Date: August 13, 2014



Board Members

Present: Joe Nicoloff, Dave Decker, Roger Rawson, Gary Kluckman, Rich Hertel, Darren Onwiler, and Michael Parker.

Quorum Present: Yes


Others Present

            Glenn Dalton, Rob Frey, and Kat Schuetz from the Holishor Office. Gary Wilson from Public Safety.

            Holishor Members Present: 15



Meeting called to order at 7:30 PM

Pledge of Allegiance Recited


Minutes of July 23, 2014

Darren Onwiler motions to approve, Michael Parker seconds.

Action: Motion carried.


Bills & Salaries

Michael Parker motions to approve, Darren Onwiler seconds.

Action: Motion carried.


Profit Loss Budget

Information Only.


Transfers of Property

Two Property Transfers. Information Only.


ManagerÕs Report

Read by Glenn Dalton


Security Report

Read by Glenn Dalton

Total incidents 39, total citations 18, Animal Incidents 1, Vehicle Incidents 6, Property Incidents 9, Incidents Involving Persons 3, Alarm Responses 6, Incidents on the Lake 10, Other Incidents 4. Conversation ensues.


Treasury Report

Roger Rawson: There hasnÕt been much activity as far as differences in the Treasury Report. Our total operating funds are a little over $376,000. Our total reserves are around $531,000. Ray Garber had gone over some of the schedules here and we are a little bit ahead on our income. This is due to more activity on real estate and collections on past dues and assessments. The collection process is working very well. We should get back to a normal state and have a lower delinquency percentage. Joe Nicoloff states that for the record we have paid $63,875.57 towards the principle on the North Property Loan. The balance is now down to $255,048.54. Dave Decker suggests waiting to approve the Treasury Report based upon a certain topic. Roger Rawson agrees that he still needs to check up on something before this is approved. Dave Decker asks if the principle payment was made in July. Joe Nicoloff answers that there have been several principle payments made and there was one made at the end of July.



Rich Hertel reads request from Jennifer McArtor regarding the usage of the ballroom for Girl Scout meetings.

Dave Decker motions to approve the request of Jennifer McArtor to wave the ballroom rental fee and use the ballroom the 4th Monday of every month thru May. Darren Onwiler seconds.

Action: Motion carried.


Committee Reports

Village Incorporation Committee

Rich Hertel reads the Village Incorporation Committee report: Bob presented the Bethalto 2014/2015 revenue projections to give us some idea of what types of and potential revenue can be achieved by a village. Very interesting considering Bethalto has a little more than twice our population. This was a big help. It was also decided to wait a while until we outline the boundaries of the proposed village. Need to study the areas more closely and what would be the pros and cons of all areas. Glenn talked to the IALC people and found that IALC was the group that pushed the 2/3Õs amendment addition of 765 ILCS 160/1-20. Glenn will also attend the August IALC meeting to discuss this amendment and the possibility of changing it to exempt from its requirement. Andy talked to Senators Haine and Manar. Both gave us their support and would help us any way they can. Andy will, when appropriate, send letters to Haine and Manar outlining our ÒchallengeÓ including a formal request for assistance. We should be discussing our position on dues versus tax income. Maybe a list of what each property is accessed from highest to lowest to get a median number. See where we stand on our current revenue compared to what we would need and at what levels of tax revenue. Conversation ensues.


Building Committee

Rich Hertel reads the Building Committee Report: The Building Committee cared for 13 items at the July 15 and August 5 meetings. Permits for 2 storage sheds, a pool, a deck and footings for new garage walls were approved. Two permits were closed with refund and 6 permits were closed with refunds forfeited.


Old Business

Covenant Amendment Affirmation Status

Joe Nicoloff: We are still around only 900 affirmations on the amendment. We are still 300 short. The committee is working through this. If you havenÕt affirmed, please do so.


Update on Emergency Culvert Repair

Glenn Dalton gives update. The culvert that needed repaired was over on High Point and Tamarach. That is the road that was trying to fall in because there was a void. The bottom of the pipe is gone, and thatÕs what is causing the void. The other problem that we had with that, it thatÕs an 18Ó pipe and there was a custom made Frisbee stuck in this pipe which was removed. However, there is another blockage in that pipe that is causing an issue. Once we resolve the issue, we will be continuing with getting the bids to start repairs. We plan on putting a sleeve in that pipe that will not require us to dig up any more of that road with the exception of the area underneath the current void that we have. It will save a lot of time and a lot of money. It is a smooth pipe that we are looking to install so it will increase the flow of the drainage. We have two more culverts in addition to this one that we have to replace this year. We have to get our culverts done. We hope to have this accomplished by the end of September.


