Date: April 23, 2014



Board Members

Present: Joe Nicoloff, Dave Decker, Michael Parker, Darren Onwiler, Alan Huelsmann, and Gary Kluckman

Excused Absence: Jason Hicks Excused

            Quorum Present: Yes


Others Present

            Holishor Members Present: 18

            Glenn Dalton, Kat Schuetz and Rob Frey from the Holishor Office, and Phil Keyser- Contractor for Variance




Meeting called to order at 7:30 PM

Pledge of Allegiance Recited


Minutes of April 9, 2014

 Darren Onwiler motions to approve, Alan Huelsmann seconds.

Action: Motion carried.


Transfers of Property

None. Information Only.



Request for Variance- 320 Westview- Would like to build house 10Õ closer to the lake.

Gary Kluckman motions to approve variance.

Action: Motion dies for lack of second- Variance not approved.


Old Business

Covenant Amendment Approval Status

Discussion Joe Nicoloff reads the Covenant Amendment Status. We now have 875 approvals. We are 307 short of passing the Covenant Amendment. The Covenant Amendment Committee is out trying to get signatures.


Annual Meeting

Discussion Joe Nicoloff reminds the members that the Annual Meeting will be on May 17th at 10am. All members will need to be paid in full 7 days before and be in good standing in order to attend the meeting. We would like to caution everyone to make sure they are here before 10am. At 10am the doors will be closed for the meeting and members who are late will not be permitted into the meeting. If there is a line at 10am, everyone who is in line will be able to attend.


Road Plan

Discussion Glenn Dalton states that on this yearÕs Road Plan, what we have for rebuild, resurface, and storm water drainage is $87,177.00. This has been reduced because the snow budget was $1,419.22 over budget. If this budget is approved by the Board of Directors, what we have left for repair is $6,920.62. We have 22 miles of roads. We have the roads broken down into a priority list of categories 1, 2, and 3. Category 1 is our worst roads. Those are the ones that we must address with the utmost taste because as you are aware, we are experiencing a lot of base failure within our roads. We came up with a pugmill system and weÕre trying to rebuild them based upon that. The category 2 roads are those that are next that we have a concern with. Category 3 roads are the roads that we feel are passable and we have taken action to get them to the point that they are currently in. With the pugmill, the way that we rebuild the roads, we repair the base failure, put down 6Ó of base on top of that, and then we put two coats of chip and seal that year. The year after that, we put the third coat on and thatÕs what gives us our life expectancy anywhere from 8 to 10 years on each road. The following are the category 1 roads that are up for rebuild and/or resurface. Biscay Circle, Hawk Island, High Point Drive, Holiday Point Parkway, Jolly Roger Drive, Reno Court, Sextant Drive, Shore Drive SW, and Westview. A lot of what is driving this is our culverts. We have culvert failures in those areas. We are replacing those failed culverts. That is also something that we have to tie into our road project. Next, we have to do ditching on our roads, and the Board is considering it. ThereÕs no way around it. We have to address that because we canÕt use our driving surface as a runway for the water to go to the path of least resistance. That only leads to more base failure. Dave Decker asks if we are enlarging any of these culverts. Rob Frey states that most of what we have now are currently undersized for the watershed. We are increasing the size of almost all of the culverts. Dave Decker asks if there are any culverts downstream from these. Rob Frey states that the ones that are downstream have already been replaced. Darren Onwiler asks if these culverts would be sufficient that if/when we do get some type of ditching program in place they would handle the additional watershed based off of ditching. Glenn Dalton answers yes. They have been addressed for a 20 year rain which is the new Community standard.

Darren Onwiler makes motion to approve for the office/maintenance to receive bids, Alan Huelsmann seconds.

Action: Motion carried.


Restaurant Update

Discussion Joe Nicoloff states that since the last meeting the Board extended the time to May 2nd for anyone to apply for the restaurant. We had 2 people that originally applied and we had 2 more that did express an interest. We sent all of these individuals a packet. All four of these individuals are supposed to turn in their resumes and business plans by April 28th. We had 3 people on the Restaurant Committee. After the failure of the other restaurateur, 2 of the members excused themselves from the committee. We are down to one individual on the committee. We are looking to get that committee back in place. It would be nice to have that committee in place by the first of next week so hopefully we can start interviews on the final people. We are still working to try to get someone in there by Memorial Day. If anyone is interested in being on the new Restaurant Committee, please let Glenn Dalton or myself know what your experience is. Darren Onwiler asks if we place ads. Joe Nicoloff states that we did place ads in the Alton Telegraph, the Belleville New Democrat, and one in the Edwardsville Intelligencer that ran over a three day period with no responses. Glenn Dalton states that two of the three newspapers were also going to place the ad on their website. The Belleville News Democrat also placed the ad in their seven sub papers. Dave Decker states that he does have an individual who has volunteered to be on the Restaurant Committee. He has helped the Association in the past and he is a business owner. His name is Mark Keenan.


HVAC Update

Glenn Dalton explains that we have developed a spec that went out. We have 3 contractors that are currently looking at the spec and coming back for bids. We want the bids to be available for the next Board of Directors meeting.


New Business


Discussion Joe Nicoloff- We received a request for a survey. Joe calls out the names of the individuals who requested they do a survey in this area. None made an appearance. These individuals are requesting to do a survey in this area for the National Survey on Drug Use and Health. This would be a door-to-door survey. Glenn Dalton states that they were out here soliciting and we stopped them. Joe Nicoloff asks if anyone would like to make a motion to approve of this survey.

Action: Request denied due to lack of motion.


