Date: October 22, 2014



Board Members

Present: Dave Decker, Michael Parker, Darren Onwiler, Roger Rawson, Monte Thus, and Gary Kluckman.

               Rich Hertel excused.

            Quorum Present: Yes


Others Present

            Holishor Members Present: 9

            Glenn Dalton, Kat Schuetz and Rob Frey from the Holishor Office.



Meeting called to order at 7:30 PM

Pledge of Allegiance Recited


Minutes of October 08, 2014

Darren Onwiler motions to approve. Roger Rawson seconds.

Action: Motion carried.


Transfers of Property

Three. Information Only.



Letter from Midway PTO- Requesting ballroom rental fees be waived for the schoolÕs music trivia night to help the schoolÕs fundraising efforts as in the past. Conversation ensues. Topic included history on waiving fees for such organizations.

Darren Onwiler motions to waive the rental fee for Midway PTO. Monte Thus seconds.

Action: Motion carried.


Variance Request from Robert Helmsing- Request to keep over-length dock built in 1999. Dock exceeds 16 foot limit but does not extend past the back of the shore station boat lifts. Mr. Helmsing agreed to provide a new location drawing in a timely manner as part of the variance approval.  Letter from Robert Helmsing read into record by Dave Decker. Conversation ensued. Topics regarding reasoning for over-length dock and the Building CommitteeÕs response.

Roger Rawson motions to approve this variance. Monte Thus seconds.

Action: Motion carried.



Old Business

Covenant Amendment Update

Dave Decker: We are at the exact same number we were two weeks ago. We still need 301 additional approvals for that to pass.


Culvert Repair

Dave Decker: The materials are on order for the culvert repair. We are still trying to coordinate with the installer oversight. We expect the material in shortly.


Barge Utilization         

Dave Decker: At the last meeting, we had given direction to the Lakes and Dams Committee to put together some recommendations for guidelines if we were to move forward with the idea of allowing a barge on the lake. We have received no recommendations thus far.


Port Lane Drainage

Dave Decker: The study and design is for surveys, gutters, inlets, storm sewers, and drainage. We received an email from Ron Paul. He is an engineer at Hennegan and Associates. This email includes several quotes on an engineer study and design. Conversation ensued. Topics included the explanation of quotes given by Hennegan. Glenn Dalton: Engineering alone would cost between $16,000- $40,000 depending upon how much we need for the project. Darren Onwiler asks if we can obtain different quotes. Glenn Dalton: It is an expensive proposition to get that corrected. From a staff prospective we believe it is extremely important because of the liability issues.  Dave Decker: We will let the Board look over this information and talk about it at the next meeting.


Restaurant Update

Dave Decker: Since the last meeting, a couple volunteers have gotten together and discussed the financial requirements that we would expect from the potential candidates. We have provided a cost summary sheet for the background checks that have been done. In addition to that, the volunteers went ahead and met with one of the candidates and had an initial discussion. I have invited those individuals to have a conversation with the Board in the Executive Session to discuss this situation.


New Business

Bylaw Proposals for Annual Meeting

Dave Decker: We need to start the discussion on any bylaw change proposals that we might have for the Annual Meeting. To this point, I havenÕt heard anyone bring any up. If we are going to head down the path of proposing changes, we need to start that now.  ItÕs a rather lengthy process.


Open Floor

Gerry Theodor (1346)- The Building Committee is giving you an advanced notice for a variance for a shed that a member wants to build on Treasure Drive. The lot that they want to build it on is all the same lot number, but separated by a street. They want to build a shed on the lot that sits across the street from their house. Because of the property situation on Treasure Drive, there are several sheds on empty lots that have been there for years. Under the current rules, the Board of Directors would need to approve the variance on a case by case basis and not the Building Committee. Also, seawall recommendations have been received from the Lake Management Committee. Conversation ensued. Topic included Building Rules and Regulations regarding this issue.



Michael Parker makes a motion to adjourn to Executive Session. Roger Rawson seconds. Motion carried.

Meeting adjourned at 8:12 p.m.



Meeting minutes submitted by Michael Parker.