Holiday Shores

Board of Directors Meeting Minutes


Date: November 12, 2014



Board Members

Present: Dave Decker, Roger Rawson, Monte Thus, Gary Kluckman, and Darren Onwiler.

Excused: Michael Parker

Quorum Present: Yes


Others Present

Glenn Dalton, Rob Frey, Kat Schuetz, and Gary Wilson from the Holishor Office.

            Holishor Members Present: 13



Meeting called to order at 7:30 PM

Pledge of Allegiance Recited


Minutes of October 22, 2014

Roger Rawson motions to approve. Rich Hertel seconds.

Action: Motion carried.


Bills & Salaries

Roger Rawson motions to approve. Monte Thus seconds.

Action: Motion Carried.


Profit Loss Budget

Information Only.


Transfers of Property

Three. Information Only.


ManagerŐs Report

Read by Glenn Dalton


Security Report

Read by Glenn Dalton

Total Incidents 26, Total Citations 17, Animal Incidents 2, Vehicle Incidents 3, Property Incidents 15, Alarm Responses 1, Other Incidents 5.





Treasury Report

Monte Thus: We have deposited the money from the judgment into our account. That was $25,000. We have also made payments to our property tax. The current balance on the North Property is $219, 426.71.

Darren Onwiler motions to approve. Roger Rawson seconds.

Action: Motion Carried.



Building Committee Report

Read by Rich Hertel: The Building Committee cared for 6 items at the October 21st and November 4th meetings. A permit for a house was approved and five permits were closed with refunds.


Letters from HSVFD- Dave Jacoby and Steve Cooper- Requests for waivers of the ballroom rental fee for the Chicken and Beer Dance Fundraiser and the Annual Rewards Appreciation Dinner.

Dave Decker: This is something that the Association has done for many years now to help support the Holiday Shores Fire Department. Monte Thus asks if they will still have to pay for security if both of the events have alcohol. Dave Decker answers yes they will have to pay for security being that there will be alcohol at both of these events. For clarification, they are requesting a waiver for the rental fee, the deposit, and the cleaning fee for the Chicken and Beer Dance Fundraiser and for the Annual Rewards Appreciation Dinner they are requesting a waiver for the rental fee and the deposit only.

Darren Onwiler motions to approve the requests for waivers. Roger Rawson seconds.

Action: Motion Carried.


Request from Social Committee for Board to clarify the AssociationŐs 50 year Anniversary and to request permission to start fundraising plans for such event.

Read by Rich Hertel.

Discussion: Darren Onwiler: What was the logic to holding the AssociationŐs 30th year anniversary in 1995 if Holiday Shores was developed in 1967? Glenn Dalton: 1965 is when the developer founded Holiday Shores. That is the only reason we can think of why they chose to celebrate the 30th Anniversary in 1995. The Association came into being in 1967 but the developer founded Holiday Shores in 1965. The developer created Holiday Shores Development in 1965. Dave Decker: The Association itself was created in 1967 by the developer. Roger Rawson: If we celebrated the 30th in 1995, then it would make sense to keep it on that timeline and celebrate the 50th in 2015. Jeanie Votruba(493): I have the for sale papers that states that my husband bought his property in 1965. Rich Hertel: I personally think that if Holiday Shores was founded by the developer in 1965, thatŐs the year that we should base the anniversary on.

Rich Hertel makes motion to approve to use 1965 as the year the Association was founded. Monte Thus seconds.

Action: Motion Carried.

Darren Onwiler makes motion to approve the Social CommitteeŐs plans for fundraising for the 50 Year Anniversary Celebration as submitted. Roger Rawson seconds.

Action: Motion Carried.


Kathy Austin (281): The Social Committee wants to make an offer to take over the Holiday Shores Golf Tournament for 2015. There is a committee of three already that have experience running tournaments and are willing to take it over.

Gary Kluckman makes motion to approve. Darren Onwiler seconds.

Action: Motion Carried.


Real Estate Planning and Development Committee Request to obtain the status of the 36 Holishor Association lots for sale.

Read by Rich Hertel.

Alan Campbell (325): Explains the progress of the Real Estate Planning and Development Committee and the charter of the committee. Conversation ensues.




Old Business

Covenant Amendment Affirmation Status

Dave Decker: We are still at the exact same number that we were at the last meeting. We still need 301 affirmations.


Marathon Pipeline

Dave Decker: We received a letter from Marathon Pipeline informing us that they will be doing work out here.


Culvert Repair

Glenn Dalton: We were going to start over on Point of View and Tamarach by inserting a pipe into our culvert to save us time and money. This would have also significantly extended our life expectancy of our current culvert systems. This is a piece of PVC pipe that snaps together and slides into the existing culvert pipe. You then grout around it to enforce the pipes. Because of the slickness of the pipe, it greatly increases the water flow. This is supposed to be a very quick process; until you get into a situation like we have experienced at the repair site.  There are many different elements to the previous repairs and replacements. In some cases, they didnŐt use any footing in the bottom of the excavation and used bricks to hold up the culvert pipe. The bottom was completely gone out of this particular culvert pipe. When we tried to insert the PVC pipe, the bricks became ajar and jammed the pipes. We are currently 10 feet from the down flow side of the culvert pipe. We tried to back the PVC pipe back out of the culvert but that ended up loosening the coupling. We are going to continue to try to get the PVC pipe into the culvert to complete the project. Dave Decker: Do you have any concerns about completing this project the way you had originally planned? Glenn Dalton: No. We think we can do it. ItŐs just a matter of getting in the culvert pipe and dislodging the bricks that are in there. Conversation ensued. Topic included the professionalŐs assistance in the culvert repair.


