Date: April 9, 2014



Board Members

Present: Joe Nicoloff, Michael Parker, Dave Decker, Jason Hicks, Gary Kluckman, Darren Onwiler, and Alan Huelsmann

Quorum Present: Yes


Others Present

            Holishor Members Present: 43

            Glenn Dalton, Kat Schuetz, Rob Frey, and Gary Wilson from the Holishor Office.



Meeting called to order at 7:30 PM

Pledge of Allegiance Recited


Minutes of March 26, 2014

Michael Parker motions to approve, Jason Hicks seconds.

Action: Motion carried.


Bills & Salaries

Gary Kluckman motions to approve, Jason Hicks seconds.

Action: Motion carried.


Profit Loss Budget

Information Only.


Transfers of Property

Three transfers. Information Only.


ManagerÕs Report

Read by Glenn Dalton


Security Report

Read by Glenn Dalton

72 incidents reported and 59 citations written. Animal incidents 5, Vehicle incidents 2, Property incidents 58, Incidents involving persons 0, Alarm responses 3, Incidents on the Lake 2, and Other incidents 1.

Discussion Glenn Dalton explains that the property incidents were so high this month because of the Spring Clean-up Audit.


Treasury Report

Jason Hicks This Treasury Report includes the P&L: Income at 69.3% which is normal this time of year and Expenses are currently at 29.1%. Some of the major expenses include road salt, website and typesetting for the Holiday Times, and Audit work. This does not include the principle loan interest rate which is still at 4%. Additionally, we have opened up another CDARS account to make sure the money is insured. Also, if we have to take out money for an emergency expense, having two CDARS accounts reduces the penalties for extra fees.

Dave Decker motions to approve.  Alan Huelsmann seconds.

Action: Motion carried.


Committee Reports

Boating and Rules Committee- Letter from Rocky Lane Read by Michael Parker: For over 10 years I have served as a member and Chairman of the Boating Rules Committee. Recently, in Florida, I suffered another heart set-back. For these medical reasons, I am resigning my position on the Committee and as its Chairman. It is my hope that the Committee will continue to pursue the objective of keeping our lake safe and fun for all the residents of Holiday Shores. Sincerely, Rocky Lane

Discussion Joe Nicoloff Rocky is back and he is doing well. We are trying to get the Boating Rules Committee to schedule a meeting to elect a new Chairman of the Boating Rules Committee and present that to the Board of Directors for approval.

Building Committee Report- Read by Michael Parker: The Building Committee cared for 8 items at the March 18th and April 1st meetings. Permits for a dock, a pool, a shed, and two houses were approved. Two extensions were granted and one variance was forwarded to the Board.


Old Business

Annual Meeting- Drawing of  Names for CandidateÕs Position on Ballot.

Joe Nicoloff: This year we have 8 candidates for 3 open positions on the Board. Jeanie Votruba did an excellent job recruiting. Jeanie Votruba is asked to draw the names of candidates for their placement/position on the Annual Meeting ballot. The following is the order in which the candidateÕs names will be positioned on the ballot for the Annual Meeting: Alan Huelsmann, Shannon Hedin, James Almeter III, Jason Hicks, David Decker, Richard Hertel, Monte Thus, and Roger Rawson. Due to health issues, Jim Perotti regretfully resigns as a nominee for the Board of Directors.


Covenant Amendment Approval Status

Discussion Joe Nicoloff: We have received 872 Amendment Approvals. We still need 310 members to pass this. We are trying to get this done before the Annual Meeting.


Holiday Lights

Discussion Joe Nicoloff: The clock started on 01/22/14. It was posted on the website on 01/31/14. Jason Hicks would like to comment about special circumstances in regards to Christmas being that is when the cold weather hits; often 30 days after Christmas. There is the possibility to add the following line. Members may make a request for a variance with the Lake Manager for significant weather events or other unique circumstances. Variances should be coordinated prior to non-compliance. That would give something in writing that would allow an exception so members donÕt get dinged on it. The rule as proposed is black and white. Joe Nicoloff asks if the Lake Manager can approve a variance. Jason Hicks states that if it is written in the rule, the lake manager can approve a variance. Dave Decker explains that if it is designated as such in the rule, the Lake Manager can do that. However, if you do that you need to also need to have that variance have the ability to be escalated and brought to the Board if the Lake Manager doesnÕt approve. Ultimately, the Board is responsible for the rules. Jason Hicks suggests that the regular course of action would then fall into play. Dave Decker would like to restate his objection to this rule. Unfortunately with this rule, itÕs really hard to say whatÕs wrong and whatÕs not. I understand the issue weÕre trying to get to however, I have a hard time passing a rule that you canÕt really enforce. Conversation Ensues.

