Date: September 10, 2014



Board Members

Present: Dave Decker, Roger Rawson, Gary Kluckman, Monte Thus, and Darren Onwiler.

              Michael Parker and Rich Hertel excused.

Quorum Present: Yes


Others Present

            Glenn Dalton, Rob Frey, and Kat Schuetz from the Holishor Office.

            Holishor Members Present: 9



Meeting called to order at 7:30 PM

Pledge of Allegiance Recited


Minutes of August 27, 2014

Darren Onwiler motions to approve, Roger Rawson seconds.

Action: Motion carried.


Bills & Salaries

Monte Thus motions to approve, Roger Rawson seconds.

Action: Motion carried.


Profit Loss Budget

Information Only.


Transfers of Property

Six Property Transfers. Information Only.


ManagerÕs Report

Read by Glenn Dalton


Security Report

Read by Glenn Dalton

Total incidents 27, total citations 11, Animal Incidents 2, Vehicle Incidents 1, Property Incidents 4, Incidents Involving Persons 3, Alarm Responses 2, Incidents on the Lake 9, Other Incidents 6. Conversation ensues.


Treasury Report

Dave Decker states that what was provided was a draft of the Treasury Report. We have a new Treasurer. A copy of the updated reports for July and August will be provided.


Committee Reports

Building Committee

Read by Dave Decker. The Building Committee cared for 13 items at the August 19th and September 2nd meetings. Permits for a house, 3 fences, 2 pools, a deck, a house addition, and a sea wall were approved. Four permits were closed with refund.


Old Business

Covenant Amendment Affirmation Status

Dave Decker: We still need slightly over 300 affirmations to complete this. If you have not filled out the affirmation in the past year and half, then you havenÕt affirmed. If you have any questions, please contact the office.


Emergency Culvert Repair

Dave Decker: At the last meeting we discussed using the pipe insert. We requested for Glenn and the office staff to get some references from the people who were using this system. We have received several of those. There are a few more states that use this system than originally thought. Roger Rawson states that everything heÕs read on it looks like itÕs all positive. Have you found any negatives to it? Glenn Dalton states that the one negative that weÕve found is the cost. From our prospective, the cost is different than indicated in the packet. Another negative that weÕve found is that after the 100 year life expectancy, these culverts will have to be dug out and replaced. Those were the only negatives we could find. Conversation ensues.

Roger Rawson motions to move forward with the snap tite repair. Darren Onwiler seconds.

Action: Motion carried.


Restaurant Update

Dave Decker: At this point we have approval and authorization from our background check company. We have submitted a couple candidates for review. WeÕve had a couple other individuals who have shown interest.


Sanitary DistrictÕs Letter to Members

Dave Decker stated that a letter was sent to all members of the association regarding the safety of our drinking water. The letter will be published in the October issue of the Holiday Times.


Lake Management Recommended Approval for use of a Rip Rap Barge

Dave Decker: We have received a recommendation from the Lake Management Committee to review the opportunity to bring barges on the lake to deliver rip rap for lake front properties. If we decide to head down this path, we need to do something in the short term to prepare for next yearÕs draw down. It seemed to be the focus for everyone that we need to be doing this during the draw down. WhatÕs everyoneÕs general opinion in regard to doing this? Roger Rawson: I think itÕs a good thing. A lot of people canÕt get heavy equipment to their seawall or dock. ItÕs a very effective way of moving material. Darren Onwiler: I agree with the effectiveness of the barge. Do we have any idea or a handle on how many members want to use this? Glenn Dalton states that we would have to first indicate if we are going to allow it to be used. Then the contractor has a specific number in mind that he would need before he can provide the service. With the wash that we currently have out here, we need to go to R4 to sustain the walls. Darren asks if we see any costs for the association. Glenn states that in our prospective this is nothing more than a monitoring to assure that all the guidelines that we put in place are upheld. I.e. eco-friendly fluids, where theyÕre loading in/loading out. I currently donÕt see anything that we would realize out of it. Gerry Theodor (1346): I did some investigation on that. After talking to the contractors, I found out that we donÕt have as much urgency as we originally thought. It is not recommended to use a barge on drawdowns because you have too many areas where the barge wouldnÕt be able to get to the shore line. It costs $5,000 to put the barge in the water. It takes a crane and it comes in two halves. Its 32Õ long and 20Õ wide. They put it in the water and they bolt it together. It carries approximately 100 tons. That includes the equipment to handle the rock. The contractor stated that he needed a minimum of 11-12 people to justify bringing it out here. He needs to know the number of people beforehand he can split the cost of the $5,000 between those individuals that hire him to do the work. Conversation ensues.