Restaurant Update

Joe Nicoloff: Glenn and I met with somebody who called in was interested in the restaurant. They were wanting to have more of a sit-down meeting before they applied for anything. Glenn will be getting in touch with them and Kenneathia to set up a meeting. If they are still interested, they will submit their formal package and go through the process. Glenn had one other contact from someone that had previously contacted the Restaurant Committee. They (the interest contact) had not submitted any paperwork. We arenÕt sure if that contact is viable.


Boat Sticker Rule

Joe Nicoloff: This proposed rule has been posted. We have had discussions on it. Now we can have a vote on this tonight. Rich Hertel reads what the proposed rule states. (As previously stated in the July minutes).

Action: Proposed rule dies for lack of motion.

Joe Nicoloff: Existing rule is enforced.


New Business

Committee Guidelines Review and Approval

Joe Nicoloff: After the last meeting, Rich Hertel asked if anyone had any comments or recommendations to forward them to him. There were a couple recommendations that were incorporated into the guidelines. Roger Rawson, Dave Decker, and Rich Hertel had additional recommendations. Gerry Theodor (1346), Chair of the Building Committee and member of Lakes and Dams Committee, also had additional recommendations. Dave Decker suggests sending these guidelines to each Committee Chairperson for feedback as well. The Board agrees. Changes will be made accordingly.


Lakes and Dams- Reserve Fund Recommendations

Rich Hertel reads recommendations from the Lakes and Dams Committee: This discussion paper is submitted to the board in response to the request for a recommendation regarding reserve funds. The Silt Retention Fund, with approximately $25,000 set aside, was established for the use of Geo-Bags. Since silt test in the areas we planned to use Geo-Bags do not show a need for silt to be removed, and the fact that acquiring permits for Geo-Bag use appears to be difficult at best to acquire, we recommend the following use of these monies. Retain $15,000 for Gabian Baskets at three creek locations, to be placed this fall or next spring, and release $10,000 for other projects. The Dredge Fund, with approximately $88,184 set aside, was established for the replacement of the dredge. The Committee feels, after many years of operating our dredge, replacement of the dredge may never be necessary or could be so many years out, that putting money aside now could be deferred for many years. Continual assessment of this piece of equipment, with a judgment in the future of its longevity, could re-establish this fund. Therefore, maintaining $50,000 in this fund to repair or replace the most costly item, the engine, would allow $38,184 to be reallocated. The North Property, with approximately $11,000 set aside, was established for cleaning the retention ponds on the North Property. It was originally estimated that this would occur in 22 years, current silt build-up measurements indicate this will not be necessary for 45 years. Based on the 22 year estimate the annual set aside in the reserve fund is $7,300, based on the 45 year estimate this could be reduced to $3,500 annually. This build-up of silt is monitored closely, and adjustments could be altered if necessary. Other methods of silt removal, such as mechanical, are being explored. Rich Hertel asks if reallocated reserve funds stay in reserves or if they can be used for other projects outside the reserves. Glenn Dalton answers that the reserve funds stay in the reserves. Keep in mind, this report is just a recommendation which will be formally submitted to the Board for approval.


Open Floor

Kenneathia Williams (1991)- I would like to know why the Restaurant Committee report was not read. Joe Nicoloff answers that we can read it in but thereÕs not really an update stating what you have done. Kenneathia states that the Restaurant Committee would like to have some questions answered. We would like to know what our charter is and what our purpose is here and how to move forward. Joe answers that the Restaurant CommitteeÕs purpose is the same as it has been since the charter was established- To review applications submitted and once a restaurateur is in place, you are to oversee that operator. Since we didnÕt find anybody acceptable after going through the application process, it has been in limbo. Kenneathia states that there are too many people involved in this with little communication. Joe states that the Restaurant Committee is not going out and soliciting other people right now. If someone calls the office and is interested, the only point of contact that interested parties talk to is Glenn, who then passes along the information to the Restaurant Committee.


Trevor Martin (1285)- I understand what you are saying, Joe. However I do see a flaw in that. In my business, whenever someone calls and expresses and interest, they are directed to me. They donÕt answer any questions. That way the committee knows everything that has been talked about. Joe Nicoloff states that the Restaurant Committee is under the Board of Directors. Glenn is the Lake Manager and I am President of the Board of Directors. What IÕm trying to say is that this information was going to be funneled to the Restaurant Committee anyway. The Restaurant Committee was the initial contact when you were soliciting people. Now that youÕre not soliciting people, Glenn is now the initial contact. If someone comes in result of the soliciting, they will be directed to the Restaurant Committee. Glenn Dalton clarifies that all he and Joe were trying to do was set up a meeting between the interested party and the Restaurant Committee. We want the Restaurant Committee to continue the process that they currently have in place to come up with a recommendation to the Board of Directors for a restaurant.


