Date: May 14, 2014



Board Members

Present: Joe Nicoloff, Michael Parker, Dave Decker, Jason Hicks, Gary Kluckman, Darren Onwiler, and Alan Huelsmann

Quorum Present: Yes


Others Present

            Holishor Members Present: 20

            Glenn Dalton, Kat Schuetz, Rob Frey, and Gary Wilson from the Holishor Office.



Meeting called to order at 7:30 PM

Pledge of Allegiance Recited


Minutes of April 23, 2014

Michael Parker motions to approve, Alan Huelsmann seconds.

Action: Motion carried.


Bills & Salaries

Michael Parker motions to approve, Darren Onwiler seconds.

Action: Motion carried.


Profit Loss Budget

Information Only.

Discussion Jason Hicks comments that on line 281b with the special assessments weÕre at 86.1% with regards to collections efforts for that.


Transfers of Property

Six Property Transfers. Information Only.


ManagerÕs Report

Read by Glenn Dalton


Security Report

Read by Glenn Dalton

59 incidents reported and 44 citations written. Animal incidents 1, Vehicle incidents 7, Property incidents 45, Incidents involving persons 1, Alarm responses 2, Incidents on the Lake 1, and Other incidents 2.


Treasury Report

Jason Hicks We made a transfer to keep FDIC for our accounts, which is a $250,000 threshold. We made a transfer among our operations accounts to maintain that. We also had to do transfers with regards to our reserve accounts to do the same. Some of those, including the CDARS actually reached maturity and was renewed for 2 years. Additionally, the North Property Loan is still at 4%. We have had 2 additional principle payments in the amount of approximately $26,000 towards that. The anticipated interest at the end of the year is down to $9,547. Dave Decker states that we have set aside $10,000 to make sure we have the interest payment at the end of the year but since we are down to $9,500 we should reduce that down. Jason Hicks comments that since that is an estimate, it is better to wait until it is down to $9,000 before we start doing that just to give us cushion. Dave Decker asks if the number is based upon JasonÕs calculations. Jason Hicks answer yes.

Dave Decker motions to approve.  Alan Huelsmann seconds.

Action: Motion carried.