Boating Committee Chair

Michael Parker reads letter from the Boating Committee. Board of Directors, Following the resignation of Boating Committee Chairman Rocky Lane, the committee met on 4/15/14 to discuss the recommendation for the next chairman. Committee members in attendance were Rich Hertel, Monte Thus, Joe Roth, and Roger Rawson, with Association Manager Glenn Dalton. With the situation being that three committee members are running for Board of Director positions, the committee is asking the Board, a delay of recommendation from the committee and Board appointment of a new chairman, until after the Annual Meeting. The committee asked Roger Rawson, and he did accept, to serve as interim chairman. The Board has no objections to waiting until after the Annual Meeting to appoint a new chairman for the Boating Committee.



Joe Nicoloff states that Holiday Shores now has an Official Facebook page. It is only a push page. No responses can come back into it. Kat Schuetz explains the current criteria of this new Facebook page. Kat explains that as it currently stands, only members in good standing can be accepted as friends of the new Facebook page. Friend requests have been sent out to members who are in good standing. Those who have requested Holishor to be the friend, I have checked to make sure theyÕre members in good standing before adding them to the Facebook page. If theyÕre not members in good standing, I denied their requests. The Facebook page has been up for one full day and so far, there are 107 friends. Joe Nicoloff explains that the whole idea is to push information to the members. Dave Decker asks if there is a reason we are restricting this Facebook page to only members in good standing. Glenn Dalton answers that the guidance that he was given was that we wanted a push page only and the reason it was restricted to only members in good standing is because they are the only people that have a voice in the community. What weÕve seen in the past is individuals who are not in good standing posting on things and there are also a lot of people who are not even members of the Association who are posting on other Facebook pages within the Community. Dave Decker states that our web page is open to everyone, so why wouldnÕt our Facebook page be open to everyone. The first thing I think of is the amount of time maintaining the restrictions of the new Facebook page. Are we going to evaluate it every year? When someone goes into being a member who is not in good standing, are we going to defriend them? Joe Nicoloff explains that this is a work in progress. It just started yesterday and we are just trying to see what we can come up with. Before it went past a day, I wanted the Board to approve that because it would be a Board sanctioned Facebook page. Kat explains that itÕs like the Notice page in the Holiday Times. I go through every member, every month to see who should be taken off that page and who should be put on that page. Joe asks if the control of this Facebook page is through the office. Kat answers yes. So far, it hasnÕt taken up much time at all. Darren Onwiler I would like to applaud the people who have taken the time to get this Facebook page up and going. Once we get all the details ironed out, I think itÕs going to be an excellent way for information to be passed out to the Community in hopefully a more timely manner. The issue that we had in the past was maintenance of the page and whoÕs going to post. We finally got the one way problem taken care of as far as the page goes. With DaveÕs point that basically anybody can get on the website which isnÕt monitored, if we leave it as an open, one way page that would significantly reduce the amount of work that you would have to do.   Conversation ensues.

Darren Onwiler makes motion to make a Board approved Facebook page that is truly one way for dissemination of information to the Community and is open to everyone. Dave Decker seconds.

Action: Motion carried.



Village Investigation Committee

Discussion Joe Nicoloff explains that what we are wanting to establish a committee that would investigate the pros and cons of establishing Holiday Shores as a village. Right now, it is only speculation of what it is. I want to get the BoardÕs approval to establish a committee to investigate all of the options. Give us the pros of being a village; give us the cons of being a village? Just so we know concretely what it is instead of speculating. This would be an exploratory committee. You have to understand that our road and our gas taxes are going other places, instead of staying here where we could use them. We need to investigate that just to see if itÕs feasible for our Community. Conversation ensues.

Dave Decker makes motion to approve the establishment of this committee, Darren Onwiler seconds.

Action: Motion carried.


Open Floor


Rich Hertel (679)- Believes that making Holiday Shores a village is a great idea. IÕd like to recommend that we get our state representative in here for a special Board meeting and discuss state allocated funds with him. There has to be some state allocated money that we can use for our roads. It wouldnÕt hurt to just bring him in and discuss that with him.


Laura Scaturro (1716_- How many members are you looking for to be on the Restaurant Committee? Joe Nicoloff explains that there should be an odd number so if thereÕs a tie, you have someone to break it. ThereÕs no definite number as to how many can be on it. David Decker explains that it would be beneficial to have a very active, very small committee. Laura asks if the Holiday Shores Facebook page is the same page that Jason Hicks started. Joe answers no. Laura asks if the lots for sale were going to be put on Facebook. Joe states that right now, they are listed on the MLS.


Jeanie Votruba (493)- I would like to say thank you to all the Board members and the potential Board members that were here for the Meet the Candidates Night. We had approximately 40 people here. Everyone conducted themselves very well. As a whole, we all got a lot of good answers to help us make decisions as to who we will vote for.


Katie Chambers (1262)- I wanted to ask the Boards feeling and thoughts about as far as a Public Safety concern and also a budget concern as to fireworks. Last year, there were a lot of issues with fireworks. What IÕm concerned with most is other members letting off fireworks in the road. I know that Security is busy that night. Are there any kind of rules or requests that can be made to the Community about the fireworks? Glenn Dalton states that the only time that we place a restriction on individual fireworks is when we have a drought condition. Currently, there arenÕt any rules that prohibit the use of fireworks on the fourth of July. Joe Nicoloff states that that does not mean that Illinois State Law or Madison County Law doesnÕt prohibit them. Darren Onwiler advises Katie to call the SheriffÕs Department if she has any issues with fireworks. Glenn Dalton states that if the fireworks are being let off in an unsafe manner, please call Public Safety.



Michael Parker makes a motion to adjourn to Executive Session. Darren Onwiler seconds. Motion carried.

Meeting adjourned at 8:30 p.m.



Meeting minutes submitted by Michael Parker.