Update on Dredging Operations

Glenn Dalton: The dredge is currently sitting at the north end of the lake. We were keeping it at the north end to allow recreation. We lost our dredge operator. He went to another job. We have trained another dredge operator. We will be starting back in San Juan Cove next week. We are going to be back there until ice up. We think that we can complete it this year.


New Business

Asphalt Bids

Glenn Dalton updates the Board with a new, simplified sheet on the road repairs. Glenn requests to make a change in the road plan. Because of costs, we recommend a change to repair Key Largo Terrace instead of Reno Court. Conversation ensues.

Darren Onwiler makes a motion to accept the changes in the road plan to include the road rebuild on Key Largo Terrace instead of the asphalt operations on Reno Court. Roger Rawson seconds.

Action: Motion carried.


New Chairman for Lake Management Committee

Gerry Theodor (1346): We recommend Keith Schulz as the new chairman for the Lake Management Committee. He currently works for the association. He volunteered for this position.

Monte Thus motions to appoint Keith Schulz as the Lake Management Committee Chairman. Roger Rawson seconds.

Action: Motion carried.



Roger Rawson: It doesnÕt seem that a lot has been posted on Facebook lately. IÕve seen members ask why it wasnÕt posted that Monte Thus was appointed as an officer. Dave Decker states that the office doesnÕt post anything unless itÕs authorized by the Board. Nobody on the Board said anything to the office about posting it. It does not have to be requested in a meeting. Glenn Dalton states that from a staff prospective we would ask that emails or requests go through the President of the Board because we work with him on a daily basis. Conversation ensues.


Lot Subdivision Request

Dave Decker: Based upon discussion with the lawyers on if this is contractual or not, this can fall into discussion within the open meeting. We have an individual who has two joined lots. A house was built over the lot line. The current owners have decided that they want to try to slice off a lot from that property. The discussion revolved around whether or not you can divide lots after they are joined and if you can divide lots differently than the original lot lines. The conversation back and forth between the owners and the association is in regards to if the piece of lot they are trying to slice off is big enough to allow for our current building requirements as far as house size. They have gone through a couple different iterations of this. What are the BoardÕs opinions on this? Darren Onwiler:  They make mention that this has been done in the past with no problems. Is anybody aware of people splitting portions of lots? Glenn Dalton answers that it has been done in the past. WeÕve got some instances in several quadrants of the community. The problem is that when you look at our covenants it states no subdivision of property. Even though it has been done in the past, it would take a 2/3 majority vote to change that covenant. Dave Decker asks if the incidents that have been done in the past, were they segregating a lot that they currently had or were they moving property lines between either two pieces of property that they own or themselves and a neighbors? Glenn answers that in almost every case it was between themselves and a neighbor. Dave Decker states that in this situation, they are splitting property from themselves and creating a rather odd configured lot and not doing it back upon the original property lines. Roger Rawson states that he doesnÕt have a problem with it. Dave Decker replies that we canÕt go against the covenants. We donÕt have a choice. Darren Onwiler states that I would have no problems allowing it to revert back to the original property line, but in this case itÕs not feasible because the house it built across the original property line.


