect members to get on their roofs to take down their holiday lights. We want to foster the holiday spirit in the neighborhood but at the same time, we don’t want people to leave their stuff out in their yard and on their house six months out of the year. Glenn Dalton explains that we will be taking a common sense approach on this matter. We do not expect anyone to climb on their roofs and take down their decorations if the weather is bad. We have a process where in this particular case the first thing I’m going to do is send the member a warning, after we feel that the member has had plenty of decent days to remove the lights and decorations. We will then start out with giving members a $25 fine if they do not comply. If the member doesn’t feel like that is just, they can go to the Hearing Committee. The Hearing Committee can then make a determination. Jason Hicks states that the Hearing Committee refers to the rules to find out if there is any sort of exception that does not apply. This would be pretty well black and white. I’m concerned as to whether or not there should be a clause or an exception to this rule because when Glenn’s years are up the next Lake Manager could see this as a rule and not have a common sense approach. Joe Nicoloff explains that by the time the fine gets around to the member, there has already been a warning which the member should already comply with. Dave Decker states that he understands the intent but the comment that Joe and Glenn made in regards to the member going to the Hearing Committee, Jason made an excellent point as someone who sits on the Hearing Committee and I as someone who has sat on the Hearing Committee, the members of the Hearing Committee are going to ask ‘What’s the rule?’, ‘Were they in violation of the rule?’. They aren’t going to ask why. Then, there is always the question as to the definition of “Holiday Lights”. Glenn Dalton states that he has never fined someone for deck lights. However, the lights that are on the gutters and around the windows are in my prospective Christmas tree lights. Joe Nicoloff explains that if this passes, it will be a rule and if there are issues that need to be fixed, it can come back to the Board. This subject will be brought up next meeting.


Annual Meeting

Discussion Joe Nicoloff states that the Corey McConnell Award needs to be discussed. Dave Decker explains that the Corey McConnell Award is a community participation supporter award. Corey McConnell was a volunteer fireman out here in Holiday Shores for many years. He consistently volunteered to do many different efforts. Corey passed away a couple years ago from cancer. This award was created in memory of him as a way to give recognition to the people of the Association who consistently volunteer and help; not just through the community standard committees but also through the unseen ways. I.e. helping their neighbors, helping out the neighborhood, along with volunteering for committees. This will be the fourth year for this award. Joe Nicoloff requests that if anybody has any recommendations, please talk to any of the Board members. Jason Hicks feels we should request recommendations from the committees. The rest of the Board members agree.

Joe Nicoloff: Meet the Candidates Night will be Monday, April 14, 2014 at 7:00 p.m.


Driveway Rule

Joe Nicoloff: Clock started for the Driveway Rule on 02/26/14.


Buoy Plan

Discussion Joe Nicoloff explains that the Jib Cove no wake buoy is being requested to be moved one lot over from where it currently sits. Glenn Dalton states that the Lakes and Dams Committee has recommended that the Jib Cove no wake buoy be moved toward the front of the cove in the position that it was previously in. In its current location Lakes and Dams feels that it is a safety issue. There is 75 feet of no wake anytime you are in conjunction with the shore line. If you take that area and look at how far it is across, you have a pathway there that is 50 feet wide. That is why the Lakes and Dams recommendation is to move the buoy back out. Conversation Ensues.

Action: Failed due to lack of motion.


Speed Limit Rule

Discussion Joe Nicoloff a motion was made at the end of last May to reverse the speed limit rule back to the original rule. An official motion needs to be made to accept this revised rule.

Action: Failed due to lack of motion.


New Business

Boat Dock Length

Discussion Joe Nicoloff: This recommendation is coming from the Building Committee. Michael Parker reads the Building Committee recommendation: We do not see an adverse safety issue if dock length were increased to 24’ as long as the current “20%” cove rule and 5’ side line rule remain the same. If a lessor length were preferred we would recommend 20’ length on all parts of the lake. Jason Hicks asks if there is any reasoning behind this recommendation. Glenn Dalton responds that if there was going to be any changes to the current recommended dock rule, it would be a good idea to get it in before the 2015 draw down. Conversation Ensues.


Open Floor


Roger Rawson (1851)- In regards to the astronomical timers, do the lights stay on all night and why? It would be rather annoying for the boaters who like to be out on the lake at night. Glenn Dalton states that we can have the on duty Public Safety Officer turn them off after a certain time. Roger Rawson states that on the seawall issue, seawalls can be made out of any material that is approved of but when it comes to vertical seawalls, wood has a shorter lifespan. As long as it is in the boat generated wake part of the lake, there should be a recommendation or rule for height for wave killing action material on that wall. The aim of this is to stop erosion and the reverberation of wave action.


Linda Thus (6)- Agrees with what Roger Rawson said about the astronomical timing. It is nice that we sort of live out in the country. It is kind of nice to have that country night sky when you’re pontooning around instead of having big, red, flashing lights everywhere. I would request too if it could be turned off at a certain time so that it is not on all night long. The intent is that you do not want people going fast when they shouldn’t be. How high are these lights going to be? Glenn Dalton answers that the lights will be 12-14’ high on the North end and 8’ above the water on the South end of the lake.


Jeanie Votruba (493)- On an update for the Board of Directors Candidates. I have 6 definite yes candidates. Regarding the lights around the home, I have red, white, and blue rope lights on my railing around my porch. I put them up 20 years ago to honor my son and all service men. So please do not think those are Christmas decorations or Fourth of July decorations.




Alan Huelsmann makes a motion to adjourn. Michael Parker seconds. Motion carried.

Meeting adjourned at 9:14 p.m.



Meeting minutes submitted by Michael Parker.