Action: Proposed rule dies for lack of motion.


Driveway Rule

Discussion Joe Nicoloff: Clock started on 02/26/14 and was posted on the website on 02/26/14. This has been on the website for over 30 days. Jason Hicks states that the net change in this rule includes a single sentence in the proposal which reads ÔIt is recommended that the last two (2) feet of any type of driveway be level with the street.

Dave Decker motions to approve. Darren Onwiler seconds.

Action: Motion carried.



Buoy Plan

Discussion Joe Nicoloff: The proposed Buoy Plan from Lake Management suggests for buoys to be placed 75 feet out from lot 1990 and 75 feet out from lot 347. Jason Hicks states that there are a total of 7 proposed changes to the current buoy plan. The other Board members explain that the one back in Jib Cove was voted down last meeting, so there are now 6. Joe Nicoloff explains that there are two proposed buoys to be placed near San Juan Harbor, one to be placed on the East side of Ski Cove, and the three that are at the entrance of Jib and Tunnel Cove. All of the changes are only for 75 foot buoys and would be more of a guidance to the boaters. Darren Onwiler believes that the three buoys in Jib Cove are excessive. I donÕt feel that going in and lining each cove with buoys is the right thing to do. Glenn Dalton explains this was the Lakes and Dams recommendation. The reason why this was recommended was because of the narrowness of that cove. Michael Parker agrees that the three buoys in Jib Cove are excessive. Darren Onwiler and Michael Parker suggest that the three proposed buoys in Jib Cove be taken out. Glenn Dalton explains the reason for the proposed buoy on the East side of Ski Cove is because people are hugging that side of the shoreline and getting close to boat docks. The two that are suggested to be placed outside of San Juan Harbor are basically to give people a line of sight. Conversation Ensues.

Dave Decker motions to approve the two (2) buoys San Juan Harbor and the one (1) buoy in Ski Cove. Gary Kluckman seconds.

Action: Motion carried.

Gary Kluckman motions to eliminate all three (3) buoys proposed for Jib Cove and Tunnel Cove. Darren Onwiler seconds.

Action: Motion carried.


Road Plan

Glenn Dalton states that we are looking at $87,177 as far as this road plan is considered. This is a combination of chip and seal, pug mill, and the culverts that we have to replace in those roads that we are going to pug mill on. What we have left in the budget after this would be $8,339.84. All of that would be for repair of our current roads which includes potholes and face reestablishment. Biscay Circle, Hawk Island, High Point Drive, and Jolly Roger Drive all need the third coat. The others are new projects. We are wanting to do a section resurface length of Holiday Point Parkway of 700 feet. Joe Nicoloff asks if any of the culverts that are going to be replaced are downstream from the lake. Glenn Dalton answers that that was taken into consideration before the road plan was created and that none of the new culverts will be downstream from the lake. Conversation Ensues.


HVAC Update

Glenn Dalton: We are continuing our investigation and development of a spec for bid on our HVAC system in the ballroom. We have determined our current system could possibly be brought back up. However, its reliability will not be at a level to support our demands with regards to bookings such as weddings or other such events and it would not be cost effective. We have had our add-a-phase system evaluated and as wired will not meet current codes as it is currently configured. Our ballroom has been evaluated and its current configuration with regard to windows, insulation, capacity, and use and has been determined that a 25 ton system is required. We feel our system must be operational by the end of May. It is estimated a 2-3 week window is required for installation after the bid is given. Upon completion of the spec, we will solicit bids and have them available prior to the next meeting. Joe Nicoloff states that Chris Martinussen has been spending lots of time evaluating our system. Chris Marinussen (323) states that his background is industrial/commercial electrician. One of the challenges that we have with the HVAC system is that systems in that size is only manufactured in a three phase and we have single phase power. In order to feed systems like that, when the clubhouse was built, two add-a-phase systems were put on because a single add-a-phase system was not large enough to supply power to a 25 ton HVAC unit. The add-a-phase system is in need of service. The first step in repairing the HVAC unit is repairing the add-a-phase system and bringing it up to par. ThereÕs a lot that goes into this. The add-a-phase system is worth fixing and the HVAC as it sits should probably be replaced. Conversation Ensues.