Barge Utilization- Lakes and Dams Recommended Guidelines

Rich Hertel: We received a letter from the Lakes and Dams Committee. The Lakes and Dams Committee has come up with some recommendations for the use of barges on the lake to better assist with seawall repairs. The committee concluded that due to a very limited response to a recent formal pole of lot owners via the Holishor Association Facebook page, barge usage would not be utilized to a potential of allowing such a vessel on the lake. However, if the Board decides to allow usage of a barge, the Lakes and Dams Committee has come up with some guidelines. Conversation ensued. Topics included the recommended guidelines for barge usage on the lake and where equipment would be stored and fees associated with usage. The Board decides to consider this further.


Port Lane Drainage

Dave Decker: We have been given an estimate for the engineering for the Port Lane drainage. That engineering ranges from $16,000- $40,000 for the project from start to finish. From my prospective, the first step is deciding if we want to move forward with having a design put forth for that effort. Are we willing to make that investment in the engineering costs? Rich Hertel: WhereŐs the money going to come from? Conversation ensues into the next topic.



Monte Thus: I have a spreadsheet that contains the 2011 actual to 2016 proposed budgets. We need to discuss the 2014 actual budget and the 2014 end of year forecast. That forecast includes what we think the expenses will be in November and December. The 2015 member approved budget was approved in May of 2014 and we have a recommended revised budget for 2015 from the Finance Committee. We have a forecast of excess monies in the 2014 budget. It is important that we monitor the 2014 actual income and expense for excess funds that we will have at the end of this year. In the forecast for the end of 2014, we show an income of $1,067,300.  In the 2014 budget, we have $983,150. This leaves a difference of $84,150. Again, this is only a forecasted amount. Looking at the expense side of the spreadsheet, the 2014 ending forecast for total expenses is $954,500. The difference between the 2014 ending forecast and the 2014 budget is $28,650. Again, this number is just a forecast amount of excess monies. We are not spending everything that we budgeted. If you add the $84,150 and the $28,650 together, we have an excess of $112,800. I will reiterate that this is a forecast amount, not actual. We are continuing to work on the 2016 budget. What isnŐt showing in these actuals are the write-offs and the properties received in lieu of cash. This total was $26,614. If you subtract the $26,614 from $112,800 we show $86,186 excess forecasted for the end of the year. Board members need to decide by the December meeting where we will use these excess funds. Conversation ensues. Topic included the Finance CommitteeŐs recommendation for allocation of the excess funds and thoughts from the Board members. Dave Decker: Keep in mind that if Illinois State Laws raise the minimum wage to $10 an hour, it will have an impact on our budget. Based upon our current staffing levels, this has the capabilities of impacting us at $45,000 in one year. If you think about our budget of roughly one million dollars, youŐre talking about 4% of that. Doing the math, that ends up being roughly $42 per member. The revised budget does not account for any increase of the minimum wage. Conversation ensues. Continued conversation on the possible minimum wage increase.


Restaurant Update

Dave Decker: The Board met with one of the applicants for the restaurant. There were a lot of good questions from both the applicant and the Board. We are going to do some further review of financials. We have been told that other individuals are interested and will be applying. If someone else does apply, we are going to move them through the process while we continue working with the candidate that we are working with.


New Business

Illinois Boating Law Changes- Orange Flag

Dave Decker: In July, the State of Illinois enacted a new law requiring an orange flag to be displayed anytime a person (tuber, skier, etc.) is in the water. That takes effect January 1, 2015. In addition to that, they passed a law requiring everyone born after January 1, 1998 to pass an Illinois Department of Natural Resources boater safety course. Rich Hertel: There is another law that Illinois passed stating that they can seize the watercraft of an individual that has been operating the watercraft under the influence of alcohol. Monte Thus: I ask the Board to send this new change to the Boating Committee and to the Safety Committee to look over it. The law for the use of the flag is different in Missouri than it is in Illinois. I ask that the Boating Committee and the Safety Committee get word out to the boaters in Holiday Shores to clarify how to use the flag. I just want to make sure everyone is in sync with what the rule is. Kathy Austin (281): I would suggest that when the members come in to get their boat stickers, they could be given a flyer to reinforce the new laws. Gary Kluckman: We could possibly get some instruction books from IDNR to hand out when the members come in to get their boat stickers as well. Conversation ensues.


Military Members

Rich Hertel: I think it would be a good idea to put together a one page ad in the Holiday Times for the Active Service members of Holiday Shores and their families. I think it would be a great idea to recognize everyone thatŐs active duty. Darren Onwiler: I love the idea. Roger Rawson: Great idea. Dave Decker: I think thatŐs a great idea as well.  



Open Floor



Darren Onwiler makes a motion to move to Executive Session. Roger Rawson seconds. Motion Carried.

Meeting adjourned at 9:21 p.m.


Meeting minutes submitted by Rich Hertel.