Date: May 28, 2014



Board Members

Present: Joe Nicoloff, Dave Decker, Michael Parker, Darren Onwiler, Rich Hertel, Roger Rawson, and Gary Kluckman

            Quorum Present: Yes


Others Present

            Holishor Members Present: 7

            Glenn Dalton, Kat Schuetz and Rob Frey from the Holishor Office.



Meeting called to order at 7:30 PM

Pledge of Allegiance Recited


Minutes of May 14, 2014

 Michael Parker motions to approve, Darren Onwiler seconds.

Action: Motion carried.


Minutes of May 17, 2014

Rich Hertel motions to approve, Roger Rawson seconds.

Action: Motion carried.


Transfers of Property

None. Information Only.


Committee Reports

Building Committee- Read by Michael Parker.

The Building Committee cared for 15 items at the April 15th and May 6th meetings. Permits for a shed, a roof rebuild, a sunroom, a fence, two docks, and one house were approved. One delayed start was approved and six refunds were forfeited. One variance was forwarded to the Board. Respectfully Submitted, Gerry Theodor. Dave Decker asks if we have transferred the money from the refund account back into the general operating account. Kat Schuetz answers yes, everything is up to date.


Public Safety Committee- Read by Darren Onwiler

The Public Safety Committee meeting was held Tuesday, May 13th.  The meeting began at 6:30pm. In attendance were Darren Onwiler, Glenn Dalton, Matt Schaffer, Gary Kluckman, and Dave Decker. The meeting was called for discussion for the following subjects: On street parking during periods of snowfall, Wake enforcement, and Concealed weapons carry in the community. All of the items were discussed and the following recommendations forwarded to the Board of Directors for review. On street parking during periods of snowfall: Glenn advises during the last snow storm the community did an excellent job of making sure vehicles were not parked on the streets. The main issue being, safe passage for our snow removal equipment and other motorist during snowfall. It is recommended notices be continued to be posted on the community signs, and distributed through social media to remind members of the issue during snowfall. No further action is recommended unless it becomes problematic in the future. Wake Enforcement: Glenn advised last season only four warnings were issued and no citations regarding excessive wake. Some video was completed last season however, possibly due to lake traffic conditions and low lake levels at the time, more will be needed this season. The premise of the video is to demonstrate to the community what acceptable and excessive wakes represent. Glenn, along with PSOÕs and volunteer boat owners will attempt to gather further video footage when possible. Footage of different water craft at varying speeds and loads is wanted for the video. Concealed weapons carry in the community: As Illinois is now issuing permits, there will obviously be more residents carrying concealed weapons. This should not impact our PSOÕs as it is beyond the scope of what we require them to be involved with. As was the previous operating procedure, Madison County SheriffÕs Office will handle any and all incidents involving any sort of weapons. Meeting concluded at 8:00pm, Nothing Further.


Restaurant Committee- Read by Dan Corey. Kenneathia Williams is currently unavailable.

The Restaurant Committee is happy to report that we have a total of seven candidates currently interested in our restaurant and catering opportunity. Four candidate packets have been handed out. We have one confirmed walk through this week and will be scheduling another walk through with a new candidate that called today. We have received one candidate packet back and our committee will be reviewing all documents and verifying financials, which are due from all interested parties by closed of business June 6, 2014. The Restaurant Committee has compiled a list of interview questions that will be finalized shortly. We will schedule interviews as soon as individualÕs completed packets are received by the committee. The committee is reviewing the lease agreement, rental amount and provisions and will be ready to submit recommendations to the Board by the next meeting on June 25th. Finally, the Restaurant Committee would like to recommend hosting a Pop-up style Outdoor restaurant on Saturday, June 14th. (The day before FatherÕs Day). Kevin Suttles, a member of Holiday Shores, owns SmokinÕ Brothers BBQ and he will offer a full menu priced from $4 (kids plates) up to $8 for sandwich plates and will also offer $20 slab of ribs. The Restaurant Committee will help promote this all day even (11am-8pm) through social media and requests the help of the Board by advertising on marques and also the official Facebook page. We feel this would be a positive and fun even for the day and will cater to our community and boaters. Mr. Suttles will use his own smoker and equipment outdoors near the patio. There will be no expense to the Association. Also, DocÕs BBQ and Holiday Shores residents have shown interest in pop-up service for the community. Dates TBD. We would like Board approval for these volunteers to serve our community over the summer as the Restaurant Committee focuses on a long-term tenant. Discussion Joe Nicoloff informs the Board that the pop-ups are okay in Madison County. As long as the committee has these sponsored, the Health Department is fine with that since we are a private community. Joe Nicoloff believes that the pop-ups are great ideas to help out. Joe states that he would like a motion to approve of the Restaurant Committee to allow pop-up vendors on the weekends until a restaurateur is selected. By doing this right now, we are helping out the membership. Roger Rawson asks if the vendor is going to be responsible for their own liability insurance. Dan Corey states that he is not familiar with that requirement. Dave Decker states that considering the Board just heard about it, we havenÕt established a requirement. Dan Corey states that he is not familiar with the company. Kevin Suttles is a resident and is offering to do this as a benefit to the community. Joe Nicoloff asks Glenn Dalton that regarding the liability aspect, what happens when we have the walk run and other events. Glenn Dalton states that the responsibility would be under the Association. From my prospective, we have never required caterers to provide insurance. However, since Kevin does have a business (SmokinÕ Brothers BBQ), I am sure he has his insurance for his food. We do have another member, Chris Martinuussen, who has also offered to do a pop-up service. Dave Decker states that he is surprised that we arenÕt asking for insurance from our caterers. As far as the events that we provide, we donÕt have outside companies coming in and doing it. It is our committees that are doing it. ItÕs a completely different situation when you have a for profit business coming in onto your property making money than when your committees are doing the events. Joe Nicoloff explains that this pop-up restaurant is a Restaurant Committee event. Glenn Dalton explains that it is sponsored by the Restaurant Committee and we will have to check with each vendor to see if they have liability insurance. Roger Rawson states that if they are doing it for profit, thatÕs one thing. But if he is doing it and the net profit goes back to the Restaurant Committee, that is basically what the Ski Club is doing whenever they sponsor events. Glenn Dalton states that for profit vendors should provide their own insurance and not for profit vendors will be covered by the Association. Michael Parker states that he has spoken to Chris Martinussen and he is going to keep enough money to cover the cost of the meat and donate the rest back to the Association. Glenn Dalton explains that Chris would be covered under the Association being that he is donating all of the profits back the Association.  Darren Onwiler would like to go on record stating that whether it is or isnÕt for profit it is a good idea until the Restaurant Committee can come up with a viable candidate. If it is a for profit business, it should be prudent on our part to make sure they have insurance. Michael Parker asks if this opens up our kitchen to them. Dan Corey answers no. Rich Hertel asks that if this person was not an association member, would we still consider doing this. Joe Nicoloff answers that theoretically, it is a sponsored event by the Restaurant Committee. Conversation ensues.