Restaurant Update

Discussion Joe Nicoloff: A little history as to what happened with the restaurant. The process started because the Beacon girls broke their lease and quit without any advance notice or explanation and we needed to get moving to get a restaurant in here for summer activities. The restaurant at the Holiday Shores Clubhouse doing business as the Beacon Inn Bistro closed its doors on December 20 after 14 years of service to the community. As a result, a Restaurant Committee was formed to find a suitable replacement for the owners. The newly formed Restaurant Committee is a 3 member team including Karen VanSandt, Ken Landry, and Chairperson Don Austin. Glenn Dalton and I were there to aide. We set in on all the meetings. The team set out to fulfill that task. A new lease was drawn up by the committee and approved with changes by the Holiday Shores Board of Directors at the January 8, 2014 meeting. An announcement ad was placed in the Holiday Times and an article appeared in the Edwardsville Intelligencer. Nine different entities expressed interest in the clubhouse restaurant. The Restaurant Committee provided a copy of the updated lease along with an inventory list and a cover letter to each applicant explaining the required resumes and business plans. Three of the applicants did not return the required application. Six of the applicants provided resumes and business plans at which time the committee scheduled personal interviews with all and walked through with each of the six applicants. Two of the applicants withdrew after the interviewing process. After much deliberation over the remaining applicants the committee selected a candidate from those remaining. The candidate selected for the new operation was Chuck Clark, President of CAC Enterprises. Unfortunately, ChuckÕs circumstances caused the restaurant not to open. The lease has been broken. We are looking at the remaining applicants to see if they are still interested and want to pursue. We are trying to get the best possible thing for our community.


New Business

Ballot Layout Approval for Budget

Joe Nicoloff: We have one ballot for the Annual Meeting which is the budget. We need to get a motion and second to approve the layout so it can be included in the packet.

Darren Onwiler motions to approve. Alan Huelsmann seconds.

Action: Motion carried.


Open Floor


Gerry Theodor (1346)- Regarding the power situation, is there any cost or longevity benefits to having the power company to provide the electrical requirements on the HVAC? Chris Martinussen explains that he has explored that option, and Southwest Electric Company stated that service was not available.


Chris Williams (7)- Regarding the lights on the morning glory and on the north end. Are the lights going to blink a half an hour to an hour after sunset? Glenn Dalton answers that they will be on from sunset until 10 p.m. and that will cover us for the whole summer season. We manually set the times but it is on an astronomical timer.


Pam Maibaum (2088)- It concerns me that there are six open items on the website that need to be discussed. IÕm curious how some of these rules come about to be proposed. Some things just arenÕt meant to be a rule. I would advise the Board to please think clearly when ruling on common sense items. We all want to help each other but sometimes rules just arenÕt necessary. Joe Nicoloff explains that the rules come from the Board. The rules are put on the website for the member to have a chance to look at what it is and offer their input. Dave Decker states that rules come from a lot of different sources. A lot of the rules come from committees or they can just come from conversations with members. The initiation of a rule can come from just about anywhere.

Pam Maibaum also asks how the Restaurant Committee was chosen and if any of them have restaurant experience. Also, how could Chuck be chosen when there were others who actually had restaurant experience? Joe Nicoloff explains that Karen VanSandt was on the original Restaurant Committee and is a very qualified business woman, Ken Landry has ran a restaurant before and currently sells restaurant equipment, and Don Austin is a past President and also knows purchasing from his former company.


James Cunningham (552)- Are we permitted to know what the amount of revenue is generated from the restaurant? Dave Decker states that we have not lost any revenue in the result of what is happening. James asks if there would be any benefit to installing household zoned units rather than a huge commercial zoned unit. Joe Nicoloff states that a survey was done on the ballroom and it requires a 25 ton unit.


Laura Scatturro (1716)- At one time the Board discussed the Board of DirectorÕs Compensation being cut. Have you gone any further with that? Is that going to be on the ballot? Jason Hicks answers that the proposal to cut the compensation of the Board of Directors died for lack of a second.


Gail Stotler (225)- When the initial interviews were done for the restaurant, was there any consideration or did they actually require a deposit by the person committing to the project? Joe Nicoloff states that we did not require a deposit. Gail asks about the possibility of opening the restaurant to the general public. Joe states that it is in our covenants that the restaurant be member based.


