Date: October 8, 2014



Board Members

Present: Dave Decker, Roger Rawson, Monte Thus, Gary Kluckman, Darren Onwiler, and Michael Parker.

Rich Hertel excused.

Quorum Present: Yes


Others Present

            Glenn Dalton, Rob Frey, and Kat Schuetz from the Holishor Office.

            Holishor Members Present: 7



Meeting called to order at 7:30 PM

Pledge of Allegiance Recited


Minutes of September 24, 2014

Michael Parker motions to approve, Roger Rawson seconds.

Action: Motion carried.


Bills & Salaries

Darren Onwiler motions to approve. Monte Thus seconds.

Action: Motion carried.


Profit Loss Budget

Information Only.

David Decker: We have collected on a past due account. This is one that we had taken to court, received a judgment on, and placed liens on all the ownerÕs properties. They ended up selling one of those properties. As a result of those efforts we have collected $25,000. Continuing to make sure weÕre doing everything we can to collect the monies that are owed to the association to try to get our membership to understand that they do live here, they do owe their dues and assessments is a step in the right direction. In addition to this collection we have taken three lots in trade. Also, the amount of money that we are receiving from payment plans is significantly up from what weÕve seen in years past.


Transfers of Property

Four. Information Only.


ManagerÕs Report

Read by Glenn Dalton


Security Report

Read by Glenn Dalton

Total incidents 25, total citations 24, Animal Incidents 1, Vehicle Incidents 3, Property Incidents 7, Incidents Involving Persons 1, Sheriff Assist 1, Alarm Responses 3, Incidents on the Lake 9, Other Incidents 1. Conversation ensues.


Treasury Report

Monte Thus: I have the May- September reports. I would like to state that we do not get the numbers for the CDARS and ICS accounts until the middle of the month. So for the balance on 30 September, that is really an August number. The May-August are corrected reports which need to be approved. Dave Decker: There are several loan payments that have been made. So as the money that has come in from the special assessments is accumulated, we make the payments to reduce our loan balance. The current loan balance in almost $100,000 less than it was originally.

Roger Rawson motions to approve all corrected and current Profit and Loss Budgets. Gary Kluckman seconds.

Action: Motion carried.


Letter from Jim and Joyce Brendle for lot on Port Lane.

Read by David Decker: Per our discussion this morning, please see the attachment to this email for history of this situation as I know of to date: * Brendle letter dated Monday August 8, 2011 to Holishor Association, Inc. * Brendle email dated Saturday August 20, 2011 to Port Lane Residents. * Dalton letter reference date of December 6, 2011 to Port Lane residents; Meeting at clubhouse. * Woods basement sump pump information water proofing two walls lower level of home invoice # 14000 Dated January 28, 2014 for $6,441.95. The first three items listed above should be self-explanatory. The 4th letter/invoice # 14000 is the result of water entering the lower level of our home (through the base of the concrete wall and the top of the concrete footer) prior to the date of this construction/work being accomplished at our cost. ItÕs my understanding from you that engineering work has now been accomplished and proposed to the Board on a way to control the existing flow of water coming down the street. As stated in above letters, 90% to 100% of the storm water now flowing down our street (Port Lane- One Side) comes down our driveway. This is overpowering any systems I presently have in place to adequately control this flow. In summation: Our present asphalt driveway has been in place for 28 years and is falling apart and will need to be totally replaced next year (probably late June/early July). In taking to a contractor (if I stay with asphalt- most economical way) the whole asphalt system will need to be removed and replace (Estimated my cost $2,000 to $3,000) depending on base work to be accomplished. This cost will depend on what I must do in relationship to base work on how I meet up with the edge of the existing road. Therefore it is very important that I coordinate my work with any proposed Port Lane road work by the association. I need to get this storm water now entering my driveway to continue the natural flow down the road, not down my driveway. Further, if the water continues to flow down the driveway to the base of the footer and gets below the footer, IÕm in a LOT of trouble.

Discussion: David Decker: This is a situation where the parking lots in front of the houses on Port Lane have been extended out into the road and the level of the road has raised. As a result of that the water that was draining down that side of the road is now draining to the south. Conversation ensues. Topics included obtaining engineer estimates for study and watershed options.

Darren Onwiler motions to obtain estimates from engineers for study. Roger Rawson seconds.

Action: Motion carried.