Kenneathia Williams (1991)- If the Restaurant Committee continues to do what we have in place, and we are sharing all of the information with the Board as we were requested to turn over all of the candidate packets- to my understanding, all of the candidates are being revisited. Is that correct or not? Joe Nicoloff states that we are doing some internal investigation.


Pam Maibaum (2088)- At the conclusion of the second round of interviews, the Restaurant Committee started to question the wisdom of turning around and going for a third time to try to sell a product (the restaurant) with nothing changing. We did it once and it failed. We did it a second time, and with the approval of the Board, set a good working set of criteria and none of the candidates ultimately met that criteria. With that being the outcome, the Restaurant Committee set out to find another way to solve this problem. We went to the community in the form of a poll. 87% of the 90 people that responded said that they wanted the ability to vote to open the restaurant to the public or not. That is the last recommendation that this committee made to the Board that has still not been addressed. We have heard more through the grapevine than we have through direct communication. That grapevine suggests that we are doing background checks on the previous candidates and we are speaking to previous candidates without the knowledge of this committee. It is very difficult to know how we are to move forward when we are obviously no longer in control of this process. It is really disconcerning that our report was not read into the record. ThereÕs a severe breakdown going on and we want nothing more than to find a candidate for this restaurant. The process has now been changed. We have been given no direction. So that when you say we have not been actively seeking candidates, you are absolutely correct. Right now this Board, as the Boards have within the last 13 years, have chosen to ignore that non-members are not supposed to frequent our restaurant. It is for guests and members only. The Boards have always looked the other way. This is a huge reason why we are having trouble finding a candidate who wants to take advantage of this opportunity. Our recommendation from this day forward is to call a special meeting and have the membership vote on opening this up to the public. We are ready to work for you but we canÕt get answers to our questions to move forward. All we do is bring recommendations and we ask for your action on them. Conversation ensued. Rich Hertel asks Pam if sheÕs saying that the only way a restaurant is going to make it here is if itÕs open to the public. Pam answers that there were a couple of options. The other was charging a restaurant fee, and that was denied. We are trying to brainstorm other ideas. Roger Rawson states that nothing has been denied and nothing has been put under the table. We are trying to exhaust some options that we see. Pam states that I am not willing to move forward if we are revisiting past applicants who were already denied. Roger clarifies that we are just crossing some TÕs and dotting some IÕs before everything is said final. Pam states that for the record, none of the Board members have asked anyone on the Restaurant Committee anything about any of these candidates and are doing so without the Restaurant CommitteeÕs recommendations. Rich Hertel states that as we speak, the Village Incorporation Committee is investigating the option of becoming a village and this could have some bearing on whether or not the restaurant can become public. If we were to become a village, itÕs very possible that our lake community as we know it could change. Darren Onwiler states that he personally feels that the restaurant should remain private. However, I have no issue asking the community if they want it open. Pam states that if the restaurant goes public, at least eight applicants expressed an interest in our restaurant. Darren Onwiler states that these applicants should be pursued until a decision is made. What does it take to have a vote to call a special meeting?  Joe Nicoloff answers that we normally have a meeting in May but a special meeting can be called by the President, a vote of the Board, or 20% of members. Pam states that the Restaurant CommitteeÕs recommendation is to schedule a special meeting to discuss the bylaw for the restaurant to be public or not. Conversation ensued. Joe Nicoloff states that it is going to be discussed.


Kenneathia Williams (1991)- I have been very involved with entire process from day one with the committee, with the Board, and Executive meetings. I cannot be associated with unprofessional doings. So I will be resigning tonight. Rich Hertel states that he is sorry to hear that.


Gerry Theodor (1346)-  Regarding the Lake Management Committee. We are in need of a chairperson for this committee. None of the current members are interested in the Chair and have exhausted the efforts of anybody they nominated for it.


Pam Maibaum (2088)- I appreciate you allowing me to express what exactly it is that this Restaurant Committee is recommending. I understand that you have accepted our recommendation and will take it under advisement. Can I ask how exactly that process goes? Joe Nicoloff answers that we will discussing this. We will probably be discussing this at the next meeting. Joe states that with the Restaurant Committee chair resigning, this whole thing is in limbo right now. Pam asks if this conversation will happen in a public realm and not in an executive session. Joe answers, of course.



Darren Onwiler makes a motion to move to Executive Session. Roger Rawson seconds. Motion carried.

Meeting adjourned at 9:01 p.m.


Meeting minutes submitted by Rich Hertel.