Open Floor


Matt Ressler (2064- We have an issue with these wakeboard boats out here. I had a boating accident out here two weeks ago due to a wakeboard boat. My son and I were out here fishing on the main channel, had a wakeboard boat come by throwing about three to four foot rollers; that threw us into a dock. When the boat came by, I started nosing the front of the boat out to take the brunt of the waves to the front of the boat. In doing so, it pushed us backwards into a dock. In that dock there was a boat sitting up on a boatlift. My boat got caught under that boat. It did about $5,000 worth of damage to my boat. I was not happy. When my boat got free, I went and tracked that person down, got the boat numbers, called security, security called IDNR. IDNR came out and conducted an investigation. They talked to him, they talked to me, and they talked to my son. At that time they did not write him a citation. After I caught wind of that, I contacted the StateÕs AttorneyÕs Office. We pulled up the rules and regulations through the state and it clearly states that you are responsible for your wake. The StateÕs AttorneyÕs Office has gotten a hold of IDNR and IDNR is supposed to issue those citations. My question for the Board is how long ago did you guys approve of these wakeboard boats on the lake? Dave Decker answers that wakeboard boats themselves werenÕt approved. We have a standard size for boats that are authorized on this lake. Matt asks if we have enforced wake rules. Dave answers yes. Matt asks if we are enforcing those wake rules. Dave answer yes, we try to. We have issued citations. Matt asks what has come of those citations. Glenn Dalton answers that last year there were three citations written and none have been written this year. Glenn states that criteria that was established last year with the Public Safety, Lakes and Dams, and the Boating Committees. That is the criteria that we use to evaluate whether it is excessive wake or not. Matt states that we make rules and rules are supposed to be enforced. Security is never around when these infractions take place. There are all kinds of rules being broken out here. No one is acting upon them. Roger Rawson asks Matt if he was at the Annual Meeting. Matt answers yes. Roger then assumes that Matt knows that our budget for 2015 was cut. Matt answers that that is correct. Roger states that nobody wanted to increase the assessments, so the security budget was cut. Security has been cut many times over the years because the membership out here doesnÕt want to pony up and pay for it. Matt asks why pony up? Roger answers that youÕre asking for it, but the membership is not willing to pay for it. Roger asks if Matt takes any responsibility at all for this incident. At any given point, do you take any responsibility whatsoever for your boat running into a stationary object? Matt states that my boat was forced into that stationary object. Conversation ensues. Darren Onwiler states that he believes Matt came to the Board with and agenda. You [Matt] stated that we have a problem out here with the wakeboard boats. You had a problem with one wakeboard boat that you feel caused damage to your boat. Matt states that is correct. Darren states that we are trying to enforce the wake rules. When Glenn and his staff get a report stating that someone is creating excessive wake, they do their best to arrive in a timely manner and investigate the matter fully. We are well aware that there may be some people out here that are causing problems. Glenn and his staff are trying to do their best to eliminate that situation. What can we do for you? Matt answers that he is out on the lake every Sunday morning. I have yet to see security on this water. The people know that security isnÕt out there. Security is not on the water in the morning times to enforce the rules. ItÕs not right for the fishermen. WeÕre not able to enjoy the lake. If security was out there doing their job properly, we wouldnÕt be having this issue. Darren asks Glenn if we could get one of the officers out in the earlier morning hours especially on Sunday mornings. Glenn answers yes.  Conversation ensues.


Ben Kelly (1824) - I am the owner of said boat dock that Matt was thrown into. IÕve never seen anybody fish that dock since it was built that stayed 30Õ away from it. LetÕs be real. He was not 30Õ away from my boat dock. We all have to exist here together. You have to use a little consideration of other peopleÕs property. Nobody is fishing that dock, that far away.





Gary Kluckman makes a motion to move to Executive Session. Darren Onwiler seconds. Motion carried.

Meeting adjourned at 9:02 p.m.


Meeting minutes submitted by Rich Hertel.