Date: August 27, 2014



Board Members

Present: Dave Decker, Michael Parker, Darren Onwiler, Rich Hertel, Roger Rawson, and Gary Kluckman

            Quorum Present: Yes


Others Present

            Holishor Members Present: 8

            Glenn Dalton, Kat Schuetz and Rob Frey from the Holishor Office.



Meeting called to order at 7:30 PM

Pledge of Allegiance Recited


Minutes of August 13, 2014

Darren Onwiler motions to approve. Rich Hertel seconds.

Action: Motion carried.


Transfers of Property

Three. Information Only.




Old Business

Covenant Amendment Update

Dave Decker: We need an additional 305 affirmations to pass.


Emergency Culvert Repair

Presentation with slideshow given by Glenn Dalton. Glenn states that a lot of our problems are caused by debris and the erosion of the culvert pipes. We normally dig a trench, remove the old pipe, set and establish a grade from the inlet side, and fill it will rock to give it a footing in which itÕs set. We have been made aware of a new system to culvert repair. There is a PVC type of plastic with a life expectancy of 100 years. You take this PVC pipe and insert it into the old culvert pipe. Unless we are making a significant upgrade on that pipe, we wouldnÕt have to excavate. We can simply insert the new pipe and grout it in which that pipe will provide service for us. One interesting thing about this new process is the fact that you can increase the flow significantly by using this slick PVC pipe. We would ask the Board to consider allowing us to approve us to install this new system on the emergency culvert repair over on Point of View and Tamarach. This is a viable way of redoing and old system. Darren Onwiler asks how the PVC pipe will hold up with the continued deterioration of the previous culvert structure. Glenn answers that the previous culvert pipe would be encased in concrete. Conversation ensues. Before approving this, Darren Onwiler suggests that we contact references to get their feedback on this system. The Board agrees. Dave Decker requests for Glenn to obtain feedback from the references and to provide this information for the next Board meeting. Glenn Dalton agrees to do this.


Committee Guidelines

Rich Hertel: We have received comments back from the Building Committee and the Boating Committee regarding the Committee Guidelines. The Social Committee has requested a few more days to review these guidelines. I will provide the recommended revisions as soon as they are given. I know there has been some talk on if we need these guidelines or not. People seem to think these guidelines are a good idea. Guidelines help determine the responsibility of the committees and are a valuable tool. Dave Decker requested that name of the Committee be added to note their changes.  Rich agreed to do so.


Restaurant Update

Dave Decker: Effective after the last Board meeting, all of the active members of the second Restaurant Committee resigned. At this point we do not have a functioning Restaurant Committee. We have a couple individuals who have shown interest and have contacted the office. We are going to go ahead and talk to them; give them information. We have requested the information that the Restaurant Committee has accumulated in the past. We are going to continue pursuing our search for a restaurateur.

Discussion Rich Hertel: I have been doing some research and have put some numbers together. I would like to state that I am all for having a restaurant in this location. According to statistics, we have 1,170 homes here at Holiday Shores. According to the population census of 2014, we have 2,900 people living here at Holiday Shores. I put some number together based on the number of people living here. If 100% of the households who live out here supported a restaurant at least one time per month over a course of a year at a $30 per visit the annual gross revenue would be close to $421,200. If they supported the restaurant 3 times per month the annual gross revenue would be $1,263,000.   If only 50% of the households supported a restaurant one time per month over the course of a year the gross revenue would be $210,600.  If they supported the restaurant 3 times per month the annual gross revenue would be $631,800.  Considering our population, Worden with a 1,044 people supports two restaurants and Bunker Hill with 1,774 people supports 3 restaurants.  We have the households to support a restaurant. Rich Hertel recommended a small survey be posted in the October Times to gather information from the people that would be helpful to the Board in seeking a restaurant. Dave Decker stated that regardless if 25% of the people want or would support a restaurant the goal of the Board is to have a successful restaurant.  Surveys have already been taken in the past.  That data can be provided.  Glenn agreed to provide it.  Rich noted that the existing restaurant location can seat 60 people comfortably with 43 outside if the weather is good.  The survey recommendation was not acted upon.  Conversation ensues.



New Business

Fishing Committee Report

Rich Hertel reads report. A synopsis of what took place at the Fishing Committee Meeting on August 20 and how the funds were allocated. Laregmouth Bass- $2,000, Channel Catfish- $2,000, Red Ear Sunfish- $1,500, and Hybrid Striper- $1,000. Smallmouth Bass were not stocked this year due to majority vote and the Tiki-Bar Bass Club being unsure about contributing monies toward stocking. (They have funded the Smallmouth stocking since 2007). Using the amount of $2,000 towards Largemouth Bass should keep the year class of fish consistent without overstocking. 45% of the Largemouth sampled in the electro-shocking were 12Ó or under. $2,000 was set aside for Channel Catfish. They have become a little more popular to fish for and they have not been stocked since 2010. Supplementing the Red Ear Sunfish population with $1,500 seemed to be the right thing to do as some fisherman have started to catch some quality fish in the 9-10Ó range. Hybrid Stripers were once again added this year as a few fishermen seem to enjoy fishing for them and according to IDNR, they help  keep the shad population in check. Fred Cronin of the IDNR was in attendance and went over the spring electro-fishing results. According to him, our Largemouth Bass population is strong and consistent or even better than it has been in the past. All other species of fish in the lake that were sampled looked healthy and the condition of the lake as a whole appeared healthy as well. Dave Decker states that there were 15 people in attendance. There was a discussion about which percentage goes into Su Twan. Glenn Dalton states that every year, we look at the IDNR stocking for the species we are putting into Su Twan. Channel Catfish, Red Ear Sunfish, and Largemouth Bass are what is usually put into Su Twan. We use the IDNR per acre percentage for stocking in Su Twan. As an example, we use 25 Largemouth Bass per acre. Every year we stock Su Twan with the IDNR per acre percentage. Every other year, IDNR gives us an electro-shock of that lake as well.