Pam Maibaum (2088)- It was really hard to watch the restaurant process because 99% of the community wasnÕt involved. This Board was asked at a prior meeting if it would be polling the community in any way, and the answer was no. It would be impossible to ask for 1200 different points of view. Because itÕs not open to the public, we should have been asked what we want since we are going to be the ones supporting the next candidate. I think it needs to be asked. Joe Nicoloff asks Pam what was wrong with us wanting to have a place for families to go to, a kidÕs menu, and a burger menu. What more could we ask for? Pam states that nobody asked! There are a lot of really good ideas floating around out there. ItÕs not appropriate to assume that the opinion of you seven Board members want in a restaurant is what everyone else wants. Pam also asks where the change in hours for the restaurant came from? Was it ChuckÕs idea to be open from 11-11 or was that something that was requested of him? Joe states that the Board has heard for years that people wanted the restaurant to be open for lunch especially during the summer and on weekends. Pam asks if that was a part of our lease or just a request. Joe answers that it was a request. Pam states that if the Beacon girls couldnÕt make profit enough to stay in business being open for dinner, IÕm not sure how someone is going to make it seven days a week serving lunch as well. Joe states that the Beacon girls and Chuck were two different entities. Pam states that with the girls having 14 years of restaurant experience and we choose a guy who has none and we expect a different outcome, thatÕs where weÕre a little upset. So how does someone with no restaurant experience get chosen over ones that do? Joe stats itÕs because of the people you bring in with you. Pam states that it didnÕt seem to matter. If you canÕt secure financing it doesnÕt really matter who your friends are. Darren Onwiler states that realistically, thereÕs nobody thatÕs more disappointed this didnÕt work than the people sitting up here at the table. We did put a lot of effort in with this as well as the Restaurant Committee. We tried to make the best decision we could and it didnÕt work. Again, weÕre upset about this as much as everybody else. Anybody that has any input on hours or what type of food they would like is welcome to come up here and let us know and given that information, weÕll try to make the best decision we can. ItÕs not that weÕre trying to shoo one guy in or one guy out. WeÕre trying to look at everything thatÕs being proposed to us. Through that process, it was Chuck and he didnÕt work out. Pam states that as a layperson, just hearing ChuckÕs work over the month he was supposed to open, I knew it wasnÕt going to happen. I want to know if someone was paying attention to his financing. Why are we getting a notification the night before heÕs supposed to open that itÕs not going to happen? IÕm submitting that either somebody wasnÕt watching it or was it not our responsibility? Glenn Dalton states that what Pam is talking about is why Chuck violated his lease and we canÕt discuss that issue in open floor and you know that. Pam comments IÕm asking if anybody was checking his progress along the way. Glenn answers yes. Pam asks if he was meeting our parameters along the way. Glenn answers no he wasnÕt. Dave Decker explains that ChuckÕs target and lease obligation was opening up April 1st and until he doesnÕt do that he is still in compliance with his lease. Pam states thatÕs where we wish we would have more of a voice in this process because it was obvious to many it wasnÕt going to happen and to make that the parameters- that is what makes us nervous. We donÕt have the right people on the committee. We donÕt know how they chosen. I donÕt know if they were the only ones chosen. Three seems awfully slim to do this, to speak for 1200 households. I just think thereÕs a wealth of information out here for you guys and I donÕt know how the committee was chosen. Joe asks if Pam has anything new to say because she already asked this. Pam states that is a huge disappointment Joe. Joe states that the Board is disappointed as well. Pam says that we have the same players going forward now. Nothing has changed yet weÕre supposed to expect a different outcome. Joe asks if Pam wants a restaurant in January or if she wants one this summer. Pam states I want one thatÕs viable. Joe states that we are going to have one thatÕs viable. Pam asks that of the two other applicants that are still in the running that we overlooked the first time because we didnÕt want them but now thatÕs all we have to go back to I guess, do they have restaurant experience? Joe states that they do. Dave Decker explains that the statement Pam made about them being overlooked, is an incorrect statement. ThatÕs not a fair statement. Pam asks if it would be safe to say they were not chosen. Dave states that they were not chosen, that is correct. Pam states so now weÕre going back to choices that we didnÕt choose the first time. IÕm not understanding the distinction between what youÕre saying and what IÕm saying. Dave explains that PamÕs term is overlooked and itÕs not a fair statement that they were overlooked. That means that nobody paid attention to them. Pam asks at what month will we start losing money because we donÕt have a restaurant in place. How much time do we have to find another candidate? And is this Board interested in opening it up further? Glenn Dalton states that we canÕt discuss the terms of violation of the lease Pam, and you know that. We canÕt discuss the terms of the lease, itÕs a legal document. This could go to court, and they canÕt discuss that. The way the lease is written, youÕre not going to lose money. Dave Decker asks Pam what she meant by Òopen it up furtherÓ. Pam states that there are people who are calling members asking if thereÕs an opportunity there. The rest of the world didnÕt know there was an opportunity for a restaurant until Laura wrote the article. So now there are other interested parties. Can they come to the party? Or is it just these two? Where are we in the process? Dave explains that from the BoardÕs prospective, they can absolutely contact the committee. Pam asks if there is a date for this next decision of whoÕs chosen by which others must act if they want to throw their hat in the ring. Dave states that he has not heard of a deadline. Joe Nicoloff states that if they want to throw their hat in the ring, they need to contact Glenn Dalton this week.