Committee Reports

Restaurant Committee- Kenneathia Williams (1991) gives the Restaurant Committee report: On behalf of the restaurant committee we are pleased to report the following efforts to seek potential, qualified candidates to run our restaurant and catering establishments. On Friday, May 9th, 2014 a Press Release announcing our exclusive business opportunity was sent to 46 different regional and local media sources including: newspapers, country clubs, hospitality management groups, catering and food service companies to include Le Cordon Bleu, the Illinois Restaurant Association, Country Clubs Association of America, SLU Hospitality Management, the Greater St. Louis Restaurant Association, American Food & Vending, and the St. Louis specialized catering company, just to name a few. In the last 24 hours the press release has generated three interested candidates. A list of questions and requests were submitted to Glenn Dalton earlier today in an effort to ensure the space is clean, properly staged, and ready to show to potential candidates. Due to this media push, three candidates  have contacted me this week to express their interest. In addition, the committee received one business plan from a prior candidate who learned this opportunity was still available and who wishes to be considered again. With regard to marketing, we experienced a low response rate with the old marketing packets, so the committee has developed a new sales and marketing campaign letter and packet that is located in your BOD packets in an effort to increase these response rates from potential candidates. The committee has streamlined the application process to ensure that all candidates are asked for pertinent information in a timely manner. Our first step is to provide them with the initial marketing packet and then proceed to schedule walk-throughs with each candidate. They have to see the uniqueness of this space before they can give us a usable business plan. The deadline for submission from all candidates has been set for the closed of business on June 6th, 2014. While the committee understands the urgent need to open a restaurant during the summer months, we would be doing the community a disservice by rushing this process. There is much work to be done with regard to permits, licensing, insurance, vendor contracts, liquor license, etc., that just takes time. In the interim, the Restaurant Committee is working on a short-term solution to providing food service to the community until a permanent candidate can be chosen. We will have suggestions and recommendations to present to the board after our meeting on Thursday. We will continue to keep the association and the community apprised of our efforts as we move forward to finding the best and most qualified candidate for Holiday Shores. Thank you.  Jason Hicks asks if he heard correctly that in the last 24 hours there were 4 interested candidates. Kenneathia answers yes. Jason asks if it was from the press release or from the last 24 hours from today. Kenneathia answer that from the last 24 hours from today, the Restaurant Committee has received 2 phone calls and 2 emails from interests from the press release. Jason asks what the total is so far. Kenneathia states that would be 4 potential candidates who have not yet submitted anything and 1 prior candidate. Jason asks what deadline was set for June 6th. Kenneathia answers that the deadline for submission for all potential candidates is June 6th. Jason asks if the deadline had changed in the last meeting. Joe Nicoloff states that the Restaurant Committee came up with that date. Dave Decker states that the Restaurant Committee works under the responsibility of the Board and the Board is supposed to be making the decisions. If the decision is that weÕre going to extend the date, that needs to be a recommendation from the Restaurant Committee to the Board, and the Board make that decision. Kenneathia states that she was not aware of a deadline or a date and that she did not see that in her packet. Jason Hicks responds that a couple meetings ago, the Board voted that May 2nd was the deadline for application submission. If there is a new recommendation, thatÕs something that we can discuss. Kenneathia states that to her knowledge, as of May 2nd, we had 0 candidates. The committee recommends that date be extended to June 6th. Joe Nicoloff states that there were 2 previous candidates by May 2nd. Kenneathia states that there was no documentation passed down to her about previous candidates from the prior committee. That information was received yesterday. Dave Decker states that it sounds like the transition from the previous committee to this committee doesnÕt sound like it went too well because the new committee didnÕt get information from the first committee. Kenneathia states that the members of the Restaurant Committee didnÕt have any information of the business plans submitted by prior candidates. Glenn Dalton states that when we had the turnover, there was a letter that was provided to the prior candidates. There were actually more than the 2 candidates, there were 4 that we electronically sent a package out to which included a letter of intent and a copy of the lease. Two of the 4 people that we sent packets to never responded. One responded but didnÕt have a business plan yet: this was the information that I provided to Kenneathia yesterday. From our prospective when it was turned over, there were 4 at that time. The Restaurant Committee has found an additional 4, plus 1 individual that did resubmit. Kenneathia states that the reason the new Restaurant Committee revised the marketing strategy was because of the packets that were submitted did not come back. We had to take a look at the packet and what was being submitted and it would be our recommendation that the lease not be part of the initial packet that goes out. Someone that is interested should come in and take a look at the space to see if itÕs something that they could consider turning into something that they want. The lease would then be the last thing for negotiation. Joe Nicoloff states that the one thing that anybody considering the restaurant needs to know is that this restaurant is for members and guests only. Kenneathia states that this information is currently in their marketing packet. Conversation Ensues.

Darren Onwiler makes motion to extend the submission date and close applications on June 6, 2014. Michael Parker seconds.

Action: Motion carried.



Variance request- Lot 7303 wants to put small shed on property without existing structure on property. Board of Directors did not approve variance request due to the Holiday Shores Covenants.


Old Business

Restaurant Committee- Joe Nicoloff states that Holiday Shores has a new Restaurant Committee. The Restaurant Committee will consist of Kenneathia Williams as Chair, Ken Landry, Rene Horn, Trevor Martin, Mark Keenan, Dan Corey, and Pam Maibaum. Joe Nicoloff asks for motion to approve of the Restaurant Committee members.

Dave Decker moves. Darren Onwiler seconds.

Action: Motion carried.


Covenant Amendment Approval Status

Joe Nicoloff: We have received 7 votes since the last meeting. We need an additional 300 votes to approve the Covenant Amendment.


Annual Meeting

Joe Nicoloff: The Annual Meeting is Saturday, May 17th at 10:00am in the Ballroom. Make sure youÕre here before 10:00am. The doors will be closed at 10:00am. If there is a line, security will stand at the end of the line and anyone that comes after 10:00am will be turned away. Dave Decker asks if there is a reason why we donÕt let anyone in the doors after 10:00am. Glenn Dalton answers yes and it is so the meeting will start as scheduled and go forward. Dave asks why we canÕt start anyway, even though there may be people still standing in line. Why do we have to lock people out? Glenn answers that it is a closed meeting and thatÕs the way it has been done since IÕve been here. I am the guy that instituted the policy. Conversation Ensues.

Dave Decker motions to discontinue the 10:00am lockout. Darren Onwiler seconds.

Action: Motion Carried.

Michael Parker says no.