Roger Rawson makes motion to approve Kevin Suttles to do a pop-up style restaurant on June 14th and Chris Martinussen to do a pop-up style restaurant on June 28th with the intent that a for profit business provide insurance and a not for profit individual donate proceeds to a fundraising committee with no expense to the Association. Rich Hertel seconds.

Action: Motion carried.

Michael Parker and Dave Decker say no.


Letter from Bob Lowrance- Read by Michael Parker.

Glenn, as you recall, I asked to be considered to be put on the exploratory committee to check into incorporating the community of Holiday Shores into a Village. I am still interested and would like to meet or talk at your earliest convenience. I have attached a copy of my qualifications for consideration. Joe Nicoloff states that Bob is being considered.

Letter from Allan Campbell- Read by Michael Parker.

A while ago we had a discussion about the Real Estate Planning and Development Committee. Because of the Annual Meeting I waited until now to submit my notice of interest to you and the Board. At this time I want to confirm my interest as a volunteer for this committee if and when the Board decides to activate this committee. Also, I want to acknowledge that I am a Broker- Realtor with Bev George & Associates. I personally believe that such a committee would be a benefit to the Holiday Shores Community. Please keep me informed of the BoardÕs plan for this committee. Discussion Rich Hertel asks if the Board has decided the number of people to be on the committee. Joe Nicoloff answers no. Monte Thus (6) expresses his desire to be on the Village Committee and asks if he should submit a letter of intent. Dave Decker recommends sending in an email to Glenn Dalton. Gerry Theodor (1346) states that the Board should talk to Jim McCann about the Village Committee. Jim McCann has previously worked on investigating this. His findings were that we could not incorporate in any way shape for form into a Village and remain private. Joe Nicoloff explains that this is the reason why the committee has been formed is to investigate the changes in the laws throughout the years. They will be looking at the pros and cons. Monte Thus (6) states that the Board should get ahold of the college and see if they can make a class project to tell us what the pros and cons are. ThatÕs a free resource that will probably be very beneficial.


Old Business

Covenant Amendment Approval Status

Joe Nicoloff states that we have picked up 6 more votes but still need 294 votes to pass.

Dave Decker asks Glenn Dalton to send out a current copy of the listing for the covenant amendment.