Shawn Hagen (1991)- I take offense to the Board when they look at the audience straight in the face and say I know what you guys want. You want a family restaurant, you want a kidÕs menu, and burgers, what else do you want? And by God weÕre not going to ask anybody what they want. WeÕre the men. I take offense to that.


Joe Roth (1030)- You know we can complain all we want. And you can be involved all you want. Run for the Board. If you want to make decisions, this is a republic that this country is in. This is a republic here. You have voted these men in to make decisions for us. Now you canÕt just pick and choose and all of a sudden you want to have the voice in who runs a restaurant. Give them your input. Same way you call your senator or congressman and give your input to them. So give them your information. These guys arenÕt closed minded. I havenÕt seen a lot of you folks that are complaining run for a Board seat. ItÕs very easy to run. A lot of work goes into being a Board member. I donÕt think you understand how many hours they put into it. But give them a little respect.


Rich Hertel (679)- IÕve been attending Board meetings for the last 4-5 years. Usually when you come to a Board meeting there are 3 or 4 people here at the meeting. Now all of a sudden something doesnÕt go right and people are upset about it and we have to pull chairs off the wall and everybody is sitting here complaining. This Board needs some respect just like Joe says. You have to come to the meetings. ThereÕs an open floor, you can ask questions, theyÕre very courteous, and they will tell you exactly what you want to know. They will answer you but you have to come here and ask questions. DonÕt wait until the game is over to come up here and start complaining about something. WeÕre a community here. WeÕre all supposed to stick together and I know a lot of people may not like to hear what IÕm saying but unless you voice your opinion before something happens, you canÕt sit and start beating up against the wall because something happened that you didnÕt like and you didnÕt say anything about it. You canÕt do that. ThatÕs not the way it works.


Roger Rawson (1851)- Regarding the restaurant, you guys decided what kind of restaurant we wanted without asking for any input from the members and I thought that was wrong. Now youÕre asking for input at the 11th hour and itÕs a little late for that. I understand that it is hard to appeal to a lot of requests. ThatÕs where you condense all of these answers and opinions and go from there.


Tony Harris (1222)- So we said by the end of this week, thatÕs three days for interested individuals to respond? The other questions is that we talk about trying to solicit information to the members that own the restaurant- weÕve got signs out here we could put a notice on the sign that says the Board is looking for input go to the website. Have forms out there you can download and turn in. It canÕt take that long. WeÕre looking for information on what you would like to see as far as hours, as far as the menu. Any of that stuff could have been done very easily. If you donÕt ask, youÕre not going to get any input. Joe Nicoloff explains that every meeting we have correspondence. If someone has a suggestion, they can write to the Board or they can come to the meeting. We have open floor every meeting. Darren Onwiler states that for any of the issues regarding the restaurant or anything that has to do with our community out here, our numbers are listed, the open mic is available, and you can always write a letter to the Board that would be read at the meetings. WeÕre up here trying to do the best we can for you guys. IÕve heard lots of people complain about the decision we made, but I have yet to have someone say we want a Mexican restaurant or weÕd like a pizza restaurant. Send us some input on what you guys want. Jason Hicks states that thereÕs nothing that says that the membership canÕt coordinate their own information poll either. Everyone has friends out here. It doesnÕt have to come through an official channel. If somebody is interested in joining a committee such as the Restaurant Committee, I hope they would ask to do so. ThereÕs not a lot of revenue that comes in from the restaurant. ItÕs not a money making business. Mostly itÕs supposed to be beneficial for both the restaurateur and for the members out here. If anybody on this Board offended anyone out there tonight, I do apologize. ThatÕs not the intent of these folks up here. As Darren mentioned, weÕre trying to do the right thing. ItÕs pretty thankless. We do appreciate you coming and we do ask for your feedback or for your input either here, the office, or calling us.


Monte Thus (6)- This is just a recommendation. I donÕt know what procedures were followed. I would advise the Board to do credit checks on potential restaurateurs. Regarding the A/C unit, are you going to have a statement of work to fill out to ask for bids? Joe Nicoloff answers yes sir. Glenn Dalton tells Monte that we will give him a spec sheet. The more bids the merrier.



Alan Huelsmann makes a motion to move to executive session, Jason Hicks seconds, motion carried.

Meeting adjourned at 9:46 p.m.


Meeting minutes submitted by Michael Parker.