HVAC Update

Glenn Dalton explains that we have been trying to work with three vendors to get three different bids on our HVAC. What we have is a 25 ton heating and air conditioning commercial unit that has been in place for 17 years. It has a system that comes out of the bottom and comes up and blows into the vents. Initially when that system was set up, three phase was a form of electricity that was going to be used. Then what they found out was that the three phase wasnÕt really the best way for this system to operate at that particular time. They then changed to what is called an add a phase. We have 3 of those systems. One which operates the elevator and 2 which operates our heating and air conditioning unit. We got in contact with one of the vendors who indicated that he didnÕt want to have anything to do with add a phase. The only way that he would bid it is if we converted to three phase. We got in contact with another vendor who stated that three phase would be a good way to go. It would probably be the most efficient way to go. Another vendor commented that the three phase would be the way to go, but the add a phase will work. We got with Southwest Electric who stated that when we were built on three phase it would be based upon a peak. Therefore, our electric bill is going to go up 45%. We understand that. When we looked at the three phase, we would not have the requirement to maintain and replace the three add a phase systems that we have. Plus, if we go with a new unit, itÕs going to be quite a bit more efficient. We are continuing to work on this to make a determination as to which system we are going to go with. Conversation Ensues.


Boat Sticker Donation Bucket

Discussion Dave Decker Over the last couple years, the office has made a comment that people always ask how much they owe for the boat stickers. I have consistently said to tell them theyÕre free but throw a bucket up there that says donation for boat stickers. If people want to throw a couple bucks in it when they get their stickers, do it. To this point, itÕs not been done. I was told I need to make a motion to approve putting a boat sticker donation bucket on the counter in the office. Jason Hicks asks why this needs action from the entire Board. Joe Nicoloff states that it is because we are directing the office to do something. If the office put this bucket up there on their own and a Board member didnÕt like it, the Board member would question as to why the office put the bucket in place and state that the office didnÕt have approval. Dave Decker states that the office had direction from the Vice President of the Board and it wasnÕt sufficient enough to get the office to do something. Joe Nicoloff states that it is a Catch 22 and that everything stops at the Board. Jason Hicks states that he doesnÕt think itÕs going to generate anything. Dave Decker feels that it wouldnÕt hurt; especially if the budget doesnÕt pass. Glenn Dalton asks where to put the money that is generated from the donation bucket. Dave answers that it can go under miscellaneous income.

Dave Decker makes a motion for the Board to authorize the office to put a boat sticker donation bucket on the counter. Jason Hicks seconds.

Action: Motion carried.

Jason Hicks abstains.

Michael Parker says no.


Open Floor


Pam Maibaum (2088)- With regard to the Covenant vote, it seems like our numbers are pretty low. We are averaging maybe ten if weÕre lucky every two weeks. With 300 more, weÕre another year out. Is there some sort of plan in place to finish up this project? Joe Nicoloff explains that we have a Covenant Committee that is working on it. This includes the three past Presidents and anybody that wanted to help with them. They have been doing phone contacts and theyÕre working at it. Pam asks if they work under the direction of this Board. Joe answers yes. In regards to the $15,000 boat fee, I have contacted the office, I have contacted Jason as the Treasurer and as the Committee Chair for that committee; asking for that information to be shared with the community on our official Facebook page and on social media and so far that has not happened. IÕm concerned that there are many people in this community that donÕt know that fee is there. I am wondering why the Board isnÕt taking every opportunity to let folks know that itÕs in there. Joe Nicoloff states that we sent out a packet with the budget in there and it was included in that budget. Pam states that she would like for the Board to consider something then. When we propose by law changes or any other changes at Annual meetings, you guys always attach rationales as to why youÕre doing that. That never happens with budget items. I donÕt know why this Board wouldnÕt take every opportunity to make sure that the membership is making an informed vote instead of trying to what it appears to be passing something in there without anyone knowing. Joe Nicoloff states that it will be explained totally on Saturday which is where the vote will be taken. Pam asks if the Board thought there would be a group of people who might show up if they knew it was in there who wasnÕt going to come otherwise. Joe states that the Annual meeting is open to all members. Pam states that she wants the Board to use the official Facebook page for communication with this neighborhood. I have contacted the Board and got no response. I have contacted Jason Hicks because heÕs on the Finance Committee and heÕs on the Board and have gotten no response. Nobody is responding to me. Nobody is putting it out there for everyone to see. Jason Hicks states that your responses have been coming through the office from our understanding. Whenever I do provide responses, they do get twisted around and become biased based on whatever sort of opinion you want to share. I am not going to subject myself and this Board to your opinions based on the impartial information that I try to share with members.


Alan Huelsmann makes a motion to move to executive session. Michael Parker seconds. Motion carried.

Meeting adjourned at 8:37 p.m.


Meeting minutes submitted by Michael Parker.