Rich Hertel motions to approve the recommendation for the stocking of the fish for this year. Roger Rawson seconds.

Action: Motion carried.


Appointment of Officers

Dave Decker: We have received Joe NicoloffÕs resignation from the Board effective 08/27/14. I would like to take a moment to thank him for all his efforts. He has been on the Board quite a while. He has taken a lot of shots while being President. He did a good job of trying to steer this community through that environment. We appreciate all of his efforts and wish him the best in the future. With that being the case, we now have an opening in one of our officerÕs positions which weÕre going to need to resolve very quickly. Roger Rawson states that the Board should go in the direction of the last annual meeting as the next person that had the most votes should be asked to serve; which was Monte Thus. Darren Onwiler states that he feels the same. The community had already voted and if we had had another spot for a Board member, Monte would have been in anyway. ItÕs only natural that we follow that vote and offer the open position to Monte. Dave Decker asks if anyone else has any candidates they would like to put in for consideration.

Roger Rawson makes a motion to appoint Monte Thus to fill open position on the Board. Rich Hertel seconds.

Action: Motion carried.

Dave Decker states that the next thing we have to do is to elect a President of the Board of Directors.

Gary Kluckman motions to appoint Dave Decker for President. Michael Parker seconds.

Action: Motion carried.


Dave Decker: Now we have to fill an opening position for the Vice President. Is anybody willing to take on that position. Roger Rawson states that I would be willing to take Vice President.

Gary Kluckman motions to appoint Roger Rawson as Vice President. Darren Onwiler seconds.

Action: Motion carried.


Dave Decker: We now have to fill the position of the Treasurer.

Gary Kluckman makes a motion to appoint Monte Thus as Treasurer. Darren Onwiler seconds.

Action: Motion carried.




Open Floor


Joe Roth (1030)- IÕd like for the Board to rethink the restaurant deal. You know what the accusations were that the Board wasnÕt listening to what people wanted out here. ItÕs not going to cost anything to publish a survey in the Holiday Times. I do agree that you probably wouldnÕt get a lot of participation. I think if I was on the Board, I think this would be a good tool to say Òwe are listening to what people wantÓ. This would be a good way of reaching out to the community. Also, I have a question about the PVC pipe. Even though the pipe is supposed to be a better flow, how is 14Ó going suffice? Glenn Dalton answers itÕs because when we get the 142Ó of flow, that brings us up to the same as a 20Ó pipe- because of the slick pipe and the cone that is put on it to get rid of all of the inhibited airflow thatÕs in that pipe.



Monte Thus (6)- Jacksonville Lake is allowing us to perform a ski show September 13 at 3:00pm. We are doing the show in between the boat races up there. If you missed the show and want some entertainment, come up and see us.



Gerry Theodor (1346)- I would like you to know that I have yet to talk to ANYBODY in my realm of people out here that I know who want the restaurant open to the public. I have not had one person tell me they want it open to the public. Also, the information that was given out by the last Restaurant Committee, you canÕt base anything on what they said from the survey they took on Facebook. They had some high percentage figure of how many people wanted it open to the public. The reason that you canÕt take that very far is because thatÕs a closed little realm in the Facebook page of one person. A lot of those people arenÕt even members out here and donÕt live out here. I know this because of a comment from a non-resident that was posted on that page. That survey was absolutely worthless and had no scientific basis at all.



Jerry Allen (1024)- IÕve only been out here about three years. The restaurant is very important part of this community. I think we really need to have a restaurant in here to add more amenities to the members. If you went ahead with your survey, an important question to ask is if the members would support the restaurant being open to the public. The statistics of the Restaurant Committee survey was not enough to make a decision on. Another thing, a couple weeks ago there was an accident on Barbados and Tartuga. The officer was in shock that there wasnÕt any signage in that particular intersection. It would be hard to determine whoÕs at fault there. Would we as a community be at risk because there was no signage on that particular intersection? Someone could sue us because we didnÕt have the proper signage on our streets. Has that ever been looked at? Glenn Dalton states that there are a lot of streets out here that donÕt have signage. The big thing that you have to look at is the general rule of thumb always applies. The person on the right has the right of way. ThatÕs how it has been out here since the 1960s. We have $500 a year for signage. ThatÕs not a lot of signs. We only replace the signs that are currently in place. That topic will be brought forward in the next Public Safety Committee meeting to bring forward to the Board. Dave Decker states that in regards to your restaurant comment, the only reason anyone has brought up the idea of opening the restaurant to the public is because some people believe that they canÕt get anybody in here to run a successful restaurant with it being private. In my opinion, until that is put to bed, the idea of opening it up to the public just doesnÕt make sense if we can get somebody in here who can run a successful restaurant with it being private. In regards to the road signage, the real question is whatÕs the State of Illinois rules? Whatever the rules are for the state would follow out here. There is an Illinois rule that states who has the right of way regardless of signage. It is definitely something the Public Safety Committee can look at.




Roger Rawson makes a motion to adjourn to Executive Session. Michael Parker seconds. Motion carried.

Meeting adjourned at 8:58 p.m.



Meeting minutes submitted by Rich Hertel.