Committee Reports

Building Committee

Read by David Decker. The Building Committee cared for eight items at the September 16th and October 7th meetings. A permit for a fence was approved, a 90 day extension for a house was granted, and a variance for a dock was forwarded to the Board. Five permits were closed with refunds.  


Old Business

Covenant Amendment Affirmation Status

David Decker: At this point we have 301 affirmations that we need. WeÕre getting closer.


Use of Barge on Lake

David Decker: We have in our packets an additional potential vendor for providing this service. IÕve had one email from an individual who is against the idea. One of the items that they referenced was the possible contaminants that could be brought in by the barge both material wise and water animal wise. Roger Rawson: According to what I am reading from this vendor, B&R out of Taylorville, it looks like they are willing to do work for two or three members minimum opposed to the other vendors who wanted 10-12 members minimum wanting this service. It looks like they are a more flexible company. We would have to get reassurance from them about our contamination questions. David Decker: We have several different pieces of criteria that weÕve talked about. Is this something that we want to hash out as a Board or do we want to get one of the committees to look at this and come up with a list of recommendations and a list of different components that we think are involved? Roger Rawson suggests that Lakes and Dams put together a list of recommendations and components involved. Darren Onwiler: I essentially see this as the Board setting up the criteria of how this would be implemented on the lake and what dates and times it would be allowed. David Decker: This can go back to the Lakes and Dams Committee to put together pros on cons on the criteria. Conversation ensues. Topic included criteria/questions and suggestions for Lakes and Dams.


Culvert Repair Update

Glenn Dalton: We have ordered the components to do the work and we are coordinating with Shawn to come in and help us do the first installation. We have cleaned the pipe completely out and have taken pictures of the inside. We feel comfortable with our ability to do this. David Decker: Are there any concerns regarding temperature when the work is being done? Glenn Dalton: We are going to get it done before it turns cold. I am not aware of a temperature requirement with the grout.


Restaurant Update

David Decker: There are a couple people getting together to work on the financial requirements or guidelines that we want to use for our restaurant. The previous committee spoke of this but it was just a number and there wasnÕt anything associated with it. We would like to build something a little more substantial as far as what those guidelines should be. We have a new applicant, so applications are still coming in. In addition to that, weÕve done a background check on one of the groups that applied which came back clean. We are going to start talking to them once we get our financial criteria laid out.


Committee Guidelines

David Decker: You had in your packet the final revision of the proposed Committee Guidelines.

Darren Onwiler motions to approve the Committee Guidelines. Monte Thus seconds.

Action: Motion carried.


New Business

Future of the Holiday Times

David Decker: At the Annual Meeting there was a lot of discussion about the Holiday Times and potential changes to the Holiday Times. It was requested that we start discussing that as a Board. We donÕt have the minutes to the Annual Meeting as of yet but theyÕre real close. Some of the items that were discussed were going electronic, trying to print and mail based upon request, the possibility of additional income coming from advertisements and click through if we did go electronic, and possibly tying it into notifications on Facebook. During the meeting that was after the Annual Meeting, we put out a call for volunteers for a Holiday Times Committee and the volunteer count is zero. Conversation ensues. Topics included the Holiday Shores website and additional options/suggestions. Monte Thus: The income that we get in from the advertisements offsets the cost of the Holiday Times. IÕm not sure our advertiser base would go with us on the internet because most of the time advertisers want large numbers. There are a number of pros and cons but I think there are more cons. I think that we should just leave it as it is because it is being paid for by our advertisers. Conversation ensues regarding email delivery. David Decker asks if anyone on the Board would like to look into all of the possibilities. Roger Rawson volunteers. Darren Onwiler: This is the way that everything is going. Technology is trending. Things change.



Open Floor

Joe Roth (1030)- Anytime that we needed money to pay for something, we took it from the road budget. Now we need money for the roads. ItÕs going to be interesting to see the Board try to figure out where they are going to get the money to pay for roads. We as a community might have to buck up. The Board might be under some pressure to make some decisions that are going to be best for the community. ItÕll be interesting.


Gerry Theodor (1346)- If this covenant does not pass then the Board can allot anything they want to fix the roads and they can change the dues and assessments. David Decker: My goal is to get this covenant approved.



Darren Onwiler makes a motion to move to Executive Session. Roger Rawson seconds. Motion carried.

Meeting adjourned at 8:59 p.m.


Meeting minutes submitted by Michael Parker.