Annual Meeting

Discussion Joe Nicoloff states that the following is the make-up for the Board of Directors. I (Joe Nicoloff) is the President, Dave Decker is Vice President, Roger Rawson is Treasurer, and Michael Parker is Secretary. The new Board members are Roger Rawson and Rich Hertel. Dave Decker was reelected. On the election ballots: The Monday after the Annual Meeting the office always goes through the ballot box that all of the envelopes are put in. In the box, the office found some unopened ballots. After finding these, they remained sealed and were put into the safe. We contacted our auditor of the election who came to the office Thursday morning. We contacted our attorney to ensure we were following proper procedure. We had two of the experienced ballot counters return to the office as well. We then videotaped them opening these ballots. After counting, the results did not change. Joe Nicoloff reads a letter from the Auditor of the election: This is an official summary of changes that I approve on 05/22/14 for the election results of 05/17/14. It was brought to my attention from Lake Manager, Glenn Dalton that there existed approximately 20 ballots not identified as being validated for counting the election. I was requested to verify if these votes should be counted or not. It was determined by me, with the assistance of two experienced vote counters that seven of the ballots should be included with the results of the 05/17/14 election. The addition of those seven votes did not change the top three winning candidates. Respectfully submitted, Joe Schoppet- Chief Election Official. Joe Nicoloff states that the top three individuals received the same exact number of votes after the additional seven were counted. Regarding the closing of the ballot votes shortly after the meeting starts, Joe Nicoloff states that this needs to be discussed as there were still people standing in line that didnÕt get to vote. Dave Decker states that we started the meeting late and the agenda states that one of the first things we do is close the vote for the Board of Directors. We didnÕt start the meeting until the person who was in line at 10:00 was in the door. We did it just the same as we have done it in years past. We went out and we identified who was in line at 10:00 and at that point we waited until that person was in the door. We wouldnÕt have started the meeting any sooner and the people have the option to get their votes in weeks ahead of time. I donÕt see any issue with it.


HVAC Update

Glenn Dalton states that we currently have an operating heating and cooling system. Trying to go forward by getting a system that will take us into the future, we are still having a difficult time with our bidders to get them apples to apples. Hopefully we will be there by the next board meeting. We are waiting on one vendor who is currently in Indonesia. We cannot close the process until the next board meeting. ThereÕs a lot of discussion about three phase. WeÕve looked at what everyone has to say. Reliability is our key issue with three phase. We do have three phase ran through the building but as I indicated last time, we have a segment from one side of the lake, one coming from the other side of the lake, and then we have another segment. We have a few bidders that would like to discuss the issue with the Board. We will try to schedule those meetings before the next Board meeting. Dave Decker states that he thought a couple meetings ago that it was presented that we werenÕt going to be able to get three phase. What changed between then and now? Glenn answers that we went ahead and replaced the contactors. We had a 300 people event with another 200 to follow. The repairman had the part and we indicated to him to change it, and he did.


Road Plan

Joe Nicoloff asks what the update is on the road bids. Glenn Dalton answers that we are waiting on one bid from an asphalt guy to come in and we should have the asphalt side done. The chip and seal bid for one of our vendors, weÕre still waiting on. We should have those two as well by the next Board meeting. Rich Hertel states that he gets stopped by members asking him what is going on with the roads. Rich recommends that we put together a PowerPoint presentation for the membership in the simplest form that we can make so everybody can understand. Then have an open meeting for everyone to come up here so we could once and for all try to convey to the members what is going on with our roads. It may eliminate a lot of questions. I would like to know what the Board thinks of this. Roger Rawson states that we can also add this to the Facebook page and our website. Joe Nicoloff thinks itÕs a good idea. The more information thatÕs out there, the better. The presentation needs to be put together and then presented to the Board for approval. Rich Hertel states that if the budget is already approved, then we shouldnÕt have to go to the Board for approval with the PowerPoint presentation. Glenn Dalton explains that the road plan for 2015 hasnÕt been approved yet. We can indicate what the remainder of the roads are that need to be repaired, and then indicate what our number two roads are, and then our number three roads. I cannot indicate in any way what the road plan for 2015 is going to be until itÕs approved by the Board. We can explain how much money we have and how much it will take to repair these roads as far as the patching, storm water drainage, and the pug mill work. Dave Decker states that if you take that path, which is here are our roads, here are the ones we consider first second and third at this point and know that these could change depending on conditions. Those things change. Also remember that the budget is a plan, not a reality until itÕs spent. You donÕt know what your costs are going to be for the road repairs, the road rebuilds, or any external things that are going on. I want to caution you against saying this is exactly whatÕs going to be done. We can say hereÕs our plan as far as the roads and where our focus is. Even with the road budget for 2014, we have a budget that is planned, we have an authorization through the office to get estimates, but we donÕt have an approval to go spend that money yet. As the Board learned a very strong lesson last year, if you spend too much money too early, you may not have money when you need it later. Rich Hertel states that the whole theme is to give our membership a chance to understand that at this point in time, what weÕre trying to do and let them get involved in this thing. At least spell it out with the idea that it is a moving target. If we explain it that way I think people will better understand what we have out here. Dave Decker states that he is not trying to discourage the idea. I believe itÕs a good idea. Anything you can do to educate the members would be great. Darren Onwiler states that he believes itÕs a great idea as well.




Open Floor


Monte Thus (6)- Regarding the pop-up restaurants, I request that the Ski Club still have priority on July 4th for their food tent. Joe Nicoloff states that thereÕs no question on that. The Ski Club has priority over outside vendors.


Dave Decker makes a motion to adjourn to Executive Session. Roger Rawson seconds. Motion carried.

Meeting adjourned at 8:42 p.m.



Meeting minutes submitted by